Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation Productively

ways to spend summer productively

Ah, the summer. You seem to have waited for it forever, right? Finally, there’s enough time to watch your favorite shows, go to the beaches, party… basically, relax in all the possible ways.

Surprisingly, even these activities can turn into routine and bore you to tears.

We’ve come up with a list of suggestions to add some work to your play. Not only will they help you achieve something during those dog days, but you’ll also preserve the charm of thoughtless laying on the beach or indulging yourself to another episode of that TV-series.

Ready to have fun and challenge yourself a bit? Let’s get started then!

new skills in summer

Learn to Cook

…or explore new exciting recipes. In case you’re not a rookie in the cooking world, you have the whole lot of opportunities to explore. Surprise your family and friends with your masterpieces! If you don’t know how to cook at all – go for it. It’s an awesome way to get fitter, healthier and more creative at the same time.

Get Musical

Playing a musical instrument is a powerful tool of self-development. It engages your brain in a completely different way, makes you enhance motor skills, trains your ability to concentrate and does miracles to your creativity.

Learn to Code

HTML, Python or Java – learning at least basics of these is becoming a real necessity nowadays. If you’re not particularly technically savvy – think of it as a challenge to your mind and at least give it a try.

Teach Yourself a New Language

…or get your environment do this. The times when mastering a language was possible only after hours of heavy staring into the textbooks are now far gone. Start small: switch the language settings on Facebook or watch your favorite TV-show with a foreign sound-track.

summer job

Apply for an Internship

Participating in an internship program has a number of positive sides to it: you get hands-on experience at a real workplace, build new connections and may even kick-start your soaring career. There’s plenty of ways to find a perfectly suitable internship: from talking to a career counsellor to consulting one of online resources.

Start a Blog

…in case you haven’t got one yet. It’s a great platform for self-expression and even for learning to make money online. If you do have one – update it regularly and document your summer.

Do Volunteer Work

Helping others makes you a better person. Whether you feel the need to improve your karma or simply want to learn more about life – volunteer work is a sure way to fulfill these purposes. Choose the one that matches your interests and go make your contribution.

Get a Part-Time Job

Job will surely take up lots of your time. Despite that, it is quite a rewarding experience. Meeting new people, trying yourself in a new role and getting paid, of course – that’s just the top of an iceberg. Just do your best to pick something you really like.

Enter Online Courses

There are so many spheres of life we’re completely ignorant about! Luckily, there’s a plenty of online courses to change the situation. Choose the subject you’re particularly interested in and let the knowledge capture you.

Do Couch Surfing

Travel enriches you mind. Couch surfing lets you gain plenty of experience without wasting tons of money for it. In addition to saving yourself trouble of booking and pre-paying the hotels you get a chance to get to know local culture better via communication with the hosts.

how to relax in summer

Find the Joy of Reading

Instead of reading with purely educational purpose, in summer you can actually do it for fun. Choose the book you’ve chosen a while ago and read to your heart’s content. In case you aren’t quite sure what to choose, check out the hottest reading list for summer or visit Goodreads and What Should I Read Next to make up your mind.


Summer is a great opportunity to restore your energy supplies and refill the reservoir of your inner strength. Meditation will be of a great help here. With all the classes gone, you’ll definitely have more time for it.

Dive Into Culture

Being a student you get plenty of discounts to visit museums, galleries and other places, soaked in beauty and culture. Check out the opportunities in your area and start the quest for the art: the experience might be not just educating but also fun!

Opt for Documentaries

Think of the time you’ve spent binge-watching all the TV-shows. Imagine how much you could have learnt, if you watched documentaries instead? Why not try doing so?

get fit in summer

“No Fast Food” Weeks

That’s a tough, though beneficial one. Set yourself a goal and stay out of the fast food restaurants. You’re sure to get healthier and more creative with your nutrition choices. Your body will be grateful for a change!

Start a Fitness Challenge

With the abundance of fitness channels on YouTube and inspiration accounts on Instagram, everyone will find something to their likings. Be persistent, don’t give up and prepare to be proud: you’ll get fitter, slimmer and more disciplined. What’s not to like, right?

Go On a Bicycle Tour

Bicycle tours have plenty of advantages: that’s the greenest way to travel, you get a chance to see more gorgeous places in addition to saving all the money for transport. If you don’t have a bike – rent one and enjoy the journey.

Start New, Good Habits

We have all the powers to shape our personalities. That’s why forming new, useful habits is so exciting: with a bit of motivation and discipline you can carve out a better version of your current self.

get rid of stuff

Clean the Clutter

Feel the need to organize your mind? Clean you room then. The less cluttered the space you live in is, the less garbage there is in your head. Start now. The effect is really fascinating.

Manage Your Money

Do you always know where your money go? With a bit of free time and effort you’ll become a real personal finance guru. Subscribe to a couple of smart finance blogs or choose one of the digital tools to help you deal with your income and spendings in a more reasonable way.

There you go. Feel free to invent your own ways of adding productivity to your summer. You’re the one setting the limits.

Have an awesome one!

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