Most Beautiful Mountain Biking Trails

a bike in the forest

The exciting mountain biking trails in the U.S. can turn any bike ride into an adventure. Many of the biking trails on this list are on the wish list of experienced cyclists from all over the world. From very fast downhill trails that can take your breath away to buttery smooth single-track trails, there is a challenge out there for every cyclist.

The San Juan Islands, Washington

Sun Juan Islands

What will strike you about the biking trails in San Juan Islands, Washington is the wide range of beaches and attractions you can discover along the way. The San Juan Islands welcome cyclists of all levels, which means you do not have to be a pro to enjoy the surprising sceneries these trails have. It can take you about a day to go around the island of San Juan on a trail that is 43 miles long. The amazing parks and beaches along the way may tempt you to spread the trip over a couple of days, though.

If you are an experienced cyclist, head to the horseshoe-shaped Orcas Island, often referred to as “the gem of the San Juans.” The mountain bike trails on the 57 square miles area of the island offer a great mix of high mountains and fabulous shoreline. The trails here can be a challenge for most cyclists and at the same time they can discover some great landscapes that are sure to impress their Facebook followers.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail, Moab, Utah

Poison Spider Mesa Trail

The infamous Poison Spider Mesa Trail is not for the faint-hearted, as it will be a struggle to get to the end of it and still feel your legs. Even though cyclists have to share the trail with motorcycles and jeeps, most of the time you will be all by yourself while navigating past the high Wingate sandstone cliffs along the Colorado and higher up onto the Navajo mesa. The views of the La Sal Mountains and Behind the Rocks area make this trail one of the most scenic ones in the U.S.

Despite its name, there are no poisonous spiders here, but you are sure to stumble upon some fun rock obstacles on the Poison Spider Mesa Trail. When it comes to the road surface, much of the loop is on Navajo Sandstone, but you’ll also speed over sandy wash bottom, two blow-sand hills, and rock ledges.

Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona, Arizona

Munds Wagon Trail

A former main cattle route North out of town, Munds Wagon is nowadays a trail that closely follows Schnebly Hill Road and Bear Wallow Creek. Cyclists choosing this trail can discover the exciting sensation of riding across a canyon.

When you reach the top of the trail, you get access to the Cow Pies and Merry-Go-Round Rock. The Munds Wagon Trail climbs 1100 feet and features lots of mini obstacles that make the ride fun, as well as some fast sections for those who are in for a bit of adrenaline. After the first loose section, the trail smoothes out as it you start going downhill, so you enjoy the scenic views at the fullest.

Tahoe Rim Trail, California, Nevada

Tahoe Rim Trail

Passing through no less than six counties in California and Nevada, the Tahoe Rim Trail will also take you through three wilderness areas, three national forests, and one state park. A spectacular trail with 165 miles of single-track, the Tahoe Rim Trail goes around all of Lake Tahoe. Overlapping with about 50 miles of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, this trail touches other legendary rides as well, including the Flume Trail to the east and ‘Hole in the Ground’ near Truckee to the northwest.

Biking on the Tahoe Rim Trail allows you to discover the carving that goes across a remarkable terrain. The trail is open to riders and hikers as well, but for the most part you will find yourself all alone to make the most of the incredible sceneries.

Paradise Royale Trail, California

Paradise Royale Trail

Discover the wilderness of Northern California on the Paradise Royale Trail. Taking you across remote backcountry and bringing a sense of peacefulness with it, the Paradise Royale Trail is a beautiful single track built for mountain biking. Boasting a 14-mile loop, this trail is challenging and mostly suitable for experienced cyclists. The climbs here are tough, so get ready for a tough workout.

The trail is located deep in the King Range Mountains and was specifically designed as a mountain bike trail. Starting with a slope and then changing into a hill, the trail is as rewarding as it is beautiful. As you get to the end of the trail, you can enjoy the striking panorama of the Pacific Ocean below.

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