How to Stop Doing Everything at the Last Minute

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Sometimes we all procrastinate too much, spending time on things that are way less important than those tasks that we are trying to avoid doing. And it really happens to all of us. However, if you are one of those who really suffer from your procrastination and miss your deadlines on a daily basis, you should read this article as it will tell you how to stop leaving things to the last minute.

Face the Problem

If you are the last-minute person, you are probably suffering a lot because of your procrastination. On the other hand, you might also be addicted to the rush and adrenaline that you experience while fighting with the upcoming deadlines.

This is a habit that is truly hard to fight just because it’s something that you are used to. And some people just live with that habit without worrying much. However, if you are reading this article, you probably want to solve this problem. And the first step is to admit that procrastination makes your life harder and even can affect your relationship with other people – your group mates, friends, family, and your coworkers.

Write To-Do Lists

Yes, it might seem too obvious, but to-do lists actually work. When you need to complete a task, it might be overwhelming to start working on it. When creating a to-do list, you trick your brain into thinking that you are already in the process of solving the problem and finishing your task. It is especially effective when you break your task down into smaller steps and structure them on paper. It helps clarify a lot of details and create a plan.

It doesn’t matter if the things that you are writing on your to-do list are big or small, relevant, urgent, or not. When you have everything written down – you know for sure you will not miss anything.

Plan Your Day

Planners are not only for those who have a lot of meetings each day. You should also use a planner – a paper one or an app – to make sure you create a schedule with all the daily tasks mapped out. It’s crucial to understand how much time you will need to complete each of the tasks on your list.

Planning everything in advance is the key to staying as productive as possible

Find Your Productive Hours

Your productivity is not the same throughout the day – you might be more productive at night or in the early morning; it all depends. But planning your day without knowing this important fact is not effective. Dedicate your productive hours to the most complicated tasks that require a lot of focus. This rule always works with school homework, and it leads us to the next tip.


Prioritizing is one of the key skills that you should obtain throughout your academic career. It helps you quickly organize your schedule and complete the most urgent tasks first. You might not always have time to do everything you planned, so the least prioritized tasks might be omitted or postponed.

Find a Study Buddy

When talking about studying, it’s always a good idea to team up with someone to study together. That’s why there are group projects implemented in your study program – they help you understand how to work in a team, cooperate, share tasks, and also how to motivate and support each other. You don’t want to let your team members down, and it works as a motivation to fight your procrastination.

The same thing happens when you have a study buddy. They can motivate you and help you stick to your study schedule if you share one. Studying together might also be helpful in terms of understanding some complex aspects and topics or can even give you a new perspective on studying routine.

Ask your group mates if anyone is willing to study with you together. You can create a schedule and study over video-calls if there is no other option because of the pandemic. What else you can do is to find a coach or a tutor over the Internet – a lot of people who study psychology or schooling are willing to boost their skills and help people with procrastination.

Ask for Help

Another option for a student with lots of tasks and lack of time is to ask for help when you are really struggling with deadlines. Just a thought of the amount of work that you need to do might be frightening enough to avoid doing it. That’s why sometimes you need to clear your mind and figure out how to manage the most urgent assignments. This is what our team is here for.

Just send us your request, and we will do your work for you. You will save a lot of time and will be able to calm down and start fighting your procrastination. We all know that overcoming your inner locks and problems is much easier when you don’t need to rush. 

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