Author: Stacey Wonder

How to manage studying and sports
26 January 2018

How to Manage Studying and Sports

If you are a college athlete, no matter you will face one common hurdle – balancing training commitments with your studies. If you are a scholarship student then learning how to manage studying and sports is even more important since you are likely to have a minimum grade you are required to maintain in order to keep your scholarship!!

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After-Army Career Opportunities
26 December 2017

Best Jobs for Retired Military

There are many reasons why you might choose to join the army. It is a career choice where the benefits last you for many years after you’ve completed your service. Even if you serve for the minimum of four years, the free education, the discounts, and the medical benefits make it worth…

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best blog that keep up to date
13 December 2017

The Best Blogs That Keep You Up-to-Date

If you put all present-day bloggers in one place, they can occupy the whole country, at least such countries, as Andorra or Vatican. The web is overcrowded with regular blogs and how the hell to find a prominent blog then? We tried to help you a bit and picked out blogs that will keep your finger on pulse.

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