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Are you passionate about writing? Would you like to explore educational topics? Do you think your advice will be helpful for students? If yes, then you have a marvelous opportunity to contribute to our blog.

What Kind of Content We Are Looking For

  1. Unique content that hasn’t been published on any other website.
  2. Unhackneyed tips that our audience can’t find on other sources — rewritten posts don’t fit.
  3. Blog posts with the word count 1000-1200 words.
  4. Well-structured and easy-to-read texts.

What We Are Not Likely to Accept

  1. Articles with numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  2. Plain texts without any subheadings or lists.
  3. Obvious tips that are easy-to-find on other sources.
  4.  The content that is not related to education or student life.

Topics That We Consider Interesting for Our Audience

  • Writing tips.
  • Hacks that ease lives of students.
  • Entertaining articles for students about studying, holidays, relationships, and ideas on what to read, to listen and other things to do.

Actually, we will consider all topic ideas related to students you pitch. Before sending us your ideas, please, make sure that it is not covered yet in our blog.

How to Send Us Your Guest Post?

Fill the form below and we will try to answer you within 5-7 business days. We are trying to answer all the bloggers who want to contribute to our blog but sometimes our editors just don’t have enough time to respond to all inquiries. If you didn’t get the answer within 3 weeks, it’s very likely that your post had been rejected. However, you can try to pitch other articles.

What Do You Get By Contributing to EssayTigers Blog?

  • The opportunity to try your material on the broad audience. If you are going to start your own blog, you would like to understand how readers react to your writing. Publishing on our blog will help you to understand whether you are ready to establish your own blog.
  • The chance to become more known as a blogger. If you are a blogger but you don’t have many subscribers yet, here’s your chance. The members of our audience are likely to subscribe to you provided that your writing is really engaging.
  • The ability to use your published post as the part of your portfolio. Many editors ask for samples of your writing. The fact that your material was published by the editor from the website with the broad audience as ours will improve your chance to be published on others sources.

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