14 Weirdest College Christmas Trees

a lego christmas tree and snowman

It’s not that college students don’t love Christmas or take it seriously. That’s not the case at all. The issue is that due to financial restraints some people are forced to get creative. Like a Marine, they must adapt and overcome, and use whatever they have at their disposal. What you end up with are these 14 weirdest college Christmas trees.

1. An Elaborately Decorated Traffic Cone

elaborately decorated traffic cone

Hey, it’s kind of the same shape as a tree, right? They’re handy and sitting in the road, or perhaps half buried in dirt in the front lawn. Why not just grab some tape, a string of lights and maybe a roll of dental floss and voila, Christmas Cone Tree.

2. The Almighty Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

beer bottle Christmas tree

Many have tried, but few succeed. In reality, pulling off an impressive beer bottle tree is hard to do. How many college kids does it take? No one knows yet. Search around the net though and you’ll discover the beer-tree creation is a science (should be a degree option).

3. A Majestically Stacked Pizza Box Tree

stacked pizza box tree

There’s at least 30 of them all stacked neatly in the corner behind the thing (otherwise known as the love seat sofa), so why not put them to good use? It all comes down to stacking, super glue and then all the many adornments laying around the house.

4. The Keg Tree

keg Christmas tree

You’ll need about 20 kegs to pull off a monster keg tree. Stacking them is simple and then decoration is cake walk. Lights galore, and to finish it off perhaps a single light within a Jägermeister bottle (festive green of course)?

5. Walk Outside Grab a Twig

twig Christmas tree

When all else fails simply walk outside, grab the nearest branch with foliage still clinging to it (Pine is ideal) and then stick it a bottle, tac it to a wall, or whatever it takes. That right there is a classic dorm room tree, worth of center window placement.

6. The Textbook Tree

textbook Christmas tree

What else are they good for? Plus, they’re heavy and won’t be missed, unlike the pizza boxes. You can use them to hold lights in place but getting ornaments to hang from them is a bit tricky.

7. Traffic Cone + Branch Tree

traffic cone branch Christmas tree

Combining a traffic cone with a branch is another epic strategy for the “staying on-campus this year” Christmas student. Like putting peanut butter and bananas together, it just works.

8. Blowup Dino-Tree

blowup dino Christmas tree

They’re green with spots and come with plenty of things to hang thing from. Plus, the plastic is thick enough to where you can tape all kinds of festive things (popcorn strings anyone?) on them. Who doesn’t love a quality blowup Dino-tree?

9. Air freshener from a Stick Tree

air freshener Christmas tree

Grab one of those timeless, and fresh scented, air fresheners that already come in the shape of a Christmas tree and dangle it from a stick. In college you have to be open minded. Where you might see an air freshener hanging on a string from a stick, the roomies consider it the equivalent to Time Square’s Christmas tree. Lighting it is a problem though.

10. The Disappearing Dorm Hall Tree

disappearing dorm hall Christmas tree

It’s there one minute and then quite suddenly it disappears. What’s with that? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose? In case you’re wondering, we’re attempting to get you to infer that the tree was stolen. It happens every year, but every year the dorms have to have their own trees.

11. Any Tree Made in The Lab

Christmas tree made in the lab

If the tree was concocted or conjured up in a lab on or off campus, then it definitely belongs in this list. If the person creating the tree is wearing protective eye goggles or even a torch mask, then chances are it could end up being more of a hazard than anything else.

12. Toaster + Branch

toaster branch Christmas tree

If there’s never any toast around anyway, why not put it to good use. Hey, it plugs in and they can hold not one but two small Christmas Tree twigs without a problem.

13. Thumb Tacs + Short Light String

lights in shape of Christmas tree

This is for the more artistic Christmas lovers out there. You buy a string of Christmas lights and then use thumb tacs to put it on the wall in the shape of a tree. If the wall paper is green, or festive, then that right there is an epic tree.

14. Christmas Tree Ladder

Christmas tree ladder

Like the traffic cone, ladders come pre-molded for use as Christmas trees. Throw a green blanket around it, tape some lights into it, maybe even some tinsel and you’re golden!

These are some of our favorites, but we know there’s so many more fabulous trees. The lengths that some of us will go to celebrate the Christmas spirit never ceases to amaze. If you still don’t know how to celebrate Christmas, here you’ll find amazing Christmas party ideas.

How about it, what kinds of weird Christmas trees have you seen or created?

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