40 Fun Things to Do in College with Your Friends

Student activities in college

College friendships will be some of the most unique relationships you will ever have. Friendships formed by chance or circumstance usually last a lifetime. Not only that, but these relationships give you plenty of chances to spread your wings, try new things, and live life recklessly.

If you still don’t have any friends in college, don’t worry; learn how to make some! If this is not the case, and you’re looking for ideas on how to spend time with your college friends, we have a few suggestions for you.

1. Start a water balloon fight on the central campus

A water balloon fight on the central campus can be a refreshing and exhilarating way to bond with your college friends. The laughter and excitement of chasing each other, dodging water balloons, and getting drenched in the process will create lasting memories.
The vibrant atmosphere of the campus provides the perfect backdrop for this playful activity, fostering a sense of camaraderie and carefree fun. So grab a bucket of water balloons, gather your friends, and let the splash-filled battle commence!

You will need: Water balloons

2. Get matching haircuts

Matching haircuts can be a unique and fun way to show your solidarity with your college friends. Whether you opt for a bold, edgy style or a more subtle and coordinated look, the experience of going to a salon or barber together and transforming your hair can be a bonding adventure.

As you sit side by side, sharing stories, the act of getting your haircuts will strengthen your friendship and create a shared experience that you can reminisce about for years to come. Plus, the matching hairstyles will serve as a visible symbol of your close bond.

3. Start a game of tag or hide-n-seek in Wal-Mart

Inject some spontaneity and childlike joy into your college experience by starting a game of tag or hide-n-seek in Wal-Mart. This unconventional activity will bring out the playful side of your college friends and add an element of adventure to your shopping trip.
Imagine the thrill of trying to stealthily hide behind store aisles or sprinting through the aisles to avoid being tagged. The mix of excitement, laughter, and adrenaline will undoubtedly create unforgettable moments and strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

4. Go for a swim in the school fountain

Break the monotony of college life by organizing a swimming session in the school fountain. While it’s important to check the rules and regulations regarding fountain use, this idea can offer a refreshing and unconventional way to cool off during warm weather.

Gather your friends, pack your swimsuits, and head to the campus fountain for a memorable aquatic escapade. Splashing around, taking impromptu dives, and enjoying the freedom of the water will create a shared experience that brings you closer together and adds a touch of adventure to your college memories.

5. Schedule a Guitar Hero tournament

You can challenge your college friends to a Guitar Hero tournament and unleash your inner rock stars. Set up the gaming console, grab the guitar controllers, and prepare for a night of friendly competition and musical enjoyment.

As you take turns strumming along to your favorite songs, the atmosphere will be filled with laughter, cheers, and a healthy dose of rivalry. The Guitar Hero tournament will not only showcase your gaming skills but also provide a platform for bonding over shared musical interests and creating lasting memories of jamming together in the virtual world.

You will need: Guitar Hero Live 2-Pack Bundle

6. Plan a cornhole tournament

Organize a cornhole tournament to bring some friendly competition and outdoor fun to your college friend group. Set up the cornhole boards in a park or on campus, divide yourselves into teams, and let the bean bags fly. This classic game of tossing and scoring points will not only test your skills but also create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for socializing and bonding.

Whether you’re aiming for the perfect toss or cheering on your teammates, the cornhole tournament will provide hours of entertainment and strengthen the connections among your college friends.

You will need: Cornhole set

7. Girls, schedule a slumber party; boys, crash said party

Ladies, plan a slumber party filled with movies, snacks, and pampering, and guys, surprise them by crashing the party. This unexpected twist will add a playful element to the gathering and create a memorable evening filled with laughter and camaraderie.

The boys may add their distinct energy to the mix while the girls enjoy their scheduled activities, joining in on the fun and displaying their ability to go with the flow.

This mixing of genders will remove obstacles, encourage closer relationships, and create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can have fun and enjoy one another’s company.

8. Organize a lip-sync performance and make your own music video

Put on a lip-sync performance and record your own music video to unleash your inner performer and make priceless memories. Assign roles, pick your favorite tunes, and have fun with the costumes and accessories.

Whether you want to achieve perfect lip-syncing or funny improvisation, the practice and shooting process will strengthen your bond as you work together and encourage each other’s creative aspirations.

9. Host a prom

Take a break from studying and throw a memorable prom for your college friends. Transform a common area into a dance floor, decorate with streamers and balloons, and don your most stylish attire.

From selecting a prom theme to arranging a playlist of popular songs, the planning process itself will be an opportunity to bond and make shared decisions. Once the night arrives, dance the night away, take silly prom pictures, and create memories reminiscent of your high school days.

10. Go on a road trip

Embark on an exciting road trip with your college friends and create unforgettable adventures along the way. Choose a destination, map out the route, and hit the road together in a car or van. The journey itself will be an opportunity for bonding, deep conversations, and laughter-filled moments.

Explore new places, try local cuisine, and engage in spontaneous activities that capture the spirit of the road trip. Whether you’re hiking through national parks, exploring quirky roadside attractions, or simply enjoying the freedom of the open road, the shared experiences of the trip will strengthen your friendships and create lifelong memories.

You will need: Lonely Planet Road Trips

11. Plan a progressive dinner

By planning a progressive meal with your college pals, you can liven up your dining experiences. Start the evening with appetizers at one person’s house, transfer to another friend’s house for the main meal, and finish the evening with dessert at a separate location.

You can demonstrate your culinary prowess, sample a range of foods, and take in the distinctive atmosphere of each friend’s house during this culinary expedition.

12. Get your fortunes told

Add an element of mystique and curiosity to your college friendship by getting your fortunes told together. Seek out a local fortune teller, tarot card reader, or palm reader and embark on a journey of self-discovery and amusement.

As you take turns having your fortunes read, you’ll spark discussions about the unknown, destiny, and the future. Whether you believe in the predictions or not, the experience itself will create a shared memory and provide a unique opportunity for reflection and introspection with your college friends.

13. Set up a faux senior portrait session

Recreate the nostalgia of senior portraits by setting up a faux senior portrait session with your college friends. Find a picturesque location on campus or in a nearby park, dress up in your finest attire, and strike poses like you’re graduating senior.

Capture candid and posed shots that showcase your personalities and the dynamics of your group. This lighthearted activity will not only generate laughter and fun but also create a collection of photographs that serve as a tangible reminder of your college friendships and the unique bond you share.

14. Make an old-school mixed CD and then swap the finished products

Embrace a touch of nostalgia by making old-school mixed CDs and then swapping the finished products with your college friends. Create a playlist of your favorite songs or compile a selection that represents your shared experiences and musical tastes.

Put together the CDs with care, adding personalized artwork or messages. When you exchange the mixed CDs, you’ll not only introduce each other to new music but also create a physical memento of your friendship that can be enjoyed for years to come, reminding you of the good times and shared musical memories.

15. Have a classic TV marathon (Saved by the Bell for the girls, Dukes of Hazard for the boys)

Dive into a classic TV marathon with your college friends, indulging in beloved shows from the past. For the girls, immerse yourselves in the iconic world of “Saved by the Bell,” relishing the humor and relatability of high school adventures.

With “Dukes of Hazzard,” the boys may go on an action-packed adventure while learning about the mishaps of the Duke brothers in Hazzard County. You’ll connect over the shared pleasure of watching these classic series during this TV marathon, which will give you the chance to unwind and enjoy one another’s company while embracing the nostalgia of the small screen.

16. Clean out your closets and have a clothing swap

Revamp your wardrobe and foster a sense of shared style by organizing a clothing swap with your college friends. Invite everyone to bring gently used clothing items they no longer wear or need. Lay out the clothes, shoes, and accessories in a designated area, and let the swapping begin.

As you try on different pieces and offer fashion advice to each other, you’ll not only acquire new additions to your wardrobe but also bond over shared fashion interests. The clothing swap encourages sustainable fashion practices, promotes creativity in styling, and provides an opportunity to support each other’s personal style journeys.

17. Plan a cook-off

You can unleash your culinary skills and ignite a friendly competition by planning a cook-off with your college friends. Choose a theme or specific dish, and let everyone showcase their cooking prowess. From appetizers to desserts, each person can prepare and present their creations.

Taste and evaluate each other’s dishes, and determine the winners based on creativity, taste, and presentation. The cook-off not only allows you to explore new flavors and cooking techniques but also fosters a sense of teamwork, friendly rivalry, and appreciation for each other’s culinary talents.

18. Eat a picnic on the quad

Embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy a leisurely picnic on the quad with your college friends. Spread out blankets, pack a delicious assortment of food and drinks, and soak in the sun or relax under the shade of trees.

The tranquil atmosphere of the campus quad provides the perfect backdrop for engaging conversations, laughter, and moments of relaxation. Whether it’s during a study break or on a sunny weekend afternoon, the picnic on the quad offers a peaceful and enjoyable way to spend quality time with your college friends and create lasting memories.

You will need: Picnic basket set

19. Create the most absurd outfits imaginable and wear them to the gym for a workout

Embrace your playful and carefree side by creating the most absurd outfits imaginable and wearing them to the gym for a workout. Combine mismatched patterns, bold colors, and unconventional accessories to create hilariously eccentric gym attire.

As you and your friends hit the gym together, you’ll turn heads and bring laughter to those around you. This unconventional activity breaks the monotony of regular workouts and creates a light-hearted and joyful atmosphere. Not only will you enjoy the physical benefits of exercising, but you’ll also create an amusing and memorable experience that strengthens your bonds of friendship.

20. Ride the bus around town; you’re bound to discover local places you never knew about

Embark on a local exploration adventure by riding the bus around town with your college friends. Hop on a bus route you’re unfamiliar with, and allow serendipity to guide you as you discover hidden gems, local cafes, unique shops, and interesting neighborhoods.

Riding the bus around town offers a budget-friendly way to explore, fosters a sense of adventure, and deepens your connection to the community you’re in. You never know what surprises and unexpected delights await you as you traverse the city together.

21. Go to a drive-in movie

Experience a nostalgic movie night by going to a drive-in theater with your college friends. Load up your car with blankets, snacks, and drinks, and enjoy the unique charm of watching a movie under the stars.

As the film plays on the big screen, you’ll create a cozy atmosphere within your vehicle and reminisce about the bygone era of drive-in theaters. This unconventional movie outing allows you to bond over shared cinematic experiences, enjoy the outdoors, and create lasting memories while indulging in the magic of the silver screen.

22. Host a costume party

Unleash your creativity and sense of adventure by hosting a costume party with your college friends. Choose a theme or leave it open-ended, and encourage everyone to dress up in their most imaginative costumes. From superheroes to historical figures, the possibilities are endless.

The costume party provides an opportunity for self-expression, laughter, and endless photo opportunities. You’ll bond over the process of planning and creating your costumes, and the party itself will be a celebration of individuality and shared enjoyment of dressing up.

23. Play Spin the Bottle

Add a touch of playful nostalgia to your college friend group by playing a round of Spin the Bottle. Gather in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle, following the classic rules, or adapting them to your preferences. This lighthearted game creates moments of anticipation, laughter, and unexpected connections.

As the bottle lands on different people, it prompts conversations and interactions that may not have occurred otherwise. Spin the Bottle catalyzes bonding, breaking down barriers, and deepening the friendships within your college circle.

24. Throw a housewarming party when someone gets new digs

Celebrate the milestone of someone getting new digs by throwing a housewarming party. Whether they’re moving into a dorm room, an apartment, or a house, this gathering allows you to show support and create a warm and welcoming environment.

Help your friend settle into their new space by bringing housewarming gifts, organizing fun activities, and enjoying good food and company. The housewarming party not only brings friends together but also symbolizes new beginnings and the continuation of your college friendships in a different setting.

25. Booby-trap someone’s dorm room

Embrace mischief and light-hearted pranks by playfully booby-trapping someone’s dorm room. Keep the pranks harmless and ensure that they won’t cause any damage or inconvenience. From filling their room with balloons to covering the floor with plastic cups, choose pranks that will bring laughter and amusement rather than annoyance or frustration.

Remember to respect boundaries and ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with the level of mischief. The booby-trapping adventure allows you to showcase your creativity, surprise your friends, and create funny and memorable moments that will be cherished long after the pranks have been discovered.

26. Attend the playoffs for one of your school’s sports

Show your school spirit and create lasting memories by attending the playoffs of one of your school’s sports teams. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, or any other sport, cheer on your team alongside your college friends. Don your school colors, bring signs and banners, and join the chorus of enthusiastic fans.

The excitement of the game, the camaraderie among supporters, and the collective energy will amplify the experience and forge a stronger bond within your friend group. By cheering and celebrating together, you’ll create a shared sense of pride and unity, making the playoffs a memorable event for all.

27. Saran wrap all the public toilets in the dorms

Inject some harmless mischief into your college experience by saran-wrapping all the public toilets in the dorms. This playful prank, while ensuring no one is inconvenienced or harmed, adds an element of surprise and laughter to your living environment.

Work together with your friends to carefully wrap the toilet seats with saran wrap, and then eagerly await the reactions of unsuspecting roommates and fellow dorm dwellers. This light-hearted prank creates moments of shared amusement and serves as a reminder to embrace spontaneity and playfulness in your college friendships.

28. Plan a flash mob

Unleash your creativity and make a splash by planning a flash mob with your college friends. Choose a popular location on campus or in the community, select a catchy song, and choreograph a simple routine that everyone can learn. Coordinate a time and surprise unsuspecting bystanders with a synchronized dance performance.

The flash mob not only provides a platform for self-expression but also showcases teamwork, coordination, and a shared sense of adventure. As you come together to practice and execute the flash mob, you’ll create a bond through shared excitement and the exhilaration of performing together.

29. Start a blog

Channel your thoughts and experiences into a collaborative creative project by starting a blog with your college friends. Choose a theme or topic that resonates with all of you and take turns contributing posts.

Whether it’s about college life, travel adventures, or a shared hobby, a blog allows you to express your voice while fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Share your thoughts, insights, and stories, and engage with readers who may stumble upon your blog. The act of creating and maintaining the blog not only strengthens your friendships but also hones your writing skills and provides a digital platform for self-expression.

30. Try an exotic food you can’t pronounce

Expand your culinary horizons and embrace the adventure of trying exotic foods you can’t pronounce with your college friends. Try out local international markets or visit ethnic restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines.

Challenge each other to step out of your culinary comfort zones and order dishes with unfamiliar names or ingredients. As you embark on this gastronomic journey together, you’ll not only satisfy your taste buds but also create opportunities for cultural exploration and shared experiences.

31. Help someone else; put together a Relay for Life or Dance Marathon team

Make a difference and strengthen your bond with your college friends by helping someone else through community service. Put together a team to participate in events like Relay for Life or Dance Marathon, which raise funds and awareness for important causes.

Collaborate on fundraising ideas, engage in team-building activities, and work towards a shared goal. As you dedicate your time and effort to support those in need, you’ll not only make a positive impact on the community but also foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose within your friend group.

32. Learn about wine; there is more to know than just “red” or “white.”

Expand your knowledge and indulge in a sensory experience by learning about wine with your college friends. Move beyond the simple labels of “red” or “white” and explore the intricacies of different wine varieties, regions, and flavors.

Attend wine-tasting events or organize your own tasting sessions where each person brings a bottle to share and discuss. Learn about the process of winemaking, the art of pairing wine with food, and the terminology used in the wine industry.

You will need: Complete Wine Course

33. Go to a Pride Parade

Join your college buddies in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and celebrating diversity by going to a Pride Parade. March, clap and participate in the celebrations in the vivacious and welcoming environment.

Participate in activities with a pride theme, strike up talks with other guests, and soak in the festive atmosphere of the occasion. By uniting as allies, you show your support and inclusion while also learning about and understanding the LGBTQ+ community more fully.

When you go to a Pride Parade with your college friends, you have the chance to do so in a vibrant and uplifting setting while celebrating love, equality, and the strength of friendship.

34. Learn to drive a 5-speed car

Embrace a new skill and the freedom of the open road by learning to drive a 5-speed car with your college friends. Find a patient friend or instructor who can guide you through the process, and practice shifting gears and mastering the clutch.

As you navigate the challenges of driving a manual transmission, you’ll not only gain valuable life skills but also create a shared sense of accomplishment with your friends. Embarking on this learning journey together fosters teamwork, encourages support, and provides a platform for laughter and shared experiences.

35. Donate blood

Make a meaningful contribution to society by donating blood with your college friends. Seek out local blood drives or visit donation centers together. By giving the gift of life, you not only support those in need but also create a collective experience that strengthens your bond.
Share the anticipation, the moment of giving, and the post-donation refreshments as you reflect on the impact your actions may have on someone’s life. Donating blood promotes a sense of unity, compassion, and social responsibility within your friend group, fostering a deeper connection and a shared commitment to helping others.

36. Have a Nerf gun war

Unleash your inner child and engage in an epic Nerf gun war with your college friends. Gather an arsenal of foam darts, set up barricades, and strategize your team’s approach. Transform your dorm rooms or a designated area into a battlefield and let the friendly competition begin.
Darting around, ducking behind cover, and aiming for victory will not only bring out your competitive spirit but also create moments of laughter and excitement. The Nerf gun war becomes a thrilling adventure that strengthens your friendships through shared experiences, teamwork, and the joy of reliving childhood playfulness.

You will need: Nerf guns

37. Play a milkshake drinking game

Combine deliciousness with friendly competition by playing a milkshake-drinking game with your college friends. Whip up a variety of milkshake flavors and gather around a table equipped with straws and timers.

Take turns drinking your milkshakes as fast as possible, setting time limits, or challenging each other to finish in record time. The playful and lighthearted atmosphere, coupled with the indulgence of milkshakes, creates an enjoyable bonding experience.

38. Paint pottery

Tap into your artistic side and explore your creativity by painting pottery with your college friends. Visit a local pottery studio or set up a DIY painting station in your dorm room.

Choose from an array of ceramic pieces, from mugs to figurines, and unleash your imagination as you decorate them with vibrant colors and unique designs. As you create your masterpieces, you’ll not only develop your artistic skills but also forge deeper connections with your college friends through shared creativity and a tangible reminder of your time together.

39. Make a Burn Book, Mean Girls’ style

Embrace your mischievous side and create a Burn Book, Mean Girls’ style, with your college friends. This playful activity involves designing a scrapbook or journal where you can share funny and lighthearted anecdotes, inside jokes, and memorable moments from your college experience.

Fill it with quirky drawings, hilarious quotes, and photos that capture the essence of your friendship. The Burn Book serves as a unique keepsake, celebrating the uniqueness and camaraderie within your friend group. It’s a fun way to bond, reminisce, and create a lasting testament to the special moments you’ve shared.

40. Have an eating contest

Indulge in a friendly and light-hearted eating contest with your college friends. Choose a food item that everyone enjoys, whether it’s pizza slices, hot dogs, or cupcakes, and set a timer to see who can consume the most within a given time frame.

As you compete, you’ll bond over the shared experience of indulgence and the excitement of friendly competition. This unconventional activity fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared memories, highlighting the fun and carefree moments you can enjoy with your college friends.


College doesn’t last long. Between all the studying and pointless part-time jobs, there isn’t much time left for fun. Make sure you use your time wisely! Grab your friends and do something reckless, spontaneous, or totally out of character today!

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