40 Fun Activities to Try with Your College Friends

Fun Things to Do With College Friends

The friendships you establish in college will be some of the most unique relationships you will ever have. Thrown together by chance or circumstance, these friendships usually last a lifetime. Not only that, but these relationships provide ample opportunities to stretch your wings, try new things, and live life a little irresponsibly. If you still have no friends in college, don’t worry and find out how to find them! If it is not the case and you’ve been looking for suggestions on just how to spend time with your college friends, we have a few ideas for you.

  1. Start a water balloon fight on central campus.
  2. Get matching haircuts.
  3. Start a game of tag or hide-n-seek in Wal-Mart.
  4. Go for a swim in the school fountain.
  5. Schedule a Guitar Hero tournament.
  6. Plan a cornhole tournament.
  7. Girls, schedule a slumber party; boys, crash said party.
  8. Put on a lip-sync performance and create your own music video.
  9. Host a prom.
  10. Go on a road trip.
  11. Plan a progressive dinner.
  12. Get your fortunes told.
  13. Set up a faux senior portrait session; see if this attempt is less awkward than the last.
  14. Make an old school mixed CD and then swap the finished products.
  15. Have a classic TV marathon (Saved by the Bell for the girls, Dukes of Hazard for the boys).
  16. Clean out your closets and have a clothing swap.
  17. Plan a cook-off.
  18. Eat a picnic on the quad.
  19. Create the most absurd outfits imaginable and wear them to the gym for a workout.
  20. Ride the bus around town; you’re bound to discover local places you never knew about.
  21. Go to a drive-in movie.
  22. Host a costume party.
  23. Play Spin the Bottle.
  24. Throw a house warming party when someone gets new digs.
  25. Booby-trap someone’s dorm room.
  26. Attend the playoffs for one of your school’s sports.
  27. Saran wrap all the public toilets in the dorms.
  28. Plan a flash mob.
  29. Start a blog.
  30. Try an exotic food you can’t pronounce.
  31. Help someone else; put together a Relay for Life or Dance Marathon team.
  32. Learn about wine; there is more to know than just “red” or “white.”
  33. Go to a Pride Parade.
  34. Learn to drive a 5-speed car.
  35. Donate blood.
  36. Have a Nerf gun war.
  37. Play a milkshake drinking game.
  38. Paint pottery.
  39. Make a Burn Book, Mean Girls’ style.
  40. Have an eating contest.

College doesn’t last long. Between all the studying and pointless part-time jobs, there isn’t much time left for fun. Make sure you use your time wisely! Grab your friends and do something reckless, spontaneous, or totally out of character today!

We hope our list has inspired you to try something new. If you have more ideas about how to add some spice to the college life, share in comments!

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