9 Types of Students You Can Meet in a Classroom

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You can often see some typical characters of students on TV shows and movies. You might have noticed that in real life types of students in high school and college are different from those featured on TV. We’ve classified nine student types which you can meet in a typical classroom.

1. A Sleeper

This guy or girl definitely has a superpower to fall asleep at a desk not minding the noise. You might feel a little jealous that your classmate is having an extra nap while you have to take notes and listen to the teacher.

It’s curious that sleepers often stay unnoticed. But you should know that there will be nothing to be jealous about when a teacher suddenly comes up to a sleeper to wake him or her up.

This is one of the most common types of students you meet in college. The reason for that is simple many students have part-time jobs which are not easy to handle.

A bonus: Find out more about easy part-time jobs that won’t make you sleepy in a classroom from our article.

2. An “I-Know-It-All”

You definitely have a classmate, who raises his or her hand anytime a question is asked. This guy or girl is always ready to take another test or stay for an extra class. Next time this happens, don’t roll your eyes too far (we know you do it every time) for not harming yourself. Eventually, there must be someone who draws a teacher’s attention away from a sleeper.

3. An Outsider

This person typically sits somewhere at the end of the classroom and can be spotted daydreaming or doodling in a notebook. An outsider usually has no friends or has only one friend, but it seems that an outsider is okay with it. If you think that this type of people is too gloomy, then you should know that it’s because they are very self-conscious. But you can crack that shell to reveal an excellent friend.

4. A Golden Star

We are not talking about Patrick the Star, but the one, who is beloved by every teacher in your school. You can’t even tell why, but this guy or girl is always praised. Such people always look too relaxed, so sometimes you think that all their homework is done by elves. Don’t judge them too much, as you might not know how a person actually feels.

5. A Gadget Addict

Sometimes you think that the hand of this person is glued to a cell phone and will never be detached from it. You can see a gadget addict constantly scrolling through Instagram feed or watching YouTube videos while everyone else is listening to a teacher. Well, maybe he or she is a future social media marketer, who knows.

6. A Clown

A clown always has a joke to make your day. Usually, this person can be spotted goofing around and not paying attention to anything that your teacher is saying. When it comes to an awkward pause in a conversation among your classmates, a clown always has something to say that breaks the silence. You might not be surprised seeing this classmate in a meme or vine compilation video. Perhaps, you can even find him or her in our list of the best college memes.

7. An Energizer

An energizer seems to have a time-turner in a pocket. This person somehow manages to be in sports, school events, singing in a chore, making posters for the next charity march and helping every club in the school. These students just have too much energy to sit on their hands. And while you are trying to stop procrastinating and start doing your homework, think about an energizer who is probably crafting another model for a chemistry club.

8. A Space King (or Queen)

If you are constantly asked for a pencil to borrow, about what the home task was or even what the day of the week is, then it’s a space king (queen) who’s talking to you. You wonder how soon this guy or girl will be expelled, but somehow this never happens. You are probably mad because a space king (queen) always comes unprepared but still carry an extra pencil for this guy.

9. A Party Maker

The one who attends parties so often that you wonder if this person ever sleeps. A party maker is known by the majority of students, and almost everyone can tell you a funny story about the time they attended a party together. It’s not that surprising that party makers are not the best students, but they usually get help from their classmates in exchange for an invitation to a party.

Take the Quiz

If you don’t know which type of student you are, you can take a short quiz on the types of students classification to understand more about whether you are a diligent or a careless student.

Did you recognize these personalities in your classroom? Do you think that we have covered all kinds of students behavior? Let us know!

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