Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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Creativity is one of the skills that can help you a lot in your studies and future work career. Yes, that’s right – creativity IS a skill. And you can train it and boost it if you need to. So, here are a few easy tips and ways that will assist you in case you want to become more creative.

Why Creativity Is Important

You might think that you are going to be a mathematician, doctor, programmer, engineer, policeman, or construction worker – so why would you need creativity? Aren’t these the professions that are precise and science- or experience-based? Actually, creative thinking is a skill that any person needs in life. It allows you to learn faster, be more productive, and experience less of a struggle when making a decision, and finding the best options. Moreover, it will help you a lot in problem-solving, self-presentation, and communication. Plus it will help you have a broader vision.

So, it means that creativity is crucial for a person of any profession. It is one of the skills that can and should be treated as something that you can learn and train. Here are a few ways how you can do this.

Start Recording Your Ideas

Sometimes you need just a little notepad to make your brain work in a different way. What it means is that the practice of writing down your ideas or some interesting thoughts is a powerful tool. Whenever you have an extraordinary dream – write it down immediately after you wake up. Even when you are on a bus and have an idea come to your head – don’t try to evaluate it as you can always do that later, just record. It doesn’t matter if your idea is good or bad – once you give yourself time to think of it, it will inevitably become a mess.

Recording your ideas will allow your brain to focus on the process of creating ideas instead of analyzing or improving them. You just need to train your “creative muscle” and it means not bothering much about the concepts of ideas themselves. Just learn how to process works. 

Make Time for Creative Activities

If you have a tight schedule, it’s hard to make a commitment toward creativity. Devoting yourself to developing another skill takes time – you can’t just wait for it to happen naturally without any of your efforts. So, make sure you have time to train your creativity just as you schedule your gym workouts.

Search for Inspiration Sources

Watching your favorite show or some series on YouTube can help you boost your creativity as inspiration can be found almost everywhere. There are multiple creative competitions, hobby-related shows, exploration and documentary videos that might help you a lot. Watch how competition participants cope with challenging tasks, learn how what they get their ideas from, and grow your creativity.

Creativity is a process, not a one-time event. Seek new ideas and inspiration to help you come up with original responses to problems. Do something that relaxes you like reading or visiting a museum, listening to your favorite music, or debating a topic with a buddy.

Explore Various Options

Try looking for a range of solutions the next time you encounter a difficulty. Rather than relying solely on the first idea that comes to mind, take some time to consider different options. A wonderful method to improve problem-solving and creative thinking skills at the same time is to do this simple activity.

Seek out more difficult alternatives, experiment with fresh ideas, and steer clear of relying on the same old solutions. Create your own possibilities for innovation in addition to putting yourself in situations where you have to face challenges. A new project, a new hobby, or simply a new method or tool for completing your regular tasks might help a lot.

Create Prompts

Prompts exercise is very useful. You just need to train regularly and you will see your first results very soon. Create a habit of taking time every day to write prompts and improvise on a topic that you feel like a good fit for your mood. You can exercise anywhere – while you are on a bus, before going to bed, or while you are on your break. Simply create a situation and evaluate it as long as you can.

Don’t Push Yourself

Improving your creativity takes time. It’s not an easy process, so it implies taking breaks and being very considerate about how much pressure you put on yourself. Make sure you don’t push yourself and don’t get tired of your exercises – otherwise you will probably be less productive.

Sometimes you need to take a break and make a change – even just a little to get better results and break your routine. Making changes in your scenery is actually one of the exercises as it also boosts your creativity. So, basically, you achieve two goals at once.

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