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a young man is doing outdoor workout
1 February 2019

Proven Ways to Lose Weight in College

According to statistics, about 70% of college students gain weight during study years. With the escalating the issue of obesity, the health of modern youth is threatened by fast food and harmful chemicals in products people consume every day. There is a common expression which applies to eating habits of college students – freshmen 15.

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students throwing their graduate caps up on a lawn
24 January 2019

College vs. High School: Differences and Similarities

Many students can’t wait for high school to end and college to start which is associated with freedom, friends, living without parents and a chance to take control over your life. Most people admit that in college they’ve entered adult life. In this blog, we are going to compare the differences and similarities of life in high school and college instead.

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a christmas card hanging on christmas tree
21 December 2018

9 New Year’s Eve Movies to Watch as the Ball Drops

Ah, the magic of midnight and ticking clock! A wonderful occasion to gather in front of a TV screen with your family and friends or wrap yourself in a blanket to watch a movie alone. No matter if you’re going to host a party or spend this night with no guests around, a nice movie won’t hurt anybody. Do you like good old classic films or modern trash movies?

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two girls with a bottle of champagne stand near a Christmas tree
14 December 2018

Christmas Party Themes for Every Friend Group [Guest Post]

Whether this is your first Christmas in college or your last, it’s a long-awaited season of festivities. In the dorms, your friends are just a short walk away and there are plenty of events to choose from. In an apartment, you have the freedom to decorate an entire space, transforming it into a magical winter wonderland — don’t forget the photo booth!

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