Balancing Social Life and Studies

College is the time when you might meet a lot of wonderful people and make friends for life. It’s also the time when you can party, have fun, relax, and try some new hobbies and styles – all of these things are quite tempting and thus might take much of your time. Let’s be honest, hanging out with friends is much more amusing than studying for another test. That is where you might feel like you don’t have time for both. The following blog post will help you out.

Study vs. Buddy?

When we talk about life choices, it’s common to stumble across quite opposite points of view as well as pieces of advice that are rather radical. For example, you might hear advice like: “You should not waste your time. Focus and studies and later you will catch up on friends, dates, and other stuff.” What does this radical thinking give us? It makes us think that we can’t have both in our lives – successful studying is impossible when you have a rich social life. 

But in reality, this is destructive and unproductive thinking as it might lead to poorer motivation and lots of other negative effects on your mental health and overall being, mood, social skills, behavior patterns, etc. 

So, we say you can have a social life and be a successful student. You just need a little help and we will teach you some tips that will allow you to balance friends and studies. You can also read our blog post on how to balance studies and romatic relationships.

Do Things Together

When you don’t have extra time in a day to spend with your friends, you can actually combine your daily tasks with meeting your friends and make the most out of the spare time you have. For example, you can hang out together and study or clean your room, have a walk, or work out together. This will help you feel the friendship bond between you two and still manage to finish the tasks from your list.

You can also drive to campus together and have small talk on the go or do your laundry, shopping, extracurricular activities, campus activities, etc. It really helps if you both study in the same learning institution or live not far from each other.

It might seem like not much but eventually might really help you manage your daily schedule without altering it much in order to have time for your friend. Moreover, if you decide to study together, it might significantly affect your productivity as some students find group studies very effective.

Have a Healthy Approach

Sometimes you need to draw a line and make a deal with your friends about how much time you can spend with them. Some of your friends might not be that much into studies or might need less time for homework and exam preparation than you due to their chosen major, learning process, etc. You need to be cool with that and learn how to let other people know what you need. And if you need some more time for your studies, just say so – a supportive friend will understand.

The exam season is the hardest one when everyone feels very stressed and tired. You should be ready for this period to be less social as you both need some time and space. Eventually, everyone goes through this phase and true friendship will still stand.

Ask for Help When You Are Overloaded

Asking for help when you need it is not a sign of weakness. Everyone needs help from time to time. And when you need someone to help you with your daily tasks, you should turn to people who you trust. You can ask your friend to help you with mail or laundry, get you some food from the local store, or cheer you up when you feel down. And when you need help with your studies, you can turn to our team – we will gladly help you with your homework, math problems, paper writing, or other academic and business tasks. 

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Wanting to be everywhere at the same time, have multiple hobbies, lots of friends, be successful with your studies, and have a great time is wonderful. But remember that not everyone can do all of these things at once. Sometimes you just need to pause and think of things that are too much for you right now. For example, you might find yourself in a situation where joining five different clubs was a mistake and you need to make your schedule less tight. Or you might want to cancel that additional gym day because you need some time to rest. Or take a few shifts less at your workplace. And there is nothing wrong with it. We can’t spend our whole life trying to grab every single opportunity it will make you burn out really fast. So, if you can make your schedule a little more relaxed, do it.

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