50 College Problems Every Student Will Understand

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While there are endless college problems that every student will understand, here are the top 50 that the majority of us have had to deal with or currently are.

  1. Social ineptitude and the personal challenges to overcome it.
  2. The intense pressure that comes from family to excel and succeed; to make huge choices under duress.
  3. Putting on weight in the first half of freshmen year, then struggling like hell to get it off before summer.
  4. Being forced to take elective classes or other types of classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your chosen career path.
  5. The price of college does not equal the worth of a degree to any sane degree. BTW, we know how to reduce costs for loans.
  6. The pressure to date during college, even if it’s not a priority.
  7. How hard it is to impress professors and build valuable connections with them.
  8. How difficult it is to make up for early GPA mistakes.
  9. Essays… Every. Single. Day. Actually, with this one, we can help.
  10. Being the only one in your entire dorm building that’s studying on a Friday or Saturday night.
  11. Juggling so many responsibilities at once.
  12. Dealing with the pressure to drink too much or do things that are unproductive just to impress people.
  13. Navigating college social culture in general.
  14. Having to listen to people moan and complain about their classes too much.
  15. Accidentally getting branded with the wrong crowd.
  16. When all the seats in the lecture are taken, you’re forced to settle in the aisle.
  17. Signing up late for classes you really need and finding out they’re full.
  18. Why is the college website so confusing and hard to navigate?
  19. Parking is too expensive!
  20. Roommates from hell that you’re stuck with for a whole year.
  21. Dorm hall monitors with power trips and an ego problem.
  22. Teacher’s pets who make it difficult to stay focused in class.
  23. Facebook, Insta, Snapchat.
  24. When you picked the wrong university, and it turns out to be nothing more than an expensive and glorified community college.
  25. Overly sexual roommates that are either always having sex or masturbating.
  26. People who barely have to do anything or study yet still receive better grades..
  27. Professors who bring their personal problems into class, resulting in your grade paying the price.
  28. Roommates that always leave for the weekend but forget to turn off their alarm for Saturday mornings.
  29. When all efforts to get some quality studying in at the library turn into nothing more than a gauntlet of people watching.
  30. It’s senior year, and you still have yet to like your major.
  31. The class sounded so awesome, but then it turned out that the professor has this strange accent you could barely understand.
  32. Having to actually study when you study abroad.
  33. That one day you walk to class looking your absolute worst, and every sexy person on campus happens to be walking in the opposite direction.
  34. When you spend hundreds of dollars on books only to then end up dropping out of the class because it wasn’t what you thought.
  35. You’re in college, and you turn 21, but you’re so broke you can’t even afford to buy a six-pack.
  36. The amount of debt most graduates have to deal with after school.
  37. The current job market of the modern world is distressing, and yet there is more pressure than ever to get the same old degrees.
  38. Being caught up in other people’s college relationships and school drama to the point that it starts to get in the way of your own college experience.
  39. When you spend all Sunday cramming for a test you thought was on Monday, but that day turned out to be a holiday, or the professor cancels the class.
  40. When you feel like you should highlight just about every single sentence in the book.
  41. When what you thought was a big city college turns out to be the only thing in town.
  42. When you’re in a class studying subjective topics, but the professor acts as though their opinions are universal.
  43. Friday night and early Monday morning classes are the worst.
  44. Rejection letters that just won’t stop coming and really make no sense.
  45. Rent.
  46. Listening to people go on and on about their experiences while studying abroad, none of which can be proven.
  47. Rent-a-cops giving students a hard time.
  48. Dealing with the financial aid department.
  49. Cafeteria food is too fattening but tastes so good. Check out some recipes for easy-to-cook food for students.
  50. When everyone knows that person you adore is a complete loser.

So many problems, some funnier and more annoying than others, can pop up. What do you think, is there anything we missed? What kinds of college problems are you tackling and how did you overcome them?

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