Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Student

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Every skill you acquire and every piece of information you get serves your future experience. It’s only for the best to keep your thirst for knowledge, new things, and abilities high, including learning new languages. The more languages you know, the more opportunities you get to travel, study, and expand your views. But there are a lot of various benefits of learning a second language while you are still in school. Let’s take a look at them.

Starting Early – Making It Easier

Surely, learning a foreign language takes effort. It might be a challenging and long process, depending on your natural abilities, interest, motivation level, opportunities, and knowledge base. However, the fact is that when you are still young, learning something new is much easier.

Being a student often means having the energy, time, and proper study environment to widen the spheres of knowledge into which you would like to dive in. Your mind is sharp and your concentration is high, while your memory is also pretty good to consume new and complex information.

That’s why many scientists advise keeping learning while you are still pretty young – new languages will be mastered much quicker and easier. Moreover, if you start early, you can get far and who knows how many languages you might be able to learn.

Boosting Your Grades

The data shows that learning a foreign language can significantly improve your exam scores – LSATs, MCATs – and gain great college records. In fact, it also improves your analytical skills which as result also helps you in your studies.

Sometimes a foreign language course can also become a great grade booster. Especially if you pick the language that you are interested in or the one that you really like – this way you get more motivation and more chances to succeed. Anyways, foreign language classes when they are listed as optional, are not that hard and are not meant to make you a skilled fluent speaker. So, they are not that hard but provide a good base and some knowledge that you will definitely appreciate.

Expanding Your Knowledge

Learning languages might be not the center of your education program to be a great compliment to all the other knowledge spheres. You don’t actually have to pick the linguistic major to be able to learn languages while you are in college. 

Moreover, many majors are double, and language ones are very popular, ranking very high. It is due to the fact that double-majoring in language provides you with vast career opportunities.

But even if you don’t have any foreign language classes available in your college, you can learn it yourself – there are a lot of textbooks, materials, and guides online that you can use. Some of them are completely free and will require only your time and effort. While others like online classes with a tutor, a native speaker, or a teacher, will surely be a good investment in your development.

Adding to Your Resume

Globalization makes it easier for businesses around the world to hire employees around the globe and go international. More and more people move to other countries to work in big companies, which means learning new languages is the key to entering the competitive world of job careers.

When creating a resume, you would surely want to add something to it that will make you more valuable to employers. It is a great benefit for your career to speak a few languages because it allows you to exchange information with professionals from other countries and be able to achieve the best results in your field.

That’s why many students are encouraged to acquire new skills as well as work on the improvement of the existing ones. Your college years are the time of opportunities to learn as much as possible, succeed in your studies, and get ready for your career.

It’s a fact that finding a good job might be difficult with high competition but working on yourself so that you can add more to your resume can definitely help you succeed. 

Traveling and Learning New Cultures

Traveling nowadays is very easy and it provides you with many opportunities to experience various cultures. Having a few languages in your knowledge luggage can definitely help you out a lot when you are traveling.

Even the basics of some languages can take you far – for example, French or German languages are pretty common among vast territories, so you will be able to travel with more confidence about your communication skills. Having more opportunities to talk to local people is surely worth putting some effort into studying.

Another great opportunity that learning a second language provides you with is to read foreign literature and study abroad. Many great universities are situated in Europe or Asia and moving there without at least some knowledge of the language is not that wise. So, if you have plans to visit more places on Earth, it’s never too late to learn.

Wrapping Up

There are surely a lot of benefits of learning a second language – some of them are more common while others might be very individual, like talking to your significant other if they are a foreigner. But in general, learning is always for the good if done right. Be sure to check the opportunities that your learning institution provides – there might be clubs and learning groups that you can join. You can also learn a language all by yourself – modern technologies can provide you with many opportunities.

If you would like to learn a second language, start with picking the one that you really like. For example, some languages might sound very good for your liking. Or you might be choosing based on the country that you would like to visit. Search for online tools and helpers – apps, websites, speaking clubs and put your effort into studies. Even short but consistent and frequent study sessions can help you achieve great results pretty quickly, even much quicker than you might think. 


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