How to Decide if You Should Dropout of College

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Have you been considering whether or not you should dropout of college? If so, then you certainly are not alone there are millions of students each year who make the decision to quit college and many of them go on to lead happy and successful lives.

However, it is certainly a big decision to make and it is not one that should be taken lightly. It is important to think about why you are considering dropping out and what you will do once you do.

With that in mind, let’s take some time to explore a few of the advantages and disadvantages that come along with making the choice to dropout of college.

When It Is a Good Idea to Dropout of College

It is often the case that choosing to quit educational affiliation has a stigma attached to it that can make you feel like a failure. However, the reality is that studying at higher education institutions just isn’t right for everyone. Some people just don’t settle into student life and others are perhaps not ready and could benefit from taking a year or two out!

There are certainly plenty of times when choosing to dropout can be the best option. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages that come with choosing to dropout of college:

  • No Student Debt – For some people, education just is not a good fit, and this usually becomes apparent early on. You could choose to stick it out and spend a few years being miserable, or you can accept the fact that student life isn’t for you and dropout. If you make this decision early enough, then you should be able to get out of your course before you have a chance to rack up any student debt!
  • Make Money Instead of Spending It – Following on from the previous point, if you choose to dropout, thus avoiding student debt then you will have the opportunity to start earning money rather than spending it! Studying is expensive with the average undergraduate accumulating over $30,000 of debt! This means most young people find themselves held back when it comes to getting on the property ladder or even getting a car, because they have to pay off the student debts first!
  • College Can Wait – One of the advantages to quitting college when you are just not feeling it is that the ability to get a degree will always be there. While it may be expected that you go to college right out of high school, there is no rule that says you have to stick to that schedule. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to return to education later in life so there is no reason to rush.
  • Take Time to Find Your Niche – Choosing a major at an early age can be overwhelming. Many students leave high school with only a vague idea of the kind of career they wish to pursue. Often this can lead to people feeling like they made bad choice. If you feel like this, then dropping out is going to give you time to find your niche. Try out different jobs and explore your interests in order to gain a clearer picture of how your future should play out!

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When Dropping Out of College is a Bad Idea

As with any decision in life, choosing to dropout of college has its downsides. As much as there can be advantages to dropping out, there are just as many disadvantages and it is important to take these into consideration before making a decision. Some of the most common cons of dropping out include:

  • Some Industries Require Recognized Qualifications – In certain careers, it is going to be almost impossible to get your foot in the door never mind progress to a higher level if you do not have the appropriate qualifications. Practical experience can only take you so far before you need to back it up with a degree. If you do intend to drop out then be sure to find out if your chosen career is likely to be hampered by a lack of qualifications.
  • You Will Have to Explain Your Decision – While this next disadvantage is not necessarily one which will have a big impact on your future career path, it is still an important one to consider. Dropping out of college is very much bucking the trend and many of your peers and family will not be pleased about your choice. You may find yourself having to constantly explain to people why you made this decision. Even potential employers will be curious to know why you did not complete your studies. Make sure you are clear about your reasons and this will make it easier to explain to others.
  • You May Not Have Money at First – When you are in college it is likely that you will have some form of material help. However, once you drop out that stops and you will need to find a job. That could take some time, and you may need to start on the bottom of the ladder on little more than minimum wage. It is important to remember that you may well be short on cash so try to have a plan in place for what you will live on when you drop out. The last thing you want to do is get into debt when you have just avoided student loans!

In Conclusion, there are lots of things to consider before you decide to officially dropout of college. One thing is clear, it is a decision that will be a very personal one and it is important not to get too bogged down in what is expected of you. Try not to think of dropping out as a shameful thing. There are as many advantages as there are disadvantages. In the end, all that really matters is coming to decision that is that makes you feel better. If that means you dropout of college than that’s perfectly fine, as long as your choice is reasonable.

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