10+1 Reasons Why Students HATE College

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This article’s going to bluntly set the record straight and explain why modern students increasingly hate college. Is it just the unwillingness to wake up in the morning and go to classes? Boring lectures? Poor grades? Teacher-student relations? We believe there is much more about the college hating issue and we are going to dig deeper. It’s not going to be pretty so be forewarned. Read at your own risk and enjoy!

Reason #1: Students Feel Forced Into It

Many youngsters see no other good options, it’s “student debt or bust.” The workforce seems in rapid systemic decay and the military isn’t their cup of tea. For whatever reason, these folks don’t believe they’re ready to be entrepreneurs. So, while they go through the motions and get decent grades perhaps, their heart really isn’t in it because they feel backed into a corner where college is the only escape.

Reason #2: College is Earning a Bad Rap

In the Western World “college” is definitely on the decline. 60% of college graduates are living at home with parents or working minimum wage jobs that don’t technically even require a high school diploma. The central banks high-jacked college educated and turned it into a debt-disbursement mechanism that few students seem to be benefiting from and the overall morale is suffering.

Reason #3: The Costs are Getting Ridiculous

It’s insane. In America over the last 30 years the price of a general college degree has risen by over 1000%! Interest rates have also gone up, along with the amount of student loans (over a trillion in the student loan bubble so far) bogging down the system. The whole mess wanes on the minds of students…

Reason #4: Social Anxiety & Awkwardness

Some college cultures are awesome beyond words, while others are hell holes for those that aren’t socially proficient or who haven’t yet matured enough to get along with the general college-going crowd.

Reason #5: High School Days are OVER!

In high school they were kick ass. In high school they were popular. In high school they rolled with the cool kids. In high school they were someone. Then they arrive on a four year college campus as a freshmen and find out that a) all that’s gone and b) they aren’t nearly as talented as they thought. This happens often in music departments, among thespians, sports, the arts, etc.

Reason #6: Most Course Knowledge is Online Now

Seriously, the system’s charging outrageous rates for knowledge that can be found via a quick Google search for free. How about all the free and inexpensive e-courses showing up online? How about the increasing library of free and inexpensive e-books containing the same knowledge directly from experts in their fields? The list goes on and on…yet still many are compelled by the “piece of paper” the established route awards (diploma).

Reason #7: The Food’s Crummy

With the amount of cash flowing into the bank coffers you’d think colleges could afford to feed students nothing but the best. They should be shelling out 5-Star delicacies for these prices! But, alas, dorm food is usually crummy and anything bought on-campus tastes like cheap buffet grubs.

Reason #8: Indecisiveness

Students get to college and have no idea what to do, what to major or minor in, or why they’re on campus at all. This indecisiveness can be crippling, daunting, and overwhelming to say the least. It causes both social and scholastic paralysis and this does not make their experience all that pleasant.

Reason #9: Low Grades and Gargantuan Classes

These two things go together because they feed on one another. Low grades obviously suck, but oftentimes the reason behind poor performance has to do with a lack of proper engagement with experts within the major. Being just another face in a crowd, or one in 50-100 students in a classroom, isn’t inspiring.

Reason #10: Dashed Expectations

Throughout middle school and high school they built up this fantasy of what college would be like, or should be like. Within a couple months of their freshmen year all these expectations are promptly laid to waste. Maybe they aren’t being invited to the mega parties. Maybe they didn’t make the team. Maybe the major they chose turned out to be a bummer in terms of course work. You get the idea.

Extra Reason: The Future of College is Uncertain

So there’s all of that stuff… coupled with the rise of automation, AI, the digital workforce (no college necessary), and culture-wide disillusionment with “higher” education. Where will the traditional college institution be in another 4 or 5 years? It’s hard to say. Many will have closed their doors, while others will have transitioned into something else altogether. Speaking of which, when you picture the colleges of the future, what do you see? Do they even exist or has the internet and mobile devices completely taken over?

Do you hate college too? Or is there a bright side?

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