Let the T-Shirt Speak!

Star Wars T-Shirt

Everyone loves cool T-Shirts! And the more personal it is, the better it looks on you. You want it to be unique, unlike those boring brand T-Shirts bought on sale. So, if you do not want to shop and buy, you need to create one. However, figuring out how to design the perfect T-Shirt that adequately reflects your character and preferences is no simple task. Fortunately, in this blog post, we’re going to give you some tips to help you on your journey to T-realization. Enjoy!

Think Anthropomorphically

What animal are you? What’s your “totem” animal? What animal or critter speaks for who you are or could stand for your cause? What animal would make the perfect mascot on your T-Shirts? Now, once you figure out the animal, it’s time to give it a little personality through its body language and facial expression. While it definitely takes some finesse, furry brand icons can work magic with T-shirts without having to say or do much. Think about it.

Approach it Like a Marketer

Not only do you want to like your t-shirt, but it wouldn’t hurt if others found it pleasant as well. That is unless your goal is to be a walking eye-sore (more on this in a sec). Of course, T-Shirts are T-Shirts, but there are a few essentials to keep in mind:

  1. Fit: If they fit well, they look better (unless someone’s rocking a huge beer gut or something). Don’t get so lost in the aesthetic phase you forget that if it doesn’t fit, the design doesn’t matter.
  2. Placement: Where you place words and graphics means everything, and no, it doesn’t have to be in the typical spots. Be creative! There are no rules when it comes to placement.
  3. Fabric: It makes a huge difference! Play with as many options as possible to see what will complement your statement or t-approach the best.

It’s not from afar that people fall in love with T-Shirts, but up close and personal.

Use Minimalism to Make Grand Statements

Absolutely no one really likes loud T-Shirts. Those are the kind of shirts we wear in the privacy of our own dorm rooms or to the lake or something. When the T-Shirt matters, it should speak eloquently and elegantly without really saying much. Get it? Keep statements tight and graphics under control.

It’s Not All about YOU!

The way we view ourselves and our T-shirts fades away in comparison to how others view us and our T-Shirts, right? Besides, once out and about they’re a part of the landscape and people will be subjected to them whether they like it or not.

At the end of the day, it’s about the human being inside the gentle folds and stitching that matters. Think about it before you print something outlandish or gaudy. Again, minimalism always makes the grandest statements both in words and in terms of graphics. Keep your eye on the ball and remember that if the T-Shirt sucks, you aren’t going to look cool in it either most likely.

Humor and Tact Should be Subtle

Irony and silence are the keys to humor. The irony is often soft-spoken and incredibly easy to grasp. That’s why it’s so freaking hard to create fictional irony! Think about the little quips and advertising slogans that seared themselves into your mind over the years. What do most of them have in common?

They’re creative and often ironic ways of presenting or looking at certain information. Subtlety. Tact. Humor. These are the types of slogans and sayings that people can choose to get behind and wear literally on their sleeves. It’s about making people do two things: think and smile.

We’re Not in the ’60s

Color. It can be your best friend or your fierce enemy. It can attract the eyes or shun them. It can engage the mind or completely turn it off. It can dazzle and confuse. You must walk a fine line between choosing a color that works by itself given the style of the shirt, and a color that works with the wording and graphic design.

No one said it would be easy. However, following these tips will lead you to create the formula of your best and most personal T-Shirt, unique and one of a kind. The practice will save your backside. Good luck with your T’s!

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