Easy Steps to Boost Your Memory

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Memory is a powerful tool. It is one of the most important things in studying and sometimes can be a decisive factor on whether you can successfully pass your exams or not. So, it’s crucial to understand the importance of good memory and the techniques that help improve it. Here are a few tips on how to boost your memory.

Get a Habit to Structure and Organize

When you are a student, you have to deal with huge loads of information every day. An important step that will help you boost your memory is to change your approach and bring a new habit into your life. Learn how to structure and organize the information that you consume. You can do this by structuring the notes you take or the books that you read. 

For example, you can create mind clusters with categories to group various types of material by concept, importance, type, etc. It’s even more effective when you have problems with memorizing particular facts, formulas, or numbers – an associative line will occur and it will be easier to remember the needed information.

When you are reading something, it’s important to structure information in your head or on paper to define the key points and the supportive material. You can later go back to your notes to freshen up your memories.

Build Associations and Relations

When you find it hard to memorize a concept that is new to you, the best option would be to relate it to something that is already familiar to you. You can create associations with objects or events from your everyday life and thus, recall info when you need it.

This technique can be an everyday practice too. Whenever you are exploring a new concept, you can always build an analogy and help your memory consume new information. 

Interestingly enough, there is also a mnemonic technique that is tightly connected to the method described above. It’s called “the method of loci” and it states that in order to be able to recall some information, it’s useful to combine information with familiar objects from your everyday environment. For example, you can imagine your way home or the backyard of your family house – something that you see almost every day and can vividly visualize in your head. Then, you can associate information with an object from this visualization. 

Use Various Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are widely spread among other learning techniques as they provide great effectiveness when it comes to memorization. Though many college students think that mnemonics are meant for kids, elementary school students, or can’t be implemented within the college study process, it’s not true. Moreover, mnemonics can be very helpful in the working process too.

So, there are a few devices that can be used to train your memory and help you recall information when it’s needed. For example:

  • Acronyms. A Name Mnemonic category is one of the most commonly used. You might remember learning about rainbow colors with help of a simple acronym ROY G. BIV. The same technique of putting the first letters of a sentence, phrase, list, or laws into a word can be used for any purpose. For example:

BATS Drink Blood – A well-known acronym for sleep cycles.

  • Rhymes. Rhyme Mnemonics is also very popular. They can make the studying process more fun and also memorize information by rhyming it into a small poem. “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”
  • Music Mnemonics. You probably know that the lyrics of a catchy song can stick on your mind forever. Use this knowledge to boost your memory – simply put information in a form of lyrics onto music that you like, and you will definitely memorize it very well.
  • Image Mnemonics. Some artistic students find it very useful to simply draw a sketch for information that they try to memorize. A simple drawing of an association can also help you recall your notes on that topic.

Use mnemonics for studying and find the type or types that work for you the best. You will probably be surprised by the results.

Try A Memory Diet

The way we treat our bodies has an impressive influence on the way we live. And one of the most important things is your diet. If you would like to boost your memory and make it easier for you to focus, you should definitely try a diet that consists of:

  • Nuts and seeds, especially walnut
  • Avocado which is full of good fat
  • Dark chocolate
  • Berries, especially blueberries and blackberries
  • Fatty fish, such as salmon or tuna
  • Whole grains

Avoid drinking much alcohol and sugary beverages. It’s better to consume more green tea or black coffee in moderate amounts. You should also go outside more, as walking and fresh air are great helpers in regulating your blood pressure and brain activity. 

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