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19 August 2014

10 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Studying Easier (And More Effective)

Technology today is an essential part of education. Thus, usual notebooks and college manuals are replaced by various applications and extensions. To keep up with the times students have to know how to use them right. Certain extensions help to manage time effectively and make studying process more productive. Google extensions are the most popular today so they make the list of top 10 extensions for studying.

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5 August 2014

Winners of Essay Writing Contest 2014

Essay Writing Contest 2014 is over and we are excited to announce the winners. To be honest, that was a tough choice as we received a lot of inspiring essays from talented people. We are grateful to everyone who accepted the challenge and took part on our contest.

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26 June 2014

Badass College Dorm Checklist

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a more conventional dorm room checklist this isn’t it. We’re going to give you the checklist you would get from a senior (or super-duper senior) instead of a college administrator or your parents. There’s all kinds of those online and the college will send you an orthodox checklist along with your initial paperwork anyways.

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chuck bass from gossip girl tv show
24 June 2014

13 Hottest College Kids From TV Series

Get ready to experience one of the hottest line ups of college kid television series actors you’re likely to find online. Love them or hate them, you have to admit these guys are awesome. Some of the listed TV series are worth watching to see these characters. Enjoy!

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5 June 2014

Writing Contest with Cash Prizes

Summer has arrived, and this means our essay writing contest is now open for your submissions!
We are open to all the writers internationally.
Visit the contest page for all the guidelines and submission details.

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24 April 2014

6 Horrible Risks of Study Drugs

In this article we’re going to quickly go through the risks of taking study drugs, or smart drugs, to try and get ahead in college or pull through those all-nighter study sessions. We’re going to cover all 6 bases that you should be informed on as a student who is at least considering it.

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