How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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Long-distance relationships nowadays are not that rare. With all the pandemic and technical progress, more and more couples try their best to keep their fire burn regardless of being many miles away from each other. If you want to make this kind of relationship work and develop, you will need some good tips, and we’ve got some for you.

Work on Your Expectations

Disappointment is always painful. Especially when it comes to a relationship that you want to grow. Nurturing your high hopes is normal and pretty natural, but not when you are in this kind of relationship, as facing reality might hurt you very badly.

You should be ready to face many difficulties on your way. Long-distance relationships seem romantic and sweet, but, in reality, they are pretty difficult to handle for both partners. Especially when it comes to emotions, jealousy, lack of attention. Be sure to talk about your fears to your friends, family, or a specialist if you find yourself under too much stress about your love life.

And it not only about your expectation but about your partner’s too. You need to know what you both want and what you expect of a relationship like this. You might want to have a deep conversation on the rules that you will both stick to regarding your communication, visiting each other, meeting new people, your commitment level, etc. You don’t want any surprises to occur suddenly, right?

Do Something Together

It might seem impossible, but you can really do a lot of things together while being apart. Modern technology allows us to keep in touch in various situations, not only when talking on the phone or texting. 

You might want to play an online video-game together, play musical instruments or go for a walk while on a video call, go online shopping, watch a movie at the same time, write an essay together, etc. Doing something together creates strong bonds and allows you to avoid boredom in your relationship. Texting only starts to annoy after some time and might kill all the romance. Keep your relationship alive, make it more diverse.

Don’t Be Sticky and Pushy

If you want constant attention from your partner, it eventually becomes a burden for them. Remember that everyone needs personal space and time. Your partner is a person with their own interests and things to do, so don’t be annoying and sticky.

The amount of communication that is good for both partners is always individual. Moreover, it might vary from time to time because of various circumstances, such as exams, illnesses, holiday seasons, etc. Be patient and control yourself when you feel like you start asking too much from your partner. Yes, we know that when you miss someone, you feel like you need to speak 24/7, but it will slowly kill your relationship as it takes everything ‘yours’ away from both of you. We all need to spend some time with only ourselves or with our friends, family, etc. Don’t be pushy when your partner wants a little bit of space.

Be Honest with Each Other

Any relationship should be based on trust and honesty, especially a long-distance one. You should always tell each other if something about your relationship bothers you or if you would like to change something.

What is also important is that you should be honest if you feel that you become too different and you don’t see yourself with your partner anymore. There are too many examples of couples that keep lying to each other while dating someone else, and hiding this fact becomes not that big of a deal when you are in different places. But this is not what a relationship should be. Sometimes you just need to let go. 

But even if everything is okay, you should also talk about it to your partner. Share your emotions – you don’t see each other much, and it becomes harder to understand how each one of you feels. Remember that sharing thoughts and feelings is one of the key rules for a healthy relationship.

Keep Each Other Up-to-Dated

Sometimes couples that are miles away from each other just forget to share their news with each other. It might be something very casual, like a new pair of shoes or a funny story of the day, a family visit, or anything that happens every day. 

Share these moments with your partner. Let them know how your day was and what’s new about you, your family, and your friends. You might even like gossiping a little – it’s funny and draws you together when you discuss something or someone. Find as many topics for a conversation as possible. Even if it is something that unimportant as a new soda flavor available in the local market.

Do Video Calls

Seeing each other is crucial for a couple that lives many miles away from each other. You can see the face of your partner, their emotions, reactions, and keep your love alive. Nowadays, it’s so easy that everyone can enjoy video calls and see their significant other whenever they like. Hearing your partner’s voice is great, but video calls put your communication on another level. Moreover, video calls might be very hot sometimes. 

Wrapping Up

Long-distance relationships are not for everyone and, of course, require much more patience and emotional control. However, there are many examples of happy couples who went through the period of living apart and still growing their relationship into something beautiful, strong, and sweet. Be brave and stay positive – as true love can beat every single obstacle on the way.

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