15 Best Remote Jobs for College Students

A student working from a coffee shop

Remote jobs, also known as virtual jobs or home-based jobs, are becoming increasingly popular these days. Remote jobs give you freedom and flexibility. It is great for college students who need to attend classes and study but also want to earn an income.

With remote jobs, college students can gain skills and experience in the comfort of their college dorm or apartment. The best part is that most college students will already have the equipment they need to do the remote work, like laptops which means no extra cost. You’re welcome, Mom and Dad!

If you are a college student considering remote jobs, then welcome! You have come to the right place. Today we bring you 15 of the best remote jobs for college students. Let’s get right to it.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is creating content and promoting products and services while sharing it with an audience and, at the same time, building and growing your community. You will have to spend a great deal of time on social media platforms to familiarize yourself with them.

Most college students dedicate hours and hours of their time to social media. Let’s be honest; they can’t live without it. This makes social media marketing a fascinating job as they know the platform like the back of their hand. The best part about this job is your parents can’t get mad. You’re always on your phone because you’re working, duh!

If you are a student who loves change and getting creative, social media marketing will be a great remote job for you. This job won’t feel like a job as you are doing what you love. You can even lie on your bed while working. Now that’s what we are talking about!

How Much Will You Earn as a Social Media Marketer?

Social media marketers can earn anywhere between $48 000 to $66 000 annually. You see, you can make money by being on your phone or laptop all day long.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Great communication skills

    As a social media marketer, you must have strong communication skills to communicate with your audience and get your message across. You are also going to have to communicate with colleagues and share ideas. Remember, your voice will be your brand, so good communication skills are of utmost importance.

  • Writing ability

    You need to be able to captivate readers with your words and motivate them to follow you or make a purchase. So having excellent writing skills is also essential. So students, please get rid of those abbreviated texts.

  • Analytical skills

    Having analytical skills is very beneficial when it comes to being a social media marketer, as you need to see if your marketing tricks are working based on the data. Having these skills will help you make crucial decisions. You don’t have to play the guessing game. You can make decisions on actual numbers.

  • Willingness to learn and flexibility

    Social media is constantly changing, meaning you need to be willing to learn and adapt to new technology and features. But this will be easy, won’t it, students?

  • Strategic thinking

    To make a success of social media marketing, strategic thinking is needed. You can learn to think strategically through courses, but it is so much more beneficial when it comes naturally to you.

  • Content curation

    Creating content is one of the most essential skills of a social media marketer. You need to know what content to share with your audience and when to share it.

How to Start

  1. Develop basic social media marketing skills and learn different marketing techniques.
  2. Do research, decide on the industry you want to specialize in and get to know your customer base.
  3. Take notes of successful companies’ marketing strategies and form your own.
  4. Get in the habit of posting regularly.
  5. Build experience by volunteering or internships.
  6. Build your network and build relationships with other marketers.
  7. Put a portfolio together of your best work.
  8. Start applying for those jobs and land your first job as a social media marketer.

2. Remote Call Centre Agent

If you’re a college student who is excellent at talking over the phone and multitasking, then this remote job is for you.

You will be responsible for multiple communication channels like texting, calling(inbound and outbound calls), and emails. Call center jobs usually have shifts, so you must balance your classes around it or take on the night shift. But nevertheless, being a call center agent will help you gain many different skills and experience, which will look good on your CV after college.

How Much Will You Earn as a Call Centre Agent?

Remote call center agents can make anywhere between $29 000 to $36 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Attention to detail and knowledge retention.

    It would be best if you had an excellent eye for detail and memory to recall all the information about the company. The callers don’t have time to wait. You need to give them the information right away.

  • Organization

    Organization skills are essential as you will work with many different clients. You will also do multiple things at once, for example, talk with the caller while taking notes and updating the system. We know this sounds scary, but if you stay organized, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Excellent communication

    This is one of the most essential skills you should have because you need to understand what the caller is looking for and, through practical communication skills, find a solution for the caller.

  • Fast and efficient

    Being fast and efficient is valuable, as callers will appreciate it. Because we can all agree no one wants to wait forever for their query to be solved.

  • Calm under pressure

    You will need to handle many calls, and irritated clients will come with these calls. You must control the situation by remaining calm and professional with each case, no matter the circumstances. Breathe in, breathe out.

How to Start

  1. You must set up a resume emphasizing your communication and writing skills. Also, include essential goals that you have achieved. These goals can be those you achieved in school, college, or even in a previous position.
  2. You will need a high school diploma or something equivalent.
  3. Let’s say you get an interview; you need to blow everyone’s mind. You need to tell the interviewer what situations in your previous positions have prepared you to take on the different roles of this job.
  4.  Ensure the questions you ask relate to something you read on the company’s webpage. This will give you some brownie points and show you have researched the company.
  5. You must be willing to undergo training if you get the position. Training isn’t always fun, but it will always benefit you.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the computer and improve your skills.
  7. Memorize as much as possible from the company and all their latest activities.
  8. The job is overwhelming and stressful. But it is important to stay optimistic.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps businesses with the admin. This includes schedule management, email monitoring, and organizing of documentation.

This is an excellent job opportunity for college students as they can easily do so from the comfort of their college dorm or apartment. You can form your own schedule and ease into their day, and the best part is you can set your own rates and choose who you want to work with. Now that sounds like a dream job, don’t you think?

How Much Will You Earn as a Virtual Assistant?

The salaries of virtual assistants range from $31 500 to $78 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Communication

    Communication and writing skills are very important as you will use them to communicate with your clients and understand what they seek.

  • Time management

    Managing your time as a virtual assistant is very important as you must prioritize the important tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is another essential skill, as you need to market your skills and expertise to attract new clients.

  • Customer service

    As a virtual assistant, you must communicate effectively, stay calm in stressful situations, and work well when there is a lot of pressure.

  • Self-motivation

    This is an essential skill as you must stay motivated with the heaps of work you have and meet many deadlines.

  • Willingness to learn

    As a virtual assistant, you need to be willing to adapt and have the desire to learn new things to stay up to date.

How to Start

  1. You need to decide what services you will offer as a virtual assistant.
  2. Now build the skills you will need to help clients.
  3. Figure out how much you will charge.
  4. Create your online presence.
  5. Now start applying for virtual assistant jobs, guys and girls, and land your first VA job.

4. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you can put your writing skills to the test and let your imagination run wild by creating content for various channels and publications. It is ideal for college students who have excellent writing skills. If your parents have always told you that you have a wild imagination because of your ideas, start putting those ideas into words and start making that coin, honey.

What makes this job fun is that you can specialize in the niche you like and are passionate about. This position would also look great on your CV.

Another thing that is great about being a freelance writer is that you get to set your own hours and rates. This is great if you are a college student because you can set up your own schedule. And if you don’t want to work a particular day because of too many classes and homework, you don’t have to.

How Much Will You Earn as a Freelance Writer?

You can earn anywhere from $37 500 to $63 500 annually as a freelance writer.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Grammar, writing, and editing

    You need exceptional grammar and writing skills to create masterpieces as a freelance writer. You must also know how to edit to ensure your content and structure are top-notch.

  • Researching

    As a freelance writer, you need excellent research skills if you write on a topic you are unfamiliar with. You will need to know how to source your information. But come on, students, this would be easy for you as you have learned how to do proper research in college for assignments.

  • Content management

    As a freelance writer, you will work with many different clients, so you will need to know how to stay organized, prioritize and manage the content and meet deadlines.

  • Creativity

    Creativity is one of the most important skills you can have as a freelance writer. It doesn’t help you have good grammar skills, but you don’t have a creative mind. Your words should be like the paint on a canvas. It should create a picture or scene for the reader. Creativity is also the ability to come up with something completely new and unique.

How to Start

  1. You will need to develop and improve your content creation skills. You will also need to improve your grammar and editing.
  2. Studying SEO will give your content a great advantage as it will help it rank higher on Google, and a larger audience will see your work.
  3. Create an online portfolio that includes all the writing samples that you are most proud of.
  4. Get your first client.
  5. Grow from there and go big.

5. Freelance Editor

A freelance editor corrects writing pieces like manuscripts, novels, or even academic essays and then provides feedback to their clients. After the feedback is sent to the client and they are happy with it, they make the changes, and it is ready for publishing.

Freelance editing is perfect for college students with strong language knowledge who can quickly identify grammar errors. If you are a student who is always proofreading your college friends’ essays, then you know this is the remote job that was meant for you.

How Much Will You Earn as a Freelance Editor?

Freelance editors can make anywhere from $46500 to $97500 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Strong language

    As a freelance editor, you will need strong language skills to detect errors, make suggestions to the client, and correct errors afterward. But being an editor is so much more than just pointing out grammar mistakes; it is also the ability to maintain the client’s tone in the writing pieces after making changes.

  • Excellent communication

    You will communicate with many clients, so it is important to have excellent communication skills. Your communication should be clear, error-free and give the client insight and provide value to them. So please, guys, don’t mumble.

  • Time management and organization

    Even though, as a freelance editor, you work according to your own hours, you still need to manage your time efficiently to meet client deadlines and to show you are trustworthy and reliable. So being organized and setting up schedules are very important because, let’s face it, we all can get sidetracked sometimes.

  • Attention to detail

    Attention to detail is very important when it comes to editing. You need to be accurate, thorough, and detail-oriented with your suggestions without changing the tone of the writing piece. This will make the clients return for sure.

How to Start

  1. Decide on the type of editing you would like to do.
  2. Choose your niche.
  3. Join some editorial groups.
  4. Build your website and make your brand known, guys and girls.
  5. Start applying for jobs.
  6. Land your first job and impress the clients with your skills.

 6. Tutor

A tutor is someone who helps students and makes them understand a specific topic or subject. They provide exercises, study plans, and additional material that will help the students understand a topic they find difficult.

As a tutor, you can choose the best hours that suit your schedule and then communicate it to the person you are tutoring. It is an easy job for a college student because, up until now, you have gained so much knowledge in high school and the time you have spent in college. Courses stay the same for the most part, with just a few tweaks here and there.

So if you were, for example, good at accounting in high school, use these skills and knowledge to your advantage and become a tutor in this subject.

How Much Will You Earn as a Tutor?

The national average for tutors is $64 761 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Communication

    This is one of the most essential skills of a tutor. You need to have good and clear communication skills for the students to understand what you are explaining to them. And so they can form a great relationship with you.

  • Patience

    Patience is a virtue and an important skill to have as a tutor. The students will probably not know much about the subject, and it is important to stay calm as this will help the tutoring session run smoothly. Shouting will only let students hit a blank. So breathe in and breathe out when you are feeling frustrated.

  • Good listener

    By listening to a student’s concerns, you will help them feel valued. It will also help you to determine the best way to help them.

  • Good learning styles

    Good learning styles are important as they help the student understand and grasp the topic better and faster.

  • Confidentiality

    It is important to keep the personal information of the students you are tutoring to yourself and not disclose it to anyone else, so shhh.

  • Empathy and a positive attitude

    Having empathy towards the students will not only motivate you as a tutor, but it will motivate the students to keep on studying and working. Students will enjoy their tutoring much more if you show compassion toward them.

How to Start

  1. You will need a high school diploma or something equivalent.
  2. You can then earn a certification that will look more trustworthy to parents.
  3. Choose a subject you want to tutor, such as math or English.
  4. Decide on your rates.
  5. Now advertise.
  6. Start tutoring students.

7.   Photography

A photographer takes photos by choosing the perfect location, setting up their equipment, and using different photo techniques. They also do the editing and touch-ups of the photos after taking them.

Suppose you are a college student who is passionate about photography or just loves being creative and taking photos of your friends and beautiful scenery. In that case, photography might be the perfect remote job for you.

The position is flexible and a lot of fun. You can take photos of special college moments, parties, and even graduation. Trust us, you will be very popular if you choose this job as everyone will want cool photos they can put on their wall or as their new profile picture.

How Much Will You Earn as a Photographer?

Photographers can earn anywhere between $27 500 and $50 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Creativity

    You must be creative and have an artistic eye to choose locations and create ideas that will make the perfect photo that will tell a story.

  • Technical

    You must have good technical skills to know how to operate the different camera equipment. You will also need to understand the basic photography principles, for example, exposure, lighting, and focus.

  • Eye for detail

    You will need to know how to make the necessary edits to enhance the photo.

  • Patience and persistence.

    “Practice makes perfect,” and this is especially true when it comes to photography. You need to practice over and over again. This is the only way you will get to know the different features and techniques and get that perfect shot.

  • Staying up to date with technology

    As photography technology improves and grows, you need to as well. You need to stay updated and learn the new features of photography. This will help you stay on top of things.

  • Communication

    Communication is needed to communicate with the client and understand what they want specifically. It would help if you also communicated in a way that is easy to understand. For example, “You need to move a bit closer to the door as the lighting isn’t great over here.”

How to Start

  1. Find your niche in photography.
  2. Develop your skills by pursuing a photography course or degree.
  3. Get your photography equipment and software and learn how to operate it.
  4. Take photos, photos, and more photos!
  5. Build your portfolio and use social media to market your work.
  6. Find your first photography gig by applying on freelancing websites or starting your own.
  7. Start taking those photos and get paid for them!

8. Voice-over Work

A voice-over job is where someone uses their voice to play a specific character, to tell a story, or to promote something. This can be on TV, radio, or even theater. This remote job is perfect for college students who love doing impressions and different accents and have always been praised for having a good voice.

This job is so much fun as you can be different people by changing your voice. Who knows? Maybe one day, your voice can be used in commercials or even video games. How cool would that be?

How Much Will You Earn as a Voice-over Artist?

A voice-over artist can make anywhere between $29 000 to $89 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Range

    You need to be able to change the pitch of your voice. This is an essential skill as you can then switch between different emotions.

  • Versatility

    You need to be able to adapt your tone and be flexible. Being able to talk in different accents is also a bonus.

  • Clarity

    You must clearly deliver your lines, whether you are shouting or whispering them.

  • Consistency

    Consistency is very important regarding your voice quality, timing, and availability.

  • Enunciation

    You need to express every word clearly without mumbling.

  • Naturally Articulate

    This is speaking clearly without interruptions, like using “uhms” between sentences.

  • Great pacing

    This is a great skill to have as you need to determine how fast or slow you need to talk so that it can fit the message or story you are telling. For example, no one wants to listen to someone telling a love story if it sounds like they are an auctioneer.

  • Experience

    Even Though you don’t need a degree, experience is a great skill to have. Practice makes perfect, and this is precisely what voice-over actors need to do. They need to practice until they perfect their skills. They can also attend workshops or voice-over courses, which will help.

How to Start

  1. The first step is to gain your voice-over skills and experience. You can go for voice training lessons or even attend voice-over workshops.
  2. Practice, practice, and practice.
  3. Find your voice-over niche. For example, do you want to do commercials or something more serious like documentaries?
  4. Record voice-over demos.
  5. Audition several times a week and a month.
  6. Remember to have a professional network where you can network with other voice-over actors.
  7. Keep improving your skills and become the next best voice-over artist.

9. Audio Transcriber

An audio transcriber is a job where you type what you hear on an audio or video word for word. The videos or audio can include calls, meetings, research, and interviews.

This job is great for college students who are great listeners and can repeat what you said word for word. The job also requires little to no experience. The other benefit is its flexible working hours, which is great for students with busy schedules.

You can also manage your earnings as an audio transcriber and create other employment opportunities for yourself. Now that sounds promising. What do you guys think?

How Much Will You Earn as an Audio Transcriber?

Audio transcribers can make anywhere between $34 500 to $52 500 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Computer skills

    You must understand how to use a computer so that you can perform the different tasks that are required. This can include things like opening different platforms, opening documents, and adding subtitles.

  • Communication

    Good communication skills are essential regarding transcribing, as it will help you understand what you need to write and also help you type faster.

  • Research

    Having excellent research skills will help you improve your vocabulary on topics you are not too familiar with.

  • Multitasking

    This skill is important because you need to listen, understand what you are hearing, and type it while making edits along the way.

  • Type fast and accurately.

    Typing skills are very important because that is what transcribing is all about. Typing quickly and accurately will help you complete tasks quicker and attract more clients.

  • Great hearing

    This is an important skill to have as you need to hear and understand what is said in the audio so that you can describe the audio piece accurately.

  • Great time management

    This is a great skill because you need to plan and organize to meet deadlines.

How to Start

  1. First, work on improving your typing speed and accuracy.
  2. Next, search for transcription companies that do not require you to have experience.
  3. Enroll yourself in a transcription course.
  4. Get the equipment you will need to do transcription work, like headphones and a good keyboard.
  5. Build an online network where you can connect with other transcribers. There are sure to be other college students also doing this job.
  6. Now start applying and land your first transcription job.

10. Translator

A Translator is someone who translates one language into another language. If you are a college student who is fluent in more than one language, this job is for you. You can use your bilingual skills to your advantage and earn an income.

And if you are someone who gets bored quickly, don’t worry. The job will always entertain you with something new to transcribe daily. You will also get to learn about different cultures and places around the world, exciting, right?

How Much Will You Earn as a Translator?

You can earn anywhere between $40 500 and $75 000 annually as a translator.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Ability to speak more than 2 languages fluently.

    You must speak 2 or more languages fluently to accurately translate one language to the other.

  • Excellent writing skills

    You need to have knowledge about the proper spelling and grammar to use.

  • Research skills

    Excellent research skills will help you perfect your language and ensure accurate translation.

  • Cultural knowledge

    This will help you know the origin of the words as well as what words you can use and what words are not acceptable.

  • Time management

    You need to be able to organize, prioritize and meet translation deadlines.

How to Start

  1. Master a second language and become fluent in it.
  2. Get training.
  3. Get certified as a translator.
  4. Focus on a language and then study the terminology.
  5. Get the experience by talking with a friend or family member in that language or attending extra classes.
  6. After gaining enough experience, join an online translation network.
  7. Start applying for translation jobs and start making that coin.

11. Video Editing

Video editors edit videos and photos on multiple platforms. They also develop scripts and create storyboards. A video editor’s work is fascinating as they edit the graphics and sounds into a story.

This is a great job for tech-savvy college students with a great eye for detail. Practicing your video editing will also be enjoyable as you can create funny little videos of yourself and your friends.

Video editing is such a fun job. You can basically compare it with building a puzzle. You literally put the puzzle(video) together and see how the picture/video unfolds before you.

How Much Will You Earn as a Video Editor?

Video editors can earn anywhere from $40 000 to $80 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Strong attention to detail

    This skill is essential as you will need to evaluate every part of your work and determine where edits are needed.

  • Knowledge of computer operating systems

    You will need to know how your computer operates and how to use editing software so that you can edit your videos.

  • Organization

    Organization skills are very important in video editing as you are going to need to plan every aspect of the video and make it fit together like a puzzle.

  • Adaptability

    Being flexible as a video editor is a very important skill to have as there can be a lot of unexpected changes or issues in the industry, for example, production delays, and you will need to stay calm and adapt to succeed.

  • Communication

    Communication is an essential skill to have as you are going to work with many professionals. You will need to communicate effectively and clearly so that everyone understands the project’s scope and what is expected.

How to Start

  1. You will need to choose a video editing genre.
  2. Now gain the skills and practice and perfect them.
  3. Think about getting your degree in video editing.
  4. Make sure you have the right equipment you need to do video editing.
  5. Use a website to display your work.
  6. Do some networking and form connections with clients.
  7. Lastly, you will need to learn how a business works and operates. Master the basics like invoicing, taxes, and how to market.

12. Graphic Designing

A graphic designer creates visual concepts that display and convey a message to an audience. Graphic designers create things like posters, product packaging, advertisements, logos, etc.

Graphic designing is an excellent job for college students who are creative, dedicated, and who are passionate about art and technology.

Graphic designing gives college students the opportunity to work in multiple environments. The cool part is that you can design fun designs for your family and friends. This job will be everything but boring, that’s for sure.

How Much Will You Earn as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers make anywhere between $45 000 to $55 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Creativity and visual communication

    Creativity and innovation are very important skills in graphic design, as you need to create something totally new and unique. And in order to do this, you need to be able to dive into the creative room in your mind and let loose. Having a visual eye is like the icing on the cake. Your design must be able to tell a story and communicate a message to an audience.

  • Time management and organization

    This is an essential skill if you want to be a graphic designer, as you want to be organized, professional, and aware of the time to meet deadlines and impress clients. Setting up a planner and planning what you need to do and when can be very beneficial. It can also help you finish your projects earlier and earn your gold star with new clients.

  • Communication

    Communicating smoothly and effectively with a client and understanding what they want is very important. It is also important to understand feedback so that you can incorporate it into the project and end with the result of a satisfied client.

  • Coding

    Having basic coding skills is essential when you want to be a graphic designer because it will help you understand how a website is created and how it works.

How to Start

  1. Learn graphic designing principles.
  2. Start a graphic designing course.
  3. Learn the important tools that you will use to create those designs.
  4. Work and create your own projects to perfect your skills.
  5. Set up your portfolio and now showcase your skills.
  6. Get those clients!

13. Website Developer

A web developer’s job is to create websites and then maintain them. They are also responsible for the website’s metrics, like the traffic speed and how much traffic the website can handle.

If you are a college student passionate about web development and love learning, this job is for you. Just think, you and your friends can have fun with it and make your own website to get some practice in.

How Much Will You Earn as a Website Developer?

The average income for a web developer is $82 615 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • Willingness to learn and improve yourself and adapt

    Technology is constantly improving, and as it improves, you need to stay updated by learning programming languages and new technology and researching what clients are looking for. You can also attend conferences and follow blogs related to web development to stay on top of things.

  • Time management and organization

    You will need to manage your time and prioritize the important things as a web developer. You can do this by setting up lists or reminders for yourself.

  • Communication

    This skill is very important as you will need to communicate with clients and colleagues in a way that is clear and easy to understand, even if they don’t have an idea of what’s going on. The better your communication skills are, the smoother the development part will be, resulting in a successful end product.

  • Problem-solving

    As a web developer, you will encounter some sort of problem every day, and you must know what measures to take to solve the problem so that the systems can operate smoothly.

  • Attention to detail

    You will need to spend a great deal of time going over your work. Checking and testing codes to ensure that the website functions as it should.

  • UX and UI Design

    This is user experience and User interface. These two skills are of utmost importance as you need them to plan and build your digital platform.

  • SEO

    You need to understand SEO so that your website can perform well in the search results. Some examples can include coding pages efficiently to load quicker or making a site mobile-friendly.

  • Programming languages

    You will need to learn the primary programming languages necessary to build the user-interface side of the websites. These languages include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How to Start

  1. Develop your web development skills and learn the basic programming languages.
  2. Decide on what web development field you would like to go into.
  3. Get a degree in web designing or computer science.
  4. You can also do a course in web development to improve your skills in a specific category.
  5. Study SEO.
  6. Create some demo websites.
  7. Create a portfolio to display your work.
  8. The last step is to start getting clients and making bank.

14. Website or App Tester

As a website or app tester, you test and evaluate how an app or website performs. The pay is very good, and you can easily do it from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This makes it a great job for a college student. This is another job where you have an excuse to be on your phone, students.

College students who are obsessed with how websites and apps work and enjoy testing things and doing fault-finding will enjoy this job thoroughly. This job might be challenging, but if you enjoy challenges, then it’s for you. Just think how cool it will be. You will be one of the first to test out new apps, games, or websites, while others need to wait for the official launch. Trust us, your friends will be jelly.

How Much Will You Earn as a Website Developer?

A website or app tester can make anywhere between $34 500 and $76 000 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • A degree that is related to computer science

    Okay, so most companies won’t require a degree, but if you are looking for a permanent position in web or app testing, a degree related to computer science will count in your favor.

  • Communication

    You will need excellent communication skills to communicate the results with your team and discuss the steps ahead. You should be able to communicate in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

  • Patience and the willingness to repeat tasks

    You need to have a lot of patience because you will have to run tests repeatedly to see if everything is running smoothly and performing as expected. It is basically the process of eat, sleep, test, repeat.

  • Attention to detail

    You will need a strong eye for detail to pick up on the things affecting the wanted outcome.

How to Start

  1. Develop your website or app testing skills.
  2. Complete a training course in web or app testing.
  3. Consider getting a computer science degree.
  4. Gain experience.
  5. Start applying for an entry-level website or app testing jobs.

15. Freelance Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper’s daily responsibilities are to record financial transactions, prepare financial statements, do bank recons, and process payroll.

A Freelance bookkeeper is a perfect job if you are a college student who is passionate about all things finance. The best part is that you don’t need a formal degree or any experience to become a bookkeeper.

This flexible job allows college students to easily work around their classes. You can even start giving your college friends advice on how to manage their money. We think it’s a great idea!

How Much Will You Earn as a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper can make anywhere between $38 326 and $47 569 annually.

What Skills Do You Require?

  • A love for numbers/ numerical skills

    Because this job is all about numbers, you should have a passion for numbers and a good understanding of them.

  • Problem-solving

    It is important to have problem-solving skills and good analytical skills so that you can quickly pick up on problems and solve them so that the business only relies on data that is correct.

  • Communication

    You will need good communication skills to form a trustworthy relationship with clients and to keep them up to date. Not communicating clearly can frustrate clients, and the company can end up with a bad name.

  • Organization and time management

    You need to be able to do the job accurately and timely because there are deadlines that you need to meet. Some audits are done occasionally, so everything must be in order, organized, and accurate. Because you really don’t want to be running around, biting your nails, and pulling your hair out just because your work is not up to date, and then you have to balance college assignments on top of that. So set up a schedule for yourself to prevent this from happening.

  • Attention to detail

    You need an excellent eye for detail to quickly identify statement errors.

  • Excellent data entry and computer skills

    You must have a strong understanding of database software like Microsoft Excel or similar software and know how to operate a computer. You must also type quickly and accurately and be a good researcher.

How to Start

  1. Gain some bookkeeping skills.
  2. Get experience by attending workshops or spending a day or two with someone you know who does bookkeeping.
  3. Research the different certifications you can get in bookkeeping that will help you land more clients and the possibility of a permanent position.
  4. Now start applying for bookkeeping jobs and get those clients.


Remote jobs give students the ability to balance their college and work life. They can gain experience while earning their degrees, and of course, the exciting part is making money. Parents will be excited about this part too.

Remote jobs put less stress on students as they can work from their apartments and set up their own schedules without worrying about their work and school lives clashing. And as you can see from the jobs above, most of them have some skills in common. For example, time management, organization, good communication, attention to detail, and willingness to learn. If you can gain these skills, you can do anything you put your mind to.

What was your favorite remote job mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below. Are you feeling like you are drowning because of your job and college? Give remote jobs a go and balance your life! Remote jobs are the answer to your happiness. Good luck, college students!

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