100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs

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The web is flooded with self-development resources (our source can also be related to them) and trying to pick the right one for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve posted a bunch of posts that are aimed to help you develop, such as our infographic – A Star Wars Guide to Achieving Goals. However, we can’t cover all the topics on our blog, so we’ve collected a list of 100 most inspiring and practical blogs that give advice on setting and achieving goals, living a calm and mindful life, pursuing dreams and finding happinness.

Read the quick descriptions that capture the essence of each blog and choose the ones that fit your needs best.

Calling Dreams

This is the kind of a blog you want to start your morning with to get a daily dose of inspiration. Quotes from people like Seth Godin and Wiz Khalifa, success stories of Richard Branson and J.K. Rowling will charge you with determination and readiness to move towards your goals.



This is the place you want to visit to learn how to reach success, fulfill your dreams and simplify your life. Quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk and Batman Dark Knight Trilogy will set the right mood for that. The site is extremely pleasant to surf through – great images support each post.


Personal Success Today

John W. Richardson has created this blog after spending years researching organization, productivity, and achieving goals. This is by far one of the most practical blogs that offers plenty of tools on time management, goal setting, productivity, fitness, mastering new habits and other.


Success Consciousness

Remez Sasson shows how the readers can fulfill their dreams through building up inner strength, willpower and restoring peace of mind. There is plenty of articles on the blog on how to do that. Learn how you can regain focus and concentration, calm your mind and stop worrying.


A Life of Productivity

Chris Bailey, the founder, has lived like a caveman for a month, been a complete slob for a week, drank only water for a month and used himself as a guinea pig in a number of other experiments to share his key takeaways with us. Some of them are startling!


Freakishly Productive

Helpful tools like Habit Tracker and Daily Review Form can be downloaded here. Apart from purely practical resources and articles you will find inspiring quotes and interviews to put you on the right track. Another helpful thing is the reviews that Annie Mueller provides weekly: books to read, tools and apps to use, etc.



This site is an absolute must if you want to dig deep into the productivity concept. Learn to organize your desk, create a super productive home office, stop wasting time on the Internet and build new habits. You can also subscribe to a newsletter and get some special additional content from time to time.


Let’s Reach Success

What is remarkable about Lidiya K’s blog is that she explores a very important side of success – health. To many, success means job promotion, growing a prolific business, etc., but health is left out. Here you will learn how to get a better sleep, which city to live in to get healthier and how to live a minimalist lifestyle.



Alden Tan writes a straight up honest blog about self-development and invites everybody to join his The Happy As Fuck Membership Club, where you can get access to Alden with your personal questions over Skype, email or Mobile Chat. What’s exciting about the blog, it covers some uncomfortable, yet important topics like “How to Tell Somebody That You Love They’re Getting Fat” and “Nobody Up There Gives a Fuck How Nice You Are”.


In Pursuit of Happiness

The name of the blog says it all. Britt Reints showcases her steps to happiness. Aside from helpful articles on keeping your friends, maintaining relationships with the ones you love and self-growth, there is a bunch of inspiring happiness interviews with life coaches and celebrities. Furthermore, if you summon the courage and sign up for the 31-day happiness challenge, each day you’ll receive one mini-goal you will have to achieve to ultimately become happier at the end of the challenge.


Meant to Be Happy

Ken Wart offers a comprehensive guide to achieving happiness – from productivity to reaching emotional independence – he has something to say about all of it. By subscribing to Ken’s newsletter, you will receive a free Ebook – “A Walk Through Happiness” plus blog updates by email every now and then.


Chris Winfield

This blog is for those who are constantly in the state of being overwhelmed and never seem to relax. If you are one of those people Chris knows how to bring life back to you. He teaches that through the attitude of gratitude, learning to appreciate your every day and achieving more in less time you can start living a more mindful and happy life.


Always Well Within

Sandra Pawula’s blog is all about mindfulness, meditation, finding inner peace and reducing stress. If you want to start being true to yourself, Sandra has a wealth of advice on that. Her articles are warm, personal, yet informative and extremely practical.



Glen Stansberry writes about how to get things done through showcasing his experiences – how he once got up at 5.45 in the morning and got all his work done by 9.30, how he learned to appreciate everything he had, etc. If you’re having a creative block, Glen has put together a list of resources for you to overcome it.



To reach balance and inner peace you need to do some profound work in all spheres of your life. And this is what’s RirianProject is here to help you with. You will learn to control your emotions, deal with family issues and work on your growth. Unlike many other self-improvement blogs, this one gives actionable advice on managing personal finances.



This blog explores creativity from all possible angles: how to develop it, its psychology and its side effects, the sensitivity of creative people and the courage to create. Douglas Eby, the author of the blog, is a researcher, so all the articles are not just some shallow pieces of advice, but deep fact-based works.


Mind Globe

Mason Reed is convinced that only a healthy mind can lead to healthy body and happy life. To maintain the state of a healthy mind he provides a collection of tips and ideas on how to control your emotions, improve your brain capabilities, work on communication skills and other.


Genius Types

Brian Lee, the author of Genius Types, believes that the concepts of creativity and productivity can’t properly exist without one another. To become more productive you need to apply your creative side, and to allow some creativity in your life, you have to be productive. Read the blog to find out how to work on these two skills.


Oliver Emberton

This is not some random blog with generic articles. Oliver Emberton gives us a new look on the evergreen issues. For example: the common opinion is that if you want to win, you should never quit. Oliver suggests the opposite – to achieve your goal, be ready to quit. There are also some things that might have crossed your mind at one point or another, yet you’ve never dug deep into them, for example: to avoid doing things, we tend to overcomplicate them. As a nice addition, Oliver supports the articles with simple yet meaningful illustrations.


The Self Help Hipster

You might be thinking what if I’m not a hipster, should I be even reading this site? Absolutely! It’s for everyone who is always ready to improve themselves and grow. Lianne, the author of the blog, writes practical advice based on her own experiences. She also occasionally publishes short yet really helpful Ebooks.


The Unbounded Spirit

In this blog Sofo Archon reveals the secret of how to break free. Finding and following your calling, freeing yourself of others’ expectations, growing to love and accept yourself are just some of his tips. You can subscribe to his newsletter and get the best articles straight to your inbox.


Tiny Buddha

Much advice on this blog does have roots in Buddhism, yet it’s not about religion. It is more about simplifying your life, finding joy in small things, learning to cope with responsibilities and becoming a more mindful person. A great thing about this blog is its forums. Whenever you feel stuck, need someone to point you in the right direction, or just need help sorting out your emotions, you can post a question in the respective section. Soon you’ll get plenty of advice from fellow forumers.


A Lust for Life

What’s amazing about this blog is a great number of personal stories contributed by readers. All of them are straightforward and honest which makes them easy to relate to. Furthermore, in the “Physical Health” and “Mental Health” sections you can find answers to questions like how to change the habit of overthinking or how to work out at work.


Becoming Minimalist

This is basically a representation of one of the latest trends in self-improvement – decluttering. Get rid of the stuff/relationships/clothes/commitments that bring you down/hinder your growth/prevent you from living your life the way YOU want.


Bon Vita Style

This blog is all about positivity, and living life to the fullest. What’s remarkable about it, is its Feel Good Friday playlist. Each Friday the authors pick out a track that’s in some way sending good vibes to the listeners.


Breath of Optimism

The main goal of this site is to help readers become the best versions of themselves – healthiest, happiest and most successful. Check out the blog to find out why it’s important to fail every once in a while, why you need to visualize your goals and how not to be afraid to dream big.


Code of Living

When your motivation is lower than ever, randomly choose an article from this blog to raise it back up. Whether it’s some inspirational quotes by famous philosophers, politicians, entrepreneurs or it’s an article on goal setting, growth of your determination is guaranteed.


Live Bold and Bloom

Barrie Davenport believes that self-development advice should be research-based and practically proven to work. And that’s what her blog is all about – specific steps and tips that really help. Aside from that there is a fun part – quizzes that help you identify your personality type and guess your level of education.


Denise Jacobs

An author, speaker and creativity guru, Denise Jacobs reveals how creative minds work, showcases unexpected techniques to fight the inner critic and become more productive, and provides inspiration we all lack at times.


Be Brain Fit

Deane and Pat Alban make sure that your brain stays sharp and your attitude remains positive throughout both happy and hard times. They provide you with research-based unbiased information with specific instructions on how to improve your mental and cognitive wellness.


Living for Improvement

This blog presents the results of experiments that Jon Guerrera, the founder, has performed with his lifestyle, attitude, health, to reach a happier, more fulfilling life. Apart from numerous actionable articles, you can check out Jon’s bucket list to get inspired and create one of your own.


Scott Young

Have you ever spent multiple hours studying a subject and it still felt like you’ve learned nothing? Scott Young teaches learning methods that actually work and you will get to know more in less time. Find out how you can improve your discipline and build good habits along with that.


Unlimited Choice

Amit Sodha, the man behind the scenes here, urges you to challenge the traditional way of thinking with his advice on how to get what you want, become a healthier and more mindful, aspiring and productive person.


The Change Blog

When it seems like you can’t find the strength to pull yourself together and start living the life you want, take a moment to read some inspiring advice from Peter Clemens – the author of this blog. He found the way to love his life again, and so can you.


Simple Mindfulness

Paige Burkes, the founder, provides in-depth exploration of the mindfulness concept. What does it mean to be mindful? Why is it important? How does it benefit our health, mental state and overall well-being? Paige answers these and other questions in her articles.


The Positivity Blog

Ditch your negative attitude, become a person who lives in the present and enjoys every moment of it with the help of Henrik Edberg’s advice. You will also learn how to stop procrastinating and become a much more productive person than you are today.


Positively Present

One of the great things about this blog is that reading it is aesthetically pleasing. The colors are warm and bright. But that’s not it – the articles are inspiring and actionable enough to make you a more positive and self-aware person.


Positively Positive

The authors of this site believe that your life is built from the right attitude + the right choices. Developing positive attitude and choosing what’s best for your health and growth is what you will learn from this blog.


Motivational Memo

Peter G. James Sinclair teaches you how to be the master of your life – there are posts on developing leadership skills, discovering and using your inner strengths and staying calm during hard times.


Live Purposefully Now

This blog stands out in the way that it has a bunch of handy quizzes to help you start living a conscious, purposeful life: find out who you truly are, figure out which career path is best for you and uncover your dominant personality trait.


Pajama Productivity

Annie, the founder, writes for those who want to work in the comfort of their own homes and spend more time with the people they love and doing the things they love. She also gives plenty of advice to artists of all kinds so they can actually make a living from their creative efforts.


Source of Insight

Apart from usual for a self-development blog topics like productivity, time management and career growth, this one also talks about developing emotional intelligence – mastering your emotions and understanding those of others. There is also a handful of inspiring listicles with quotes from famous people and movies.


The Utopian Life

Thai Nguyen shares research-based advice on how to live a happier, calmer, more conscious and fulfilling life. Learn to change your perspective, strengthen willpower, improve social skills and much more.


Marc and Angel

The writers and professional coaches Marc and Angel share their wisdom on taking full control of your life, enjoying every moment of it and reaching success in your aspirations. They also have pretty handy listicles on improving productivity and making relationships work.


Michael D. Pollock

This life coach and blogger teaches how to ditch destructive habits like TV addiction and, instead, build habits that will help you reach your dreams. Aside from practically helpful articles there is a bunch of quotes from famous people to provide you with inspiration for the day.


Self Development Workshop for Introverts

Despite being aimed at introverts, the blog has a wealth of self-improvement advice for everybody, whether you are an introvert, extravert or ambivert. The cool thing about this blog is that it has some fun short comics.


Mindset 2 Millions

Joel Annesley, the author, does everything to make his readers inspired and motivated – from actionable articles on how to get stuff done to songs to videos that help you get out of bed in the morning and get moving towards your goals.



To live more in the present, control your emotions and feel happier and calmer at work, the Mindful team provides personal stories you can learn from, tips and news you can apply in your life. The blog also has some advice on meditation for both beginners and experienced meditators.


Growth Guided

In this blog Kael Ranshaert makes sure that if you have a great idea or a dream, it doesn’t end up just thrown away or put aside forever. He provides the readers with tons of inspiring articles on how to live through failure and keep working on your goal.


Chris Guillebeau

The author of this blog has traveled to 193 countries just because he wanted to do so. He believes that you don’t have to live up to expectations of others. Instead, choose your own path. To help you do that Chris gives advice on how to find your passion, follow it, face challenges and acknowledge your fears, hold your ground and compromise, and eventually achieve your goal.


Creative Something

Tanner Christensen is convinced that everyone can be creative, you just need to spark that creativity. There are tons of articles on how to come up with brilliant ideas and put them into action. Tanner has also curated a list of inspiring books to help you start creating every day.


Live Your Legend

This is the site that every college student needs to check out before choosing their first job. It has a bunch of free tools to figure out your passion and a handful of advice to pursue your dream.


Make It Happen

Arvind Devalia inspires you to change the world through becoming a better and happier person yourself. He provides a free guide “Make It Happen For Yourself and the World” which you can get together with his weekly tips by subscribing. You will learn how to be more disciplined and persistent in chasing your goals and also how to bring more love and happiness into your life.


Basic Growth

Simon Somlai urges you to stop living your life following someone else’s template – go to a “safe” 9-to-5 job, buy a house, have a family, etc. Instead, he suggests creating your own identity and aim for something you have determined for yourself. Simon is open about his goals and writes a quarterly review, which can inspire you to start setting goals and complete your own reviews.


Essential Life Skills

The core concept of this blog is that for a happy, successful life you need to develop 9 essential life skills – having a personal system of values, an open mind and a sense of humor among them. Zorka Hereford, the author, will help you do that. There is also a handful of articles on improving communication skills and becoming a more fun person.


Fearless Motivation

This blog literally yells at you to get up and get moving. You open the homepage and it’s packed with motivational videos, images, mottos. Great site to start your day with! Lack motivation for a workout? Find it here. Tired from failing all the time? Regain your strength here!


Finer Minds

How to stop complaining and start acting, make stress work for you, find your calling – you can find out how to do these and many more by reading this colorful and inspiring blog. Learn to become successful through living conscious and mindful life.


Right Attitudes

This is a great blog on getting things done. It has an inspiring section Great Personalities with stories of how people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln achieved great heights. But it’s not just a random inspiring blog, it has a vast amount of practical advice on sharpening your communication, leadership skills and becoming a persistent achiever.


Mind Body Green

What makes this blog stand out is a wealth of courses on personal growth, nutrition, physical health, etc. They are not free, but they do have lots of advantages – you can access a class any time, take it at your own speed and consult with instructors and other students. Don’t want to enroll in a course yet – fine, there is plenty of practical advice on how to grow and change for the better.


Be More With Less

Feel like you’ve got too much to stomach in one go? Work, college, studying, family, lots of responsibilities and commitments. Well, then it’s time to make your life a little less complicated. This site is all about decluttering your life. Courtney Carver shares her own experiences of thriving as a minimalist.


The Blissful Mind

Catherine Beard, the person behind this blog, inspires her readers to further their self-development and find balance in their lives. Apart from the helpful articles, Catherine shares her mind, body and soul goals which she sets every month to better her mental and/or health state. It’s a good thing as the readers might start following her example and begin writing some goals for themselves.


Sparring Mind

There are not that many articles on this blog, but they are all research-based comprehensive pieces. How can productivity be explained scientifically? Are you learning something or just consuming information? Why is writing good for you in terms of psychology? You can get answers to these questions and even more if you subscribe to Gregory’s newsletter.


The Order Expert

This blog is the most comprehensive organization guide ever! From learning to leave work on time to organizing your stand – it has advice on everything. Rashelle Isip, the founder, has done tons of work for you to get your life in order. Study more productively in college, get more stuff done at work, get rid of the mess in your room and in your head.


Jennifer Ford Berry

This is one of the few blogs that has a curated list of articles aimed specifically at college students. Organize your dorm room, create a plan to live your dreams, organize paying your bills and much more – if you need order in your life, Jennifer will help you arrange that.


Develop Good Habits

Developing good strong habits is the first step on your journey to success. Steve Scott, the author, explains the process of forming a habit and to illustrate that, there is a section on 30-day challenges to build one habit, that Steve personally experienced. He ultimately shows us the outcome of the process and whether it was worth it.


Sam Thomas Davies

How not to live by someone else’s plan, focus on what’s important for you and do the right stuff to achieve your goals – Sam Thomas Davies has answers to all of these questions. He collects latest research on building habits and staying focused, and transforms them into easily-read advice that you’ll want to put into action right away.



Here Tyler Tervooren encourages introverts to accept their personality, acknowledge their strengths and use them to achieve their goals. He has also created a course on developing strong social connections and a Leadership for Introverts test to find out which type of a leader you are.


Wanderlust Worker

R.L. Adams had numerous ups and downs in his life which led him to discover some important truths. He is sharing his knowledge on how to gain financial freedom, be more disciplined, never give up and reach all your goals. The blog is easily read and extremely practical.


My Morning Routine

Michael Xander and Benjamin Spall have created this online magazine to inspire readers with morning routines of successful bloggers, journalists, sportsmen, etc. You can pick out some rituals for yourself every once in a while and see if they stick and work for you.


Simply Organize Life

To make every minute of your life count, follow the advice of Lone Dann, the founder of this blog. She makes sure that your home, your time and life are organized so that you don’t worry about every minor detail.


Balance In Me

Hectic lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity breed imbalance to our lives. The team of Balance In Me has put together a collection of articles to bring back order to your thoughts, relationships, nutrition – virtually to each and every area of your life.


Motivational Well-Being

Motivational videos, speeches, documentaries, posters, poems, songs – this blog has it all. Apart from that, Kevin Ngo, the author, has included a section Random Thoughts where he writes about his life findings and experiments.


Life Goals Mag

Despite being targeted at millennial women, the vast majority of articles are suited for a much wider audience. Apps for personal growth, advice on creating a calming night routine and a productive morning routine – there is a handful of tips on developing a healthy and mindful lifestyle.


Smart Twenties

It comes as no surprise that this blog was created to help the readers make the most of their twenties – career, relationships, traveling, and more. Then there is a Smart Twenties Book Club where if you subscribe to it, you get a monthly review of books on self-development and young adult books.


Do I Look Stupid

The authors of this site are convinced that in spite of all the knowledge you possess, there are situations in which you might need some advice on how to move forward. The blog provides advice on physical well-being, self-development, learning techniques and relationships.


Hack Spirit

This blog has everything to help you improve all aspects of your life – from body language tricks to raise your self-confidence to Dalai Lama’s life rules and stress-fighting advice from Elon Musk.


Hey Kendra

Dare to face your fears and delve into adventure with Kendra’s advice on living an unconventional life. She claims that you are the only one responsible for the fact that your life sucks. So be brave, take a risk and start getting out of your comfort zone.


Embracing Simple Blog

Christina, the woman behind the curtains here, has a great passion for helping people self-improve and enjoy their lives more. Her articles are practical and to the point. Try one of Christina’s 30-day challenges to develop a new healthy habit or drop an old one.


Boho Berry

There is a great section Live Better where Kara, the founder, encourages readers to cherish every moment and switch from “the right” life to the life you want to wake up to. Also, there is a list of kindness acts you can do before 35. Try doing a couple this year.


Best Kept Self

Even though this blog is for self-employed readers, there’s a bunch of helpful stuff for everybody else: productivity advice for creatives, psychological benefits of journaling, working on your zen and many more.


Gen Twenty

Apart from lots and lots of actionable articles, this site offers a handful of free printables: a students loan debt tracker (you sure need one), a bucket list template (30 things to do before you turn 30) and a Self-Care Strategy Workbook. You will learn how to take control of your budget, become more healthy and achieve all your goals.


Self Development Journey

What sets this blog apart from many others is that Phil Ashton, the founder, is ready to help you personally with each and every question that bothers you. He actively participates by answering the comments on the blog, and responds to each email to help you resolve your issues.


Info Self Development

Tatiana Michelet not only gives advice on how to strengthen your willpower, stop caring what people think about you and how to forgive yourself and other, she has also put together a whole section of inspiring stories to urge you to make small changes for the better daily.


The Art of Charm

First and foremost this project was created to help people overcome their social anxiety and improve their personal and business communication skills. Apart from that the guys teach you how to find your calling, become the person you desire to be and what to do when you hate your job.


Students Toolbox

Obviously, this blog is targeted at college students, but the self-development ideas in it are essential for every professional as well. Managing stress, fighting procrastination, improving planning skills can be relevant for anyone. Also, grab a daily planner printable. It’s free!


Educated Rooster

This one is a wealth of advice on time management, motivation and setting goals for college students as well as adult learners. It also has a community where you can ask about anything that bothers you.


My Time Management

Kell Tremayne is here to break down the main time management systems for you – the 4 hour work week, Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done and other. Aside from that, there is a time management worksheet, a weekly planner, a master to-do list and some other helpful printables.


Think Simple Now

Tina Su, the author of the blog, encourages to stop overthinking, relax, and enjoy life. TSN is all about finding inner peace, building up self-confidence to start living the life you deserve. All articles are based on real people stories.


Pick The Brain

This site covers a wide range of topics – from productivity and psychology to motivation to philisophy. There is also handy section of Self-Education which is crucial when it comes to growth. Erin Falconer has basically left no stone unturned, the blog has all things self-development.


Stop Doing Nothing

You want to be a high achiever? Frustrated with the situation you are in right now and need to get out of it? This is what Patrick Allmond is here to help you out with. He believes in the power of obsession – to achieve something you need to be obsessed with it. And there is a bunch of how-to articles and a podcast that support this thought and will help you start acting.


Positive Provocations

Zeenat, the author of this blog, shows how you can reinvent the lost excitement in life, find calm and peace and become your better and happier self. Build a positive world inside you and around you with loving advice from Zeenat!


Ellen Bard

This blog was created to help those striving to achieve something in their lives to find time and take care of themselves. There are some free goodies any visitor can benefit from: learn how to take care of yourself when you’re trying to change the world and discover a whole bunch of new ways to spark your creativity and have fun.


Six Simple Rules

The name of the blog doesn’t mean that David Singer has limited his number of happiness rules to six. No, there’s much more to this. Stop by and learn how you can benefit from building a gratitude habit, how you can become happier from acceptance and more motivated by cutting multitasking.


People Skills Decoded

This blog is a goldmine for those looking to improve their social skills. From detailed tips on dealing with awkward silence to actual lists of topics for conversation – Eduard Ezeanu has broken down everything for you.


Liv Light

Alivia Hall, a twenty-something psychology student shares her perspective on how to become a happy and healthy person. She believes that every person is a work in progress. Just do what you have to do and don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made a mistake.


Live a Life You Love

Boni Lonnsbury has created her own reality in which she is successfully running an online business, has married the love of her life and is traveling whenever she feels up to it. And this is not some virtual reality. It’s Boni’s real life. She will teach you how you can create the reality you’re dreaming of.


Purpose Fairy

Find a purpose in your life and live to achieve it. Learn to be happy along the way. Luminita Saviuc, the person behind the curtains, will teach to cultivate happiness against all odds.


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