How to Be a Fun Person if You’re a Boring One


In this blog post, we’re going to go through a 5 step process that can quickly turn even the most boring person into a really lively individual. No kidding. We start by tackling your self-identity and then move on to your mortality and chasing fears with a big fat smile on your face. Sound fun? Yeah, that’s part of it. Let’s begin!

1. Step Outside Your Old Personal Narrative

This is one of those quotes we all need to write down somewhere and look at regularly until we memorize it. If you want, just read it aloud ten times in a row and chances are you’ll never forget it (the beauty of propaganda):

“I’m not what I think I am. I’m not what they think I am. I’m what I think that they think I am.”

Get it? Keep reading it until you do and once that light bulb goes on above your head your life will instantly change. You’ll then realize you can be…anyone you choose…anytime you choose. Your old personal narrative is the elevator pitch you tell yourself when an opportunity comes knocking that keeps you cocooned in a comfort bubble.

You are not your past. You are not your future. You are right now. That’s it. That’s all you ever get at once. And you can begin creating a new self-story as soon as you decide you’re good and ready. If it’s “I’m an incredibly fun person to be around” and you believe…it shall be so.

2. Add Some Spontaneity

It’s pretty funny when you think about it, trying to be spontaneous. Here’s the deal, every single day of your life (when you’re not cave-dwelling in your room) you’re confronted with tons of choices. Some more spontaneous than others. Those are typically the ones your old personal narrative tries to keep you away from (because they change who you are).

Decide to be more spontaneous from this point forward. Decide that you’re going to become an amateur yes-man/woman and start chasing down those spontaneous leads that life keeps giving you. Sometimes just one is all you need to begin down a completely new path.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Mortality Often

This always helps. Remember, you’re going to die someday. Really drink that in. Not just in a passing scared kind of way but a completely open and honest acceptance. Your life is going to end. You will one day cease to be and nothing you do or don’t do can change that fact. Period.

Well, unless you opt to become a robot or something. But anyways, the next time you feel like a boring person living a boring life, remind yourself that you have a few figurative moments left to take advantage of.

4. Make Your Goals More Fun

Maybe your goals are boring? Maybe your vision of the future and what you’re working towards are drab, generic and uninteresting. Not to say they aren’t awesome and great and all that, but perhaps they could use some freshening up around the rough edges?

It’s hard to be a fun person when you lead a boring day-to-day routine. Start adding fun to your goals: relationships, business, education, etc.

5. Chase Your Fears & Smile

Even though this is step 5, these are probably two of the easiest things to understand and do. First, you chase your fears. What are you afraid of? I mean honestly.

  • Are you afraid of success and popularity?
  • Are you afraid of being liked by people?
  • Are you afraid of being well-known or exposed?

Once you write out this bucket list of fears, begin to chase them down (within reason, no burying yourself alive or anything). You get the idea. If you’re afraid of heights, go skydiving.

Now, the second part is subtle. SMILE! Because we have no idea how we are perceived by others (see step 1), and because we have no idea what we look like while we live our lives, we really don’t take too much notice of the look on our faces throughout the day.

I tell you this, if you smiled 30% more for the next week you would notice an improvement immediately. Never, ever, EVER underestimate the power of smiling. We’re drawn to it. Our minds love it. We want to smile more, whether we know it or not. Chase those fears of yours with a smile on your face, sporting fun goals, a new personal elevator pitch, and a new sense of spontaneity.

Cool? We’d like to hear back from you on this. What do you think?

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