Winter Bucket List Ideas for College Students

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Winter is here which means that winter break is so close – the time when you relax, have fun, and get rebooted for the new semester. Let’s take a look at winter break bucket list ideas that might give you some inspiration for your own bucket list this year. It’s fun to create one for yourself and your friends, so why not do it?

Why You Need a Bucket List

One might think that creating a bucket list doesn’t make sense. However, this is not true and we know for sure that there are many people in the world who enjoy completing their lists. So, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider creating a bucket list this season:

  • You don’t want to forget about some activity or idea that you might have in your head for the upcoming holidays
  • You enjoy structuring and organizing your plans and your time
  • You enjoy journalling or creating lists, mood boards, inspirational collages
  • You want to experience the feeling of fulfillment and remember precious moments for a longer time
  • You enjoy checking the things that you have already completed
  • You want to make the most out of your winter break and need more activity ideas
  • You want to try something new
  • You need some extra inspiration
  • You would love to be as active as possible and be motivated to beat your laziness
  • You love the idea of compiling ideas into one big list that you can share with your friends

As you can see, there are many reasons why you and your friends would enjoy bucket lists. Such a list might completely change the way you spend your holiday break so don’t miss your chance to live your life to its fullest. 

Pro tip: You can ask your friends to create bucket lists and then compare them to find what are the ideas that all of you have written down. This will help you understand what you should start with.

Bucket List Ideas for You and Your Friends

Here are a few ideas for you and your friends that you can enjoy as a company together. 

  1. Catch up with friends from high school (or the ones you haven’t seen for a while)
  2. Have a pajama party
  3. Drink hot chocolate together 
  4. Go ice skating or skiing together
  5. Go on a trip to Finland
  6. Have a photoshoot outdoors in the snow
  7. Have a karaoke party
  8. Watch Home Alone or Harry Potter movies together
  9. Go ice fishing
  10. Ride sleds 
  11. Build a snowman or an ice castle
  12. Decorate houses of each other
  13. Go shopping 
  14. Visit Christmas market and sales
  15. Prepare Secret Santa gift exchange
  16. Shop for ugly Christmas sweaters
  17. Have a snowball fight
  18. DIY Christmas ornaments
  19. Have a hot tub party
  20. Take a lot of pictures together

Even if there is no such an opportunity to gather with many of your friends, you can still have a great winter break with some of them. Take a lot of photos to look at later and just have fun.

Bucket List Ideas for You and Your Family

Winter break is the time that many college students wait for to visit their families. It’s the time of joy and happiness, cherished moments and coziness, family time and laughs. 

  1. Decorate a Christmas tree together
  2. Cook a fancy dinner for your family
  3. Look through old photos and videotapes
  4. Compile year photos into a movie
  5. Get a family picture together under the Christmas tree
  6. Unwrap holiday gifts together
  7. DIY gingerbread house together
  8. Go on a mini trip
  9. Share your college experience with your family
  10. Visit local garage sales
  11. Create a new Christmas tradition
  12. Sing holiday songs
  13. Have a board game night
  14. Watch an old classic movie together
  15. Have a cozy evening under a big blanket
  16. Visit your neighbors bringing a pie
  17. Help your family clean
  18. Attend a local sports event
  19. Prepare a family competition
  20. Eat at your favorite childhood restaurant

Some of the best moments are the ones that you spend with your loved ones. Make sure to spend time with your family and create some new family traditions.

Bucket List Ideas for You

Spend your break time relaxing and doing something for yourself and your mental health. It’s time to relax, avoid thinking about college classes, and just get energized.

  1. Relax and rest
  2. Have a good sleep
  3. Read a book that you always wanted
  4. Have a movie marathon
  5. Look through your old stuff and clothes
  6. Donate old belongings
  7. Create a list of New Year’s resolutions
  8. Start a new hobby
  9. Visit a place you like 
  10. Buy yourself a small gift
  11. Eat your favorite meals
  12. Visit SPA center
  13. Try out a new Christmas Recipe
  14. Create a Christmas playlist of your favorite songs
  15. Plan your budget for a new semester
  16. Start journalling
  17. Dance a lot
  18. Have fun with DIY projects like candle making
  19. Meditate each morning
  20. Go for long walks to refresh

It’s hard to do everything you planned when you don’t have many days off but there are still a lot of small things that you can do every day to make yourself feel better and start a new semester with a clear mind and good thoughts.

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