Top Easiest College Classes to Choose the Next Semester

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It’s not a secret that some of the college classes are easier than others. Such courses can be your “grade boosters” or allow you to make your studies less stressful. What are some easy classes to take in college? If you are looking for the list of easy college classes to boost your GPA, this article is just for you.

1. Film Studies/ Film History

Film studies usually implies watching movies and analyzing them. Isn’t this type of class that you would enjoy? We are sure you would. If there is something easier than watching a few movies a week for a course, tell us immediately. Anyway, film studies courses can bring you an easy A grade.

2. Creative Writing

If you like making up stories or if you have a blog that you regularly write posts for, you will probably like the creative writing course. Creative writing is more about developing your imagination and creativity. Many students agree that this course is on the easy side and makes a great contrast to challenging classes in the schedule. You can read more about creative writing in our article.

3. Music or Art Appreciation

Some students ask “What are some easy online college classes?” Art appreciation is not just an easy and exciting class but also one that you can take remotely. This class is all about different music genres and art movements and also about the history of their development. If you need to choose at least one course in arts, this one might be the best fit for you. It doesn’t imply any challenging tests but a lot of interesting and exciting art objects to study.

4. Physical Education

Physical education might be the easiest class ever. There are a lot of different activities that you can choose from. For example, yoga, aerobics or even archery. The majority of students like physical education as it is easy, fun and healthy. It’s not surprising that we also included it into our list of fun college classes that you would like to have in your weekly schedule.

5. Basic Anthropology

For those who are interested in history, anthropology can become a real discovery. It is a class dedicated to social groups, civilizations, and cultures. It’s not only very interesting but also very easy as it usually covers basic knowledge on the subject and doesn’t require in-depth research from you.

6. Basic Psychology

Basic psychology is also one of the classes that the majority of students find relaxing and very interesting to study. If your specialization doesn’t imply in-depth psychology or sociology studying, this class is just what you need to have a general understanding of different processes in the human brain, human behavior, and character. It is one of the classes that will be legit useful for your daily life. Basic psychology can be suggested as one of the easy classes for college freshmen to choose without doubts.

7. Public Speaking

This course is for everyone who is afraid of public performances and delivering speeches. Not only this class is easy but also very useful for your everyday life. It can help you improve your self-confidence and also get rid of stage fright. This is the case when taking easy classes in college can be combined with actual benefit.

8. Foreign Language Introduction

Studying a foreign language of your choice for one semester isn’t that hard. You will start with an alphabet and basic words so this class will be relaxing compared to the rest of your classes. Eventually, even the basic knowledge of another language will add value to your resume in the future. You might even like the language so much that you will continue learning it after the class ends.

How to Find Easy College Classes

If you wonder how you can know for sure if the class that you are about to choose is easy or not, you might need to investigate the issue. Ask someone who has already taken this class or visit the forum dedicated to your learning institution. Students will definitely tell you if you should take the class or not.

Another tip on choosing the easiest college courses is to make your choice and sign up as early as you can. Register when the majority of the places is not taken yet and you have plenty of options to choose from. In other cases, you will have to choose from what is left on the list. Of course, sometimes such unpopular courses turn out to be the easiest.

We also have a list of the weirdest college courses ever existed:

  1. History of Furniture and Design (George Brown College) that basically implies learning about all the types of chairs and tables, fashion and styles.
  2. Elvish, the language of “Lord of the Rings” (The University of Wisconsin). Admit, you want to take that class to be able to talk to your friend without anyone understanding.
  3. Introduction to wines (Taylor’s University). Sounds too good to be true.
  4. Underwater Basket Weaving (Reed College). Wait, what?
  5. The History of Surfing (Kapiolani Community College). A course that will tell you about the exiting surfing facts. Or just surfing facts.
  6. Ice Cream Short Course (The Pennsylvania State College). Beware: you might need more than a short course.
  7. Tree Climbing (Cornell University). For those who want to improve this skill within a college program.
  8. The Art of Walking (University of San Francisco). Because you still don’t know enough about how you need to walk.
  9. Philosophy and Star Trek (Georgetown University). For those who want to live long and prosper.
  10. The Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara University). A class that implies studying different types of garbage and methods of its recycling.

Would you take some of these courses? Let us know! And don’t forget that you need to take the courses that are interesting to you in the first place and which might come in handy in your life or work.

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