Simple Tactics on How to Make Friends in High School

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Building friendship isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be, especially in high school. New people and new environment make it even more difficult. However, finding a friend at the new school will be much easier if you take a look at some tips on how to make friends in high school we’ve gathered for you.

Join a Club or Sports Team

Being a part of a team is one of the best ways to build new relationships. With its friendly atmosphere, a club is a place where you can learn how to be more social.

You can meet people who have the same interests and hobbies as you, so don’t be afraid to check what opportunities for self-expression your school offers.

It may be:

1. Musical clubs – bands, choir, orchestra.
2. Drama – performing arts or pantomime.
3. Dance classes – tap dance, hip-hop.
3. Fine arts and architecture clubs.
4. Literary and language clubs – speaking and travel clubs, book clubs, writers clubs.
5. Game clubs – chess, video games.
5. Sports and social activities – football, basketball, swimming, сheerleading.
6. Science and math clubs.
7. Historical reenactment.

If a kind of club you would like to attend doesn’t exist at your school, you can start your own club. Don’t be afraid that no one will join you! You’ll definitely find people who share your interests. If you establish your own club, you will get to know students with whom you already have something in common.

Attend Social Events

Social events will certainly help you feel more comfortable with new people and teach you how to be better at socializing. Attending events like sports, parties and dancing evenings is a great way to make people know you better as they see you more often.

Use this chance to make new friends even if you are a shy and not really an outgoing person. You may find it challenging at first, but you can bring someone with you to make it less stressful.

Participating in events is also a great way to prove yourself and stand out in a crowd.

If you have a talent for something — show it!

Be Yourself

It’s very common advice, but being yourself is a key to find people who will like your personality. Some people pretend to be someone who they are not.

It’s better not to follow their example. Try to find people you feel comfortable with instead of searching for friendship with people who don’t understand and actually know you.

Don’t Be a Chatter-box

Too much talking or joking will not make the best first impression of you. Telling your whole life story to a person you see the first time in your life is not the best idea. People tend to see a too chatty person as the one who is self-obsessed and narcissistic.

Stay Positive and Approachable

Be open to new people and start conversations with friendly vibes. Don’t let your shyness hold you back. Give a pleasant smile and let people get to know you better.

Connect Online

Social media is your best assistant. Find people from your school online and get information about what your schoolmates like or what hobbies they have.

Add them to your friend list and chat about classes or events they are going to attend. Put the information about your hobbies and interests on your page so that your classmates know how to start a conversation with you.

Online vs. Face-to-Face

Social media will help you to cope with the stress of talking to schoolmates as it’s much easier to reach a person via the internet and start a conversation online rather than doing it in person.

You can also do vice versa – if you are getting along with someone in your school, ask them to add you to their friend list on Facebook or follow you on Instagram.

Ask and Listen

Speaking to another person — especially a stranger — may be intimidating. If you’re trying to make a good impression, being a good speaker is not enough — you must be a good listener, too.

  • Memorize small details. Be attentive when people are talking to you and don’t interrupt them. Listen carefully and hold eye contact. It’s important to remember what people are telling about themselves — their interests and hobbies, about their friends, family or school life.
  • Talk up. Giving a compliment is also a good way to make the first move and often the way to show that you’re a nice and friendly person. You can compliment a person’s good look or their performance in class. You shouldn’t flatter, but a good compliment won’t hurt anybody.
  • Take the initiative. Ask someone out to a movie or lunch — this will give you an opportunity to meet outside the school and get to know each other better.
  • Show your interest. Asking questions is a great way to become closer with someone. People like to talk about themselves, so you should ask questions about their hobbies, pets, families, and clubs they attend. Ask open questions instead of the simple yes/no questions. Closed questions often tend to make an awkward pause in the conversation.
  • Don’t be too intrusive. Try not to insist on answering if a person doesn’t want to so that he or she doesn’t think that you interfere with their personal business.

Also, when someone asks you a question, try not to respond in brief sentences — people may think you’re not willing to communicate.

Making new friends is not easy and takes some time. Be patient and don’t be depressed if it doesn’t go smoothly. We are sure you’ll manage to find good friends in school!

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