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a man pouring coffee in the white mug
26 August 2016

How to Wake Up Early in The Morning to Study

Individuals who are highly productive and successful tend to have at least one habit in common: being early risers. What’s so great about getting up early? Well, for one thing, mornings tend to have fewer distractions and therefore allow you the peace and quiet you need to knock out important tasks such as studying for classes.

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a girl holding a sparkler in her hands
23 August 2016

100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs

The web is flooded with self-development resources, and trying to pick the right one for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve collected a list of 100 most inspiring and practical blogs that give advice on setting and achieving goals, living a calm and mindful life, pursuing dreams and finding happinness.

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how to develop photographic memory
30 June 2016

How to Develop Photographic Memory

Struggling to remember that phone number? Having troubles memorizing the dates for the History exam? Seeking for a magic way to imprint the information on your brain quickly and efficiently? Sadly, we don’t do magic. Luckily, there are some ways to help drastically improve your memory.

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ways to spend summer productively
29 June 2016

Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation Productively

Ah, the summer. You seem to have waited for it forever, right? Finally, there’s enough time to watch your favorite shows, go to the beaches, party… basically, relax in all the possible ways. Surprisingly, even these activities can turn into routine and bore you to tears. We’ve come up with a list of suggestions to add some work to your play.

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young people stand in a row, hug each other and look at sunset
24 June 2016

Ways to Build Relationships With Colleagues at Your First Job

Your first job out of college is full of new experiences. It may be the first time you earn a salary, the first time you’re in charge of a project and the first time you’re introduced to office politics. Establishing a good first impression is important, but it’s the weeks and months after that that will determine a lot about how you feel about your job.

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Campus Leftovers Into Meals in College
10 June 2016

Turn Campus Leftovers Into Meals in College

Leftovers have a long history from charity to high cuisine. Did you know that a lot of famous national dishes emerged as a way to do something with leftovers? Pizza is said to have come about as a result of putting leftover ingredients on top of a baked bread base. Read some steps to make meals out of campus leftovers

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a man signing on a stage in the club
8 June 2016

How to Overcome Stage Fright

Imagine standing at the tribune, a couple of seconds before you actually start delivering your speech. Think of the moment when you stand behind the mic, just before the first line of the song you want to perform for the crowd. How does it feel? Are you full of happy excitement or feel like running away (if only you could do it on those shaky legs)?

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