20 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for College Students

a wrapped gift with pine cones and craft paper

It all comes down to this, a legendary list of the 20 best Christmas gifts for college students that will make you a seasonal rock of Gibraltar; a Christmas hero!

1. A Really Cool Tetris Light

tetris light as a Christmas gift

These are probably the coolest door room lights to hit the world since the Lava Lamp. Stackable, colorful and cool the Tetris Desk Light is an awesome choice. Boys and girls will love them. We sure do!

2. A Pair of Quality Headphones

3 pairs of headphones on black background

College roommates often have different sleeping patterns because they’ve got different classes and different class schedules. Time in the room is usually accompanied by video, gaming or noisy internet browsing. A pair a quality headphones is a college student’s best tech-friend.

3. Gift Cards

Christmas gift card for students

This is universal. Don’t give college kids money because it will almost never be spent on what it should be. Gift cards direct their focus and they’re far more likely to buy necessities like food and toiletries.

4. Dorm Room TV (Space Saver)

student watching TV

Flat space saving digital TV’s that can sync with gaming consoles and computers are awesome! Plus, they’re not bulky at all. If the model you choose can be wall-mounted, then there’s nothing better. Furthermore, these days the prices are ridiculously low. Not long ago even buying a smaller quality TV for college kids was spendy.

5. Someone Else’s Wallet?

black leather wallet as a Christmas gift

This is a neat idea, and a great way to buy a new wallet for the guys. Get a nice new wallet and then fill it with things like gift cards, new photographs, perhaps sporting event or movie tickets etc. Just a neat way to give a bundle of gifts at the same time in a small package that’s super easy to send in the mail.

6. Gourmet Coffee

gourmet coffee beans

College kids are the only people on earth who drink more coffee than corporate office bees. The problem is that 99.9% of the time it’s cheap and not so tasty. A nice big bag of gourmet coffee is that understanding and supportive gift that all students appreciate (if they drink coffee that is).

7. Study Abroad Money

travel collage

Most students who study abroad are even more broke while they’re away in some exciting new place than when they’re back in their dorm room. If you can give them some extra spending money for the trip, they’ll never forget it, ever.

8. One-Stop-Shop Bathroom Kit

blue bathroom kit as a Christmas gift

These really are appreciate and used extensively. Don’t think this kit will go to waste because it won’t. Well, maybe some of the little accessories might not get used but the major components never fail. Razors, shaving cream, cologne, soap etc. Mainly because the stuff in the campus store is horrible.

9. An Assortment of Great Sauces

spicy sauces assortment

College students aren’t known for being good cooks. They just put any old thing together and call it food. That being said, a box of assorted and tasty sauces will be used within a month. Maybe before New Years…imagine the flavors of Top Ramen they could conjure up.

10. Shower Slippers

blue shower slippers

The kind that you can wear into the shower to protect your feet and then they dry off super quick so you don’t track water down the hall. Nobody wants athletes foot or to step into someone else’s bodily fluids, whatever kind that may be.

11. A Traditional Popcorn Serving Set

traditional popcorn serving set

Seriously, who eats more popcorn than college students? You can survive on the stuff! It would be neat to have a quality serving set that looks just like the kind you get at the movies. How cool is that?

12. High-Brow Bedding

high-brow bedding as a Christmas gift

Goes without saying…

13. New Laptop

Christmas gift laptop

Again, an incredible tool that will be used (and abused) and every penny will be squeezed out of it. No college students neglects a new laptop. It’s almost the equivalent to buying them a new used car (except the laptop should be new). You get the idea.

14. Beer Pong Table and Set

beer pong table set

Yeah, really. Everyone loves the game, but very few students have the table and set. Your kid could be THAT kid in the hall. Hey, college is about networking.

15. DVD Set of Favorite TV Series

christmas gifts dvd set

Are they a crazed Walking Dead fan? Sure, they probably know how to watch every episode online for free, but having their own set they can watch whenever is actually really handy.

16. Clean (Actually White) Socks and Undies

white socks as a Christmas gift

Always needed…

17. A Laundry Hamper with Style

elephant laundry hamper

It needs to have some flare or it will go unnoticed and blend into the disaster area of clothes around it.

18. Good Food Baskets!

food basket with chocolates

Can’t go wrong here. A sure winner 100% of the time without fail.

19. Subscription to Netflix

Netflix logo on old TV

All the kids are getting them. That’s the rumor anyways. Beware! Some students become addicted to Netflix in no time.

20. Set Them Up with a Classy Interview!

interview sign on a wooden door

What a novel idea right? Perhaps the ultimate gift you can get a college student this year is to pull some string and set them up with a quality interview.

With so many options to choose from it was hard to narrow down the list into a top 20 type presentation. Therefore, we updated the list adding 20 more Christmas gifts ideas for college students. Check them out! Well, here’s your chance students. What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you?

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