What Are Some Good Adjectives For Resume?

The right adjectives are a vital part of a great resume. While it’s important to be able to express the roles and responsibilities you’ve held, the adjectives you use to describe these experiences are what brings them to life.

Resume experts know that it’s difficult to write a resume that engages the interest of employers. If you need someone to edit your CV, just apply for help with your resume. On average, employers spend about 11 seconds scanning a resume. That means you want to make sure you capture their interest by choosing the right adjectives. You can take a boring resume and turn it into something that sells your skills and lands you an interview with descriptions that pack a punch. Before “decorating” you resume with powerful words, you need to complete the template with core information. Use our guide on writing a resume.

A word of caution: though you want to use adjectives, you don’t want to overdo them. Think powerful yet tasteful. Don’t knock them over the head with your dynamic, enthusiastic, incredible, resourceful self. Instead, consider the areas you want to highlight and choose exciting adjectives to bring out your best qualities.

Learn how to choose wisely with the following tips:

Use Active Adjectives

A lot has been written about using action verbs in the resume. What about active adjectives? Using strong adjectives can have just as big an impact as action verbs. Try including words like “persistent” “passionate”, “enterprising”, “vigorous” and “determined”.

Be Positive

Employers love to know that a candidate has a positive outlook on things. Someone who has a positive attitude can help elevate a company’s morale, inspire other team members and allow others to indulge their creativity and innovation. Words such as “exceptional”, “optimistic”, “positive”, “extroverted”, “personable” and “sincere” can make a great impact on an employer.

Show Them You’re Flexible

Things don’t always go as planned and an employee that can handle a curve ball or two is a valued asset to any company. Someone who can think on their feet, withstand pressure and turn a misfortune into an opportunity is worth their weight in gold. Adjectives such as “dynamic”, “resourceful”, “adaptable”, “broad-minded”, “versatile” and “foresight” can sell your skills as an expert troubleshooter.

Demonstrate Leadership

If the position you’re applying for calls for leadership skills, make sure you highlight yours with the right adjectives. Try “leading”, “diplomatic”, “facilitating”, “team-building” and “guiding” to let them know that you can lead a project to success.

Display Your Dedication

An employee who shows loyalty to a company is a valuable assent. Make sure you let a potential employer know that you’re “dedicated”, “loyal”, “dependable”, and “reliable” . Standing by the company in trying times can earn you extra points to future employers.

Highlight Your Creativity

Someone who can think outside the box can bring a lot to any business. In fact, these are some of the most valued qualities at top companies such as Google and Apple. Tell them how “innovative”, “creative”, “unique”, “original”, “inventive” and “imaginative” you are.

While the above can help you impress employers with adjectives, you should also bear the following in mind:

Use the Job Description

The adjectives used in the job description itself can provide you with the guidance you need. You could go through the effort to find appropriate synonyms, but really, the best way to go is to use the words in the job description. Employers will likely be sifting through a lot of resumes, so it’s no use being subtle. If they’re looking for a self-starter who’s innovative and reliable, then give it to them.

Use PAR: Project, Action, Result

Sometimes people can go overboard on their adjectives in a resume and employers can get lost in a sea of descriptions. Rather than litter your resume with superfluous adjectives, make sure you apply them effectively by using this method. Use adjectives to describe a project you completed or a skill you possess, an action you executed and the result it produced.

Though the job market is highly competitive these days, you can make your resume stand out. Make sure you describe you followed basic resume rules and used the right adjectives.

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