Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for College Students

As we all know the key to stellar Valentine’s Day dates is a mixture of creativity and originality…with a dash of personalization for good measure and nuance. Without ample life-experience to draw on, some great date ideas are pretty valuable commodities. Here’s 5 we know you and your special someone are going to simply adore!

1. Get Saucy & Romantic Through Antioxidants

Who says that eating healthy has to be crummy or dry? If you focus on antioxidants you can create unbelievably tasty and sensual meals that compliment a date extremely well. Think about this:

  • A bottle of quality Merlot is jam-packed with antioxidants that help the mind become sharper, fight off cancer-causing agents and improve the digestive system. Plus, it’s a pleasant aphrodisiac!
  • Your wine is then complimented with an assortment of darkly colored berries like blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries, etc. Each of these are like little packets of healthy micronutrients that excite the senses and add to the flavor of the experience.
  • A slab of organic dark chocolate, which is a little on the bitter side and will pair well with the pinch of the wine and the sweetness of the berries. Also, brimming over with antioxidants.
    That there is a healthy and quite romantic Valentine’s Day treat, especially if your date is a health nut.

2. Organic Food & Memories

Speaking of chocolate and berries, why not make a tongue-tantalizing meal and serve it to your date in the place where you met? Along with some wholesome food that gives them a sense of home, bring back the memories that will remind both of you why you’re together. Remember to choose something lite, because if you burden the digestive tract the mind tends to follow in its wake.

Salads. White seafood with scampi-like accoutrements. Lean chicken with pasta and vinaigrette. Choices like that. Then, add in some music that brings you back as well. Some great songs that lighten the mood with romantic songs intermingled into the playlist. Also, don’t be afraid to go into a genre of music you’ve never really listened to together before that can transport you out of your generation and into another from the past. Swing is a stupendous option!

3. Incorporate the Wolf Pack

Who says the occasion just has to be about you and your date alone? Why not the more the merrier? Perhaps you could find a way to get the whole gang in on the action, including both family and close friends. Make the date a celebratory event that takes so much pressure and focus off the two of you and is instead spread evenly throughout the wolf pack.

Plus, when you put your minds together you can come up with some really intriguing and memorable things to do. Pictures are a must. A great location is another. After that, it just about good old fashioned quality human experience. Your date will adore it, unless they were already intending on the date being more conservative.

4. Take it to the Highbrow Level

Is there a club or restaurant in your area that’s almost impossible to get into? If so, plan way early and do whatever it takes to get reservations. Make sure that your date understands it’s a formal dress-up occasion so they don’t show up under-dressed. Just the fact that your there will really make a huge impression.

Take it high-brow. Do the limousine. Splurge on expensive classy appetizers and drinks. Afterwards don’t just go to a movie, go to an opera, a dance, a play or something like that. If this isn’t your typical lifestyle it will be a real treat in every way. They’ll feel special in a way no one has bothered to show them before. For college students this could be a stretch, but it all comes down to saving up the necessary cash using a budget and being connected with the right people.

5. Buy Them an Experience!

What if you rented a freaking Lamborghini for a night? What if you got an air balloon ride set up, or helicopter or plane? How about parachute jumping? Scuba diving? How about a day on a gorgeous sailboat equipped with a full staff? The idea here is not to buy a thing, but provide them with an exceptional experience that they’ll never forget and always regard with a smile and excitement.

These memories will be more than date memories. They’ll transcend your relationship and really just be a great gift from one human being to another and that’s the way to make a real impression on someone.

Is there anything you’ve done on Valentine’s Day, or had someone do for you that people should hear about? Share it and help make Valentine’s Day an awesome holiday.

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