Truth or Fiction: 11 Biggest Fears About College

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There’s really no fiction involved when it comes to the legitimate fears that current and aspiring students experience about college. In this article we’re going to get to the truth behind the 11 most common college fears so that you can rest easy and make an informed decision.

Sound like a plan? We thought so. Let’s do this.

1. “I Don’t Know What I Want to Be!”

This is by far the most common. Students have no clue what they’ll be doing four, five or six years down the road. They have no clue where the economy will be. The speed of technological innovation is compounding uncertainty like nothing else. What major should they choose? Is it good enough? How will it impact their career? Wait…career?!

Relax. You don’t have to make a decision from the get-go and many of those who do end up changing their minds anyway. A very tiny percentage of people know what they’re destined to be. That’s a fact. For the first year just get the basic core classes out of the way and while you’re at it do some dabbling (if you can afford it or don’t mind extra debt).

Or, you could just hold back from going to college for a little while until you have a better idea.

2. “I Won’t Know Like Anybody”

Social anxiety and fear of not being accepted is common. It follows us everywhere in life beginning in grade school all the way through adulthood. When you step back and look at another way, it looks like this, “I Won’t Know Freaking Anybody!” That’s right, it’s a chance for a fresh start which is always cool.

You’re going to be in college so meeting people is going to happen whether you want it to or not. It’s par for the course so to speak. You’ll meet people. You’ll make friends. You’ll get into relationships. You know…life.

3. “OMG, This is Expensive!”

True. Whether you’re paying it with cash upfront (who does that?) or by using a mixture of loans, grants and scholarships. The cost of higher education is inflated by leaps and bounds, over 130% in the last 30 years alone. If you’re worried by how expensive it is, GOOD! Then this should help you fail less classes, take the ones you need as a junior and senior, and make smarter decisions.

4. “Am I really Ready for This?”

The balancing act of priorities during college is meant to prepare you for what it’s like in the “real world.” So at the end of the day you can’t escape it. Part of growing up is taking on more responsibility and if you’re going to live within society you really can’t go away scot free.

Don’t worry, juggling a job, classes and friends is actually an amazing experience. It really is. You’re so productive! You’re in school bettering yourself. You’ve got a social life happening. And, you’re working part/full time so there’s some extra cash laying around. It’s awesome. You’re as ready as you choose to be. No more, no less.

5. “What if My Roommate Totally Sucks?”

You can get a new one.

6. “What If I Can’t Hack the Classes?”

There’s no class you cannot pass. That’s the flat out truth. I don’t care if we’re talking quantum mechanics, organic chemistry or some sort of advanced theoretical astrophysics. If you truly dedicate your mind to passing that class it will happen.

Yes, your IQ does determine things to a certain degree. More categorically than anything else. But, we’re all aware of how powerful the human spirit is as well. Don’t fear classes. Don’t fear intellectual challenge. Yes, you can do it. The real question is, “Do I have the passion it’s going to take to succeed in this major?”

7. “I’m All On My Own.”

No you’re not. Not by a long shot bub.

8. “I Don’t Want to Get Fat!”

Getting fat, or being obese isn’t technically a good thing regardless of where you happen to be. That’s life. If you’re worried, make sure to exercise and eat smart (yep, big shocker).

9. “What if I Lose Touch with Home?”

If you’re going to school on the other side of the country or perhaps in the other hemisphere, you’ve got modern technology to keep you connected. It’s not as good as in-person, but it’s working wonders for the human species. Try it!

10. “What if I Pick the Wrong University?”

Hmm. Yeah about that. In all honesty, focus more on the quality of your education rather than the educational institutions themselves. For the lion’s share of us, our potential employers only care about the knowledge and what results we can bring about. If it’s a reputable college you’re going to be fine.

Now, if it’s just the flat out wrong university altogether, then don’t stick around for two years before working up the nerve to bug out. If it’s just purely not a good place for you, leave immediately and fine a better school for you.

11. “What If My Dream School is a Nightmare?”

See #10 pretty much, but this does happen. What you thought was the best school ever for your particular goals ends up being a nightmare. Bail!

Does that pretty much cover it or are there some fears you have/had about college that we missed? Let us know!

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