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a man pouring coffee in the white mug
26 August 2016

How to Wake Up Early in The Morning to Study

Individuals who are highly productive and successful tend to have at least one habit in common: being early risers. What’s so great about getting up early? Well, for one thing, mornings tend to have fewer distractions and therefore allow you the peace and quiet you need to knock out important tasks such as studying for classes.

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a student playing video games
26 February 2016

Study Distractions You Should Say Yes To

When you have to study for several hours straight, your mind gets tired and trivial little things seem to become incredibly important. You switch your attention to a TV show, updating your software, or flipping through Facebook news. Well, these distractions cannot help you be more productive especially when you have an exam tomorrow. However, there are distractions that can actually boost your energy and help you improve your studying results.

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8 October 2015

5 Helpful Study Tips for Visual Learners

The problem with studying for visual learners is that most (bad) teachers will only use one style – it’s most likely to be the one they prefer themselves. Try not to be discouraged, however. All types of learners face their own unique challenges. Instead, understand that you should simply adapt your study habits to suit your learning style.

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asian girl reading a book
22 April 2015

Need for Speed Reading? 10 Hacks to Help You

No matter what your major, it’s likely you have between 50-200 pages of reading to get through every night of the week. Especially, when the end of semester is coming, with final exams and projects ahead. Did you know there are actually ways that you can improve your reading and retention speed? Here are the best speed-reading hacks that actually work.

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woman holding an opened book
26 February 2015

5 Study Habits You Should Develop in College

Studying isn’t the most fun thing you’ll ever do at college. Still, if you haven’t learned how to study by the time you’ve made it this far into your educational career, you may be in big trouble. We’ve compiled the 5 best and most productive study habits you can develop before it’s too late. Remember, having a worry-free semester of straight A’s is much more fun than failing out

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