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29 October 2019

How to Write an Email to Your Professor

Often students need to talk to their professor personally – apologize for a missed class, check grades, ask for advice, etc. However, talking to a professor in person is not always possible or convenient due to busy schedules. That’s one of the reasons why many professors prefer to communicate with students via email. You might need to write an email to your professor but are unsure how to do it properly. Here are a few tips from us, including some templates.

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How to Write a Heart-Melting Graduation Speech
15 May 2015

How to Write a Heart-Melting Graduation Speech

College is almost left behind. You’ve finished top in your class. You put in all the time to get those straight As and impress the pants off your college’s toughest teachers. Now you expect to leave school on a speech that has to be impressive for both – faculty stuff and your fellow graduates.

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how to become a better essay writer
5 March 2015

How to Become a Better Essay Writer

In order to really excel in college – no matter what you plan on studying – you need to know how to improve your essay writing skills to match the expectations of your professors. That way, your college-level intellect isn’t lost behind the essay skills of an elementary student.

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