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15 January 2016

Creative Inspiration from David Bowie

Bowie was known for his creativity which included not only his music and lyrics but his physical appearance and the personas he created. Any individual seeking creative inspiration can find a gold mine of it in Bowie’s life and work.

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written words seen through the glasses
6 October 2015

Best Writing Blogs for Aspiring Authors

If you’re an aspiring author, you don’t have to fly solo. Even if you can’t yet afford an agent, coach, or degree, you can find plenty of helpful resources on the Internet. The following websites will help you improve your writing skills, teach you more about your favourite genre, and give you the publishing tips you need to succeed.

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a notebook, a cup, and a pen on the table
15 September 2015

Creative Writing Activities for College Students

Though you might not be planning to become a professional writer, creative writing is an important skill to hone if you’re planning to have any occupation that requires you to think – which is pretty much all of them. It’s a muscle that can and should be developed with the right exercises.

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