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two girls with a bottle of champagne stand near a Christmas tree
14 December 2018

Christmas Party Themes for Every Friend Group [Guest Post]

Whether this is your first Christmas in college or your last, it’s a long-awaited season of festivities. In the dorms, your friends are just a short walk away and there are plenty of events to choose from. In an apartment, you have the freedom to decorate an entire space, transforming it into a magical winter wonderland — don’t forget the photo booth!

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Santa Claus with elves ride snowboards
16 December 2015

Funny Christmas Party Themes

Whether you’re planning an evening with the family, or a rambunctious party with your friends, your Сhristmas get-together will need a theme. And why settle for something boring like ‘Сhristmas movie night’ when you can do something completely unique and something that anyone, regardless of age, will enjoy? Let’s jump into this list of funny Сhristmas party themes.

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