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11 March 2020

7 Tips on Coping with Anxiety when Studying Abroad

Most new college students face some level of stress or anxiety when they first head off to school. However, students who opt to study abroad may be even more susceptible to stress or even depression than counterparts who study closer to home. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. You can have the experience of a lifetime, maintain your grades, and keep your stress levels in check while attending school far from home. Here are 7 great tips to help you cope with anxiety while studying abroad.

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a depressed girl sitting on the bed with a cup of tea in her hands
7 March 2019

How to Get Over Post College Depression

After graduation from college or high school, many students feel energized and positive. However, there are also students who face severe depressions, emotional breakdowns, and addictions. Do you feel that something is wrong with you? Find out how to cope with this.

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