Smoking in College: Yay or Nay?

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This isn’t going to be one of those articles that tries to convince you to quit or preaches at you. Instead, let’s talk about smoking in college in a new light! There are several issues connected with smoking that you face if you smoke. So, for those who are smoking or consider to start – you should be aware of the problems you may face, and think about some alternatives as well.

The Smoker’s Smell

Some students feel pretty much fine with the fact they smoke but are really bothered about the smell. Even if you are in the process of quitting an smoke really rarely, the smell can bother other students and professors, who will immediately detect you are a smoker. Nobody wants to be the guy in class that smells like an ashtray. Several tips might be useful. How to hide it from others?

Don’t bring cigarettes with you if you’ve set up your day with back-to-back classes. If you can’t quit smoking while in college, just wait until after classes are done to smoke.

Don’t carry “butts” or cigarettes that you “butt” and don’t finish! These things reek. You might not smell it, but non-smokers can smell them from a mile away and you simply will not be able to hide the smell in class even if you try to put it in your backpack. And, wherever you put it will begin to sme.

Carry hand lotion and cologne or perfume with you in your backpack or whatever. Your hands have the most of cigarette smell on them. After you’re done smoking lotion-up your hands and then give yourself a spritz.

You can always keep a small travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste with you so that you can quickly brush your teeth after taking a few drags. Don’t forget to invest in breath mints and gum!

So that’s the problem which always accompanies a smoker – it’s hard work keeping the smell at bay. It makes almost impossible to be a Secret Smoker, so if you consider to start smoking, and hope it will be left unnoticed – you should think again.

Smoking Education

You would be shocked to find out that only a tiny sliver of smokers out there really know anything about a) tobacco, b) smoking, and c) cigarettes. Why not study up? No one start sa habit without a reason. Why smoking should be an exception? Look into the history. Learn how smokes are produced and by whom. Learn how the body processes nicotine and why it’s so addictive.

Don’t do it because you’re trying to quit, but simply out of curiosity. Wouldn’t you like to know about these little “cancer sticks” that you have a love/hate relationship with? Like anything else in this world, there’s tons to learn and discover and who knows what that might lead to.

Are There Safe Cigarettes?

The only reason cigarettes have a bad name is because of the health risks. Well, what if you created a safer cigarette, or one that wasn’t hazardous at all? And don’t tell me it’s not possible because it is! Anything we can think of is possible and someone, someday, is going to do it and that person or that group of people are going to become billionaires without a doubt.

Think of the lives they’ll save. Holy Smokes! Get on it. Just imagine guilt-free smoking. Hmm, how much would a pack of harmless cigarettes cost? Here’s a hint to get you started: look into Leaf Protein Concentrate (LPC) made from Tobacco leaves.

Have You Considered Vaping?

What started as these simple little gadgets made for smokers has turned into a global phenomenon. Vaping is mainstream now. Is it safer? Are the chemicals dangerous? How serious is the lack of concrete studies and evidence concerning vaping?

One thing’s for sure, there’s a ton of really yummy vape flavors out there and many people have claimed that vaping or e-cigs helped them kick conventional smoking. One drawback is the cost of the vaping apparatus, these things are getting insane! Pretty soon you’ll have people carting around veritable vaping hukas!

The Dating Scene

If you’re a single college smoker we’d love to hear from you. Is it harder to date? And, more importantly, do you find yourself attracted to other smokers or do you try to only date non-smokers?

When you fill out an online dating profile, are you honest and disclose the fact you smoke? There’s so many questions! There’s a thought, put together a creative investigation about the Smoker Dating scene! The result may help you decide whether it is worth to start smoking in college at all. Because if you’ll have to choose between love and cigarette it would be a hard dilemma!

By the Numbers

Truth is, smoking rates in the modern world are plummeting across the board. Tobacco companies are reeling! It’s primarily due to ultra-high taxation, which in turn is being driven by the dramatically high healthcare costs to look after smokes as they age.

Every day the chances you’ll quit and find a more productive addiction get higher and higher. Regardless, take it easy on yourself and make your reasonable and mature decision!

Want to start ‘smoking’ hot discussion? Have some thoughts to share? Don’t be shy! Leave your comments below!

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