Setting a Resolution at New Year’s Eve

a decorated happy new year card

The end of the year is approaching and a new one is about to begin.

Every year, thousands of people make New Year’s Resolutions and every year, thousands of people break them before the month of January is up.

Do you want to stick to yours this year but you’re not sure how?

Fundamentals of Setting and Keeping Your Resolution

  • Prioritize – There may be several goals you wish to achieve, but the year only has 365 days and depending on how big the goals and how distant your starting point, you may need to save some things for next year. Assess what you need to change the most and prioritize that. It can be fun to create a fantasy list that includes traveling the world, running a marathon and becoming a French chef, but it will be easier for you to actually keep your resolution if you prioritize.
  • Be positive – Maybe this past year hasn’t been such a great year for you. You’re not the first or the last person to have a bad year. But that doesn’t mean that next year can’t be better. Resolutions are about hope and about having the will to change and to achieve. Start with a positive attitude by making positive statements.

Instead of:
Stop ruining my health with cigarettes.
Honor my body and my health by living a smoke-free life.

Instead of:
Stop dating losers.
Start dating people who contribute positively to my life.

Instead of:
Quit my miserable job.
Land a great job that pays well and makes me look forward to going to work every morning.

Keeping your resolutions positive and free from self-punishment will make you feel better about working towards them.

Write Down When and Where You’ll Begin

Make a commitment to your resolution by making a “contract” and writing down the details of when you’ll begin. Writing something down has a power of its own. It makes the resolution less of a fantasy and more of a reality.

Have a Plan

If you want to find a great partner, sign up for a dating site or ask friends if they know anyone who would be right for you. If you want to run a marathon, research training schedules and figure out when you’re going to get your miles in. If you’re looking for a better job, start researching for work and sending out resumes. If you need a good resume you can ask our experts to write it for you. Don’t expect your resolution to magically happen without any planning on your part.

Be Realistic

Don’t expect it to be easy to keep your resolution. Patterns, habits and addictions aren’t easy to break. Realize that there will be bumps and challenges along the way. Anticipating them will make it easier for you to work through tough periods with success.

Make a Joint Resolution With a Friend

Some goals have to be realized alone while others can be shared with a friend. If you want to run a marathon and you also have a friend who shares this dream, see if they’re willing to share this resolution with you. Having someone else to be accountable to makes it easier for you to keep your commitment. If your friend is waiting for you to jog around the park with them at 5 am and you hit snooze, the consequences will be more dire than if you were doing it alone. It not only holds you accountable, but having someone share the rough patches with you can also help motivate you to keep going. You’ll be able to take turns supporting each other when the other one wants to quit.

Enjoy the Ride

There will be high points and victories along the way too. Don’t forget that. Meeting a goal is a great feeling, so make sure you celebrate and enjoy those experiences when you have them.

Reward yourself

Knowing you have a reward waiting for you at the end of your year can serve as a great motivator. It can also help you honor the work you’ve done by allowing yourself the reward you deserve when you meet your goal.

Whatever your resolution for next year, stay positive, work through the rough patches and give yourself the reward you deserve for your victories. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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