Scared to Death: Best Halloween Pranks to Try

Best Halloween Pranks to Try

Halloween is the time of year when you start craving candy corn and the delicious sounds of your roommate’s screams. Instead of just giving out treats this year, consider some of these amazing tricks that are sure to lodge themselves in your friends’ memories (and nightmares) for years to come.

Attack of the Killer Toilet Seat

halloween toilet prank

You know those snap fireworks that you used to get every year as a kid in the boxes of firecrackers? It seemed like they were only good for dropping on the ground and leaving tiny bombs of gunpowder all over your driveway. Not any more! If you live with a bunch of girls, there is nothing funnier than getting them where it really hurts – right in the toilet seat.

How To Set It Up

Get a handful of leftover snap fireworks from the 4th of July. Gently place them around the ring of the toilet bowl underneath the toilet seat supports. Then, carefully lower the toilet seat so that it rests on the fireworks but doesn’t set them off. Then, when your roommate needs to desperately use the bathroom, they’ll get the surprise of their lives.

Zombie Pizza

zombie pizza party

Is your roommate constantly eating your food? Well, it’s time to stop that. With just a little bit of effort, you can scare that stolen breakfast right out of their stomachs.

How to Set It Up

Get a handful of empty pizza boxes, about 7-10, and cut the centers out of the bottoms and tops except one. On one, cut out the bottom, but leave the box top attached. Stick them together (glue or duct tape) and leave the one with the whole top intact on top.

Then, get a cheap card table, or a piece of thick cardboard that you can set up on top of some boxes. Cut a whole in that which will be covered by the boxes and that you can fit inside. Get a black sheet or tablecloth and cut a hole in that as well. This will cover up your legs.

When you know your roommate will be coming home, set up the pizza “table” where he or she will see it. Leave a note saying that you got some pizzas for you to share. Then, when he opens the top box, pop out – preferably in full zombie makeup! Perhaps you will need to read this blog post on how to apply Halloween makeup.

Flesh-Eating Slug Floor

slug floor prank

If you are living with someone who is a bit squeamish when it comes to bugs and creatures, this is the perfect prank for them. Not only will it guarantee a scream, but it will motivate them to clean the floors before they head to bed.

How to Set It Up

First, you need to psychologically set this prank up by gradually explaining that you’ve seen a type of slug (the “wherever you live” Flesh-Eating Round Slug) in the morning or at night surrounding the beds. You can even plant one somewhere in the house to really get into their heads. Once he or she finds that one, you’re ready to move to the next phase of the plan.

Get a bag of grapes at the store and peel them. After your roommate goes to sleep, place the grapes on his or her floor. Then, scream. Watch the hilarity as your roommate wakes up and tries to find out what’s wrong – and walks into the Flesh-Eating Slug infestation!

Bloody Shower

bloody shower

If you think the shower scene in “Psycho” was scary, just wait until your roommate gets to play the leading role. The best part about this prank is that it’s easy to do, won’t harm your house, and will be completely unexpected.

How to Set It Up

Unscrew the top of your showerhead and fill it with old Easter Egg dye, KoolAid, or food coloring (as red as you can get it). Screw it back on and test out your chosen method to make sure the color and consistency is what you want. After you get the perfect color, set it up for real by screwing the shower head back on and wait for your roommate to come home from the gym or work.

If you want to know more tricks, you should also consider these April Fools Day pranks for college. Though they are not related to Halloween, you can still use them to play pranks. Happy Halloween!

Do you have some other prank ideas you’d love to share? The comments below are here for you!

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