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25 February 2014

20 Best Study Playlist Ideas for College Students

Building playlists is more art than science. There’s nearly limitless songs to choose from, with countless others being uploaded by bands and record labels around the globe every month. The internet is awash with different playlist building websites and services like Pandora or Spotify, so let’s start talking about 20 of the best study playlist ideas that can get you started. Enjoy!

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11 February 2014

Sex in College – Is there Love after Hookups?

What’s happening to college kids and their sex lives? Sex is everywhere, as is pornography, but actually getting in a mature relationship seems almost impossible these days. Has romance perished? What’s up with that? In this article we’re going to look at five reasons why all college kids seems to desire is meaningless unattached sexual promiscuity over love.

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10 February 2014

Sweetness Overload: 14 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

If you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that off the charts in terms of cuteness and sweetness, then this article is definitely for you. Each one of these 14 ideas is a bottomless pit of adorable potential that you can use to really make an impression this year on someone extra special.

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6 February 2014

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for College Students

As we all know the key to stellar Valentine’s Day dates is a mixture of creativity and originality…with a dash of personalization for good measure and nuance. Without ample life-experience to draw on, some great date ideas are pretty valuable commodities. Here’s 5 we know you and your special someone are going to simply adore!

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30 January 2014

17 Cartoon-Inspired College Party Dance Moves

In this post you’ll find a ton of animated characters getting their groove on. Each of the 20 selections comes with a YouTube video showing them in action. Get ready for everything from an out of control ogre dance party to colorful birds doing the Zamba.

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