Must-Read Blogs for College Survival

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This post may look like an ordinary blog list. But it only seems so. In fact, it is not just a blog list. Blogs are not ranked by popularity or information relevance. Neither are they grouped into specific categories. However, be sure that all of these blogs contain the information you will require at some point of your college life. And when you reach that point — you’ll know where to look for the information you need! So, what we offer you is not a blog list, but rather a powerful college survival tool. The bloggers listed here are doing a great job supplying students with everything necessary — study tricks, tips to survive exams and cope with tasks, help with college adaptation, job opportunities, and brilliant campus life hacks.

Study Prof

The blog has it all — tips about studying, self development and even making yourself… zombie-proof. You will find good videos and infographics here as well. The writing style is interesting, and you don’t feel that you are actually reading an educational blog — you entertain while learning something new!

Grey Matters: Blog

Mathematics and mental games turn out to be fun here. Reading this blog daily you actually risk to become a mathematical ninja! Though the blog is aimed at people more or less connected with math, it would be interesting for anyone who wants to develop logical thinking.

Mind Hacks

The blog concentrates more on your brain development rather than regular studying. The point is – you’d better start taking care of your mental health and broaden your outlook in college, and this blog is the right resource for that. It raises contradictory questions, motivates you to research, makes you think about the crucial issues and exercise your mind every day.

Thank You Brain

Learning process and memory are interconnected and inseparable. Thus, the blog focuses on both of these processes, helping you to exercise memory and improve your learning skills. Deep research and practical relevance is what makes blog posts so valuable for the readers. After reading this blog fro a while you really get the insight to our mental processes and memory development.

Hack College

What apps will help you study? What things you have to pack for college? How to travel on a budget? What can make you really a successful student? Time to learn the truth and debunk myths on college life. And that’s what HackCollege is living for! Moreover they sre looking for talented students to write for them, so you can not only read about interesting things, but also share interesting things about college life.

That College Kid

The blog is overflowing with useful apps, tips, hacks to help you survive freshmen year and go further. You will find instructions on how to save your budget, how to raise your productivity, what classes to choose and what to do with all that education later. In other words, this blog has everything you need to turn from college kid into the college pro.

College Times

College is not about studying only! It is about drinking, partying, trends in fashion, relationships, and more fun! If you want to take a minute and rest from studying routine — this site is for you. Stay in trend and enjoy life having best time in college

Life After College

Is there life after college? Jenny Blake thinks there is, and discovers the opportunities and career prospect for college graduated in her blog. Even if you are a freshmen and there is a long college journey ahead — do not neglect this blog! Knowing what is waiting for you after college, you can start planning your life today and be prepared for the future to come.

Сollege Info Geek

As soon as you enter the site, it tells you that it will help you upgrade your college experience. Innovations, tips to make your college life easier, mistakes to avoid and geekery of course — that’s what you should expect from the blog.

The College Solution

That’s the resource you should read as a student and offer your parents to read as well. It offers practical solutions on different problems and issues that may appear in college. You will find answers on frequently asked questions concerning college admissions, campus life, studying abroad and much more. Perfect resource for freshmen!

Scott H Young

When a writer, a programmer and a traveler (being all one person) starts a blog, it definitely has a lot to share with audience. And it’s not only about studying. It’s about life experience in general. If you are young, active and enthusiastic you should definitely start reading this blog and sharing your ideas with the author.

Cal Newport

The author of books How to Become a Straight-A Student and How to Win at College definitely knows some secrets of college life, and he is eager to share them with you on his blog. The articles are thought provoking, and include deep investigation of the problems they cover. This is definitely the resource you can rely on concerning time management and planning, setting goals, proof reading, productivity and much more.

Teen College Education

Great source for students at every stage of college!Starting from freshmen and students-to-be, as it contains a lot of tips on choosing college and majors, analyzing college rankings, passing SAT, surviving college interview, and preparing for the big first day. And finishing with graduates who will find career opportunities, MBA tips, and ideas on what you can do with your university degree. The will literally guide you through the whole education process making it smooth and simple.

Honest College

Tons of free information on job search, studying abroad, travelling while college and tricks to make your college life easier. All tips are tested with time and experience and shared by the author and numerous student contributions. What can be better than real working advice straight from the student’s mouth?


The last but not the least (and one of the most powerful) source of college tips. Posts are neatly divided into categories — sport, study tips, financial aid, budgeting — so you’ll easily find your way here.

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