How to Meet People in College Without Being Creepy

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Right, so this article is going to teach you how to mix and mingle with the best of’em without coming across like a creep. Below you’ll find 7 chunks of information that will put things in perspective and give you an edge. Dive in and take notes if you have to because these are some serious social gems!

1. Let Go

Next time you’re at some sort of function, let go of any social anxiety/insecurity. Simply decide not to care what other people may or may not be thinking about you. Be like a child in that respect. This doesn’t mean you don’t care what you look like and how you act, it just means you won’t waste time around others being overly analytical or introspective.

You know what, we all find that really attractive. You’ll naturally meet a fair amount of people. They’ll come up to you and want to know more about you because at the end of the day they’ll hope you rub some of that nonchalant attitude off on them.

2. Think Inbound

For the next ten mornings, before you head out ask yourself this question and then be perfectly honest: “What can I do to make myself more meet-able?” And no, it doesn’t have much to do with looking perfect. I mean, why do you typically approach people, ask them their name and want to get to know them?

If absolutely no one ever approaches you, ask yourself why. Typically it all comes down to your attitude. Part of being attractive, or compelling to others is not being Depressed Dennis or Negative Nancy. Be happy and wear a smile on your face!

3. Be Where the People Are Silly

It’s hard to meet people when you spend 80% of your time alone in your room, and the other 20% either eating somewhere or in class. Furthermore, if this is your lifestyle you’re bound to have some “issues” with meeting people in person. Social awkwardness. Life isn’t a video game.

If literally all of your friends only know you through the virtual realm…dude you need to get out more. Parties and sports games aren’t the only options in town. Check around, in most colleges on an average weekday TONS of stuff is going down. Get in on some of it. Get out and about!

4. Upon First Meeting

Basic people skills are actually super easy. When you first meet someone new face to face, there’s two things you can do and they work literally every single time: practice being a good listener and be genuinely interested in the other person. Skadoosh!

Don’t be scared. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be unnatural. Ask them about the weather, classes, something relevant and then listen. Be interested in them and keep it upbeat. Make first meetings with you refreshing and interesting. And remember, there’s always people watching. We all want to talk to the person that makes people smile and laugh in a classy, not cheesy immature way…

5. Take Leadership Roles

Leaders aren’t born okay, they’re slowly crafted. You just got to do it. Success breeds success. If you stumble at first, so what? Whenever a potential leadership role comes up, whether it be in interpersonal relationships or the classroom, give it a go! Leaders meet a ton of people, much more so than followers and it’s not creepy.

All you have to do is volunteer and then go with it. Sure, the first couple times it will be intimidating but then you’ll adapt. Now remember, being a leader means leading. It means making a choice when no one else will. Fortune favors the bold!

6. Eat Right & Exercise Regularly

It’s less about being pretty or sexy (although those don’t necessarily hurt your chances of meeting people) and more about being healthy. If you get ripped or shredded, great! Then it’s all a matter of how you wear it.

When you eat right you ensure that your body and central nervous system are working properly. Or at least as well as can be expected. What, you don’t think eating junk food all day is influencing you psychologically? Exercise also helps us stay balanced. And, exercise is a great way to meet people. Joggers. Sports players. Cyclists. Gym rats. The list goes on and on.

7. Approaching that Certain Someone

When you’ve got a target you want to meet, don’t be immature! Just walk right the hell up to them and introduce yourself. The longer you take and think about it the creepier you could come across when you finally work up the nerve. Never forget that 80% of human communication is unspoken. The sooner the better, believe me.

Now it’s your turn to spit some knowledge. How do you typically end up meeting people in college without any creepy vibes going on?

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