How to Be a Better Student and Still Have Fun

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If you ask random college students from across the country why they’re in school, most will either say, “I’m just trying to have fun!” or, “I just want to graduate on time and get out of here.” A rewarding college experience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing going beast mode. With a little planning you make college everything it can be! In this article we’re going to go through the process step by step.

1. Build Your Student Asset List

College has a lot to offer, especially when the campus is located within a decent-sized city. Faced with so much potential many students simply forego everything and settle for a couple memorable parties and a few good summers. Not cool.

The first thing you need to build is an asset list.

What are you capable of doing? Can you travel and study abroad? Can you volunteer? What skills do you have to offer the many school organizations and clubs? What sports would you be good at? Are you down to learn an instrument or sing in the choir? You get the idea.

If you’re working, then make this list just about the free time that you do have. Make the most of it. If you lack time for having rest, we can help you do your homework. Take some time to sit down, see what the school has to offer and what you’re open to. This is going to naturally begin to narrow things down a bit. You’ll begin crossing things off the list, for example trying out for the college football or chess teams, and leaving others open for debate.

2. Choose Your Triad

Now, you’re going to pick one activity for three categories: sports, clubs and hobbies. As you’ll see, it’s all about people. The more of them you’re exposed to and able to network with, the more fun college can be without sacrificing your GPA.

1. A Sport: This could be anything really. You don’t have to go straight for something like baseball or basketball. Consider tennis, rugby or flag football. Anything team related and physical is going to work wonders. Plus, you’ll stay in shape. In the beginning just try to fill at least half of each year with a sport. Chances are by your senior year you’ll be in a sport the entire time.

2. A Club: Again, you have your pick. The asset list should have narrowed things down, but make sure you consider expanding your skills. Maybe something on the more political side? Or, perhaps the culinary club? Don’t automatically choose something within your major. Go outside your comfort bubble.

3. A Hobby: Music, painting, photography, etc. Expand your boundaries. Try strange and new things that you’re technically capable of and interested in.

So throughout the year regardless of how cool or uncool you may be you’re competing in a sport, taking part in a club and pursuing a hobby along with your studies. Your schedule alone will make it nearly impossible not to have a good time. You’ll be too busy to complain.

3. Weave Activities into Class Scheduling

Weave these into your class schedule as you progress through your major. Each quarter needs to have the triad in them. You have to work at it and be strategic with your available time. You have to get yourself on a proper sleeping schedule (this keeps you out of trouble). You’ve got to strike a balance where you’re always active and involved but have enough time to eat, study and ace exams as well.

4. Make “Yes” Your College Mantra

Chances are you’re going to be getting invited to tons of parties because of your triad of activities. Never say no. Always say yes. No matter what you have to make an appearance and BRING A GIFT. If there’s studying and sleeping to be done, then stay twenty minutes and then bail. People will appreciate that you showed and the gift will make up for the loss of your presence.

When people ask you for favors, if you can do them then do them. Become the proverbial “yes man” and see where life takes you.

5. Be Good to Professors

This isn’t about brown nosing anybody or looking for breaks. It’s about showing respect and being willing to go above and beyond for professors to ensure that college has less bumps in the road. Do what you can to reach out to them and form a professional teacher/student relationship beyond class.

This quasi-guide didn’t mention dating because dating is too tricky and unpredictable. The right special someone can make really make college an incredible journey. While the wrong person turn it into a nightmare. But, that’s a topic for another time. Remember, to really make college fun you have to get out there and get involved. Build an asset list, choose your activity triad and weave them into your day to day experience.

What do you think, did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

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