Badass College Dorm Checklist

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a more conventional dorm room checklist this isn’t it. We’re going to give you the checklist you would get from a senior (or super-duper senior) instead of a college administrator or your parents. There’s all kinds of those online and the college will send you an orthodox checklist along with your initial paperwork anyways.

Nearly all of the stuff we left out you’ll end up getting from the college store/bookstore so it’s not like you need to get them beforehand so you show up with all this crap. Let’s get to it.

World-Class Slippers & Bath Robe

bathrobe crusader

Honestly, these have to be at the top of the list. Dorm life can be a bit dirty, more-so for the guys than the girls but that’s life. Don’t go with a cheap pair of slippers! Invest in a quality pair that will keep your feet safe, comfy, be perfect for lounging around and last for a while. That goes for the robe as well.

Robes are awesome.

Bathroom robes are stupendous for dorm life, especially when you get a high-brow debonair robe that looks cool when you’re just bumming around going from room to room.

The Art

dorm room art
Sure, you could be another person with posters on their wall, or nothing at all. Or, you could think ahead to the type of ambience you want your side of the room or your own solo room to project. Is it going to be a room people want to hang out in, or stay out of? What type of personality do you want to project to people? Don’t take dorm room art lightly.

The Headphones

headphones college
If you’re going to be sharing the room with one, two or three people then make sure you’ve got a quality pair of headphones that will completely block out background noise. This is an imperative. Headphones are like a sanctuary that can save the day many times over when it counts: cram sessions on weekend nights or when people are doing things in the room you would rather not be aware of.

The Bedding

college bed sheets
Go for high class bedding! It’s likely going to be the only bedding you sleep in for at least the next four to six years. The chances you’ll go out and buy more pillow cases, a comforter, sheets, etc. is pretty small. Make’em extra comfy so that you get quality sleep. Yes sleep, it’s so incredibly important in college it’s not even funny.

The Wardrobe

college wardrobe

Don’t show up in the same clothes you’ve been wearing since middle school. You’ll reek of freshmen from head to toe. Plus, clothing stores in college towns are either really expensive or horrible style-wise. Think ahead. Plan to gain a little weight. Start mind-mapping your wardrobe now so it doesn’t become an issue mid-stream so to speak.

The Keep-Sakes

keepsakes college
Yes, by all means have some nic-naks and keepsakes from home but remember that 90% of the time nothing in a shared dorm room is safe.

Stuff can go missing at any time unless it’s literally locked up. If you’re in a single room, then that’s different but there will be times when you forget to lock your door or whatever. Things happen.

The Alternative Lighting

lighting dorm room
Lighting. Oh boy. It becomes a dynamic problem with dorm rooms where the default lighting is institutional and you may have boot camp-style bedding arrangements. Again, think ahead. You’re going to need a quality desk lamp that you can move around or point away from roomies. And, you’re going to need a reading light you can hook to your books unless you plan to read everything online.

A Godly PC

Well, not every major requires a hardcore PC but these days it’s a good idea to come packing a versatile and powerful PC. You can go for either a more mobile product like a notebook or tablet, or you can go old school and have a desktop. Whatever works best for you just make sure it’s a quality piece of equipment that’s going to last, be dependable and be something you can keep safe and secure.

The Hygiene Products

hygiene products
Listen, you don’t want to rely on the college store or bookstore for your hygiene products. You just don’t. Not typically. Maybe some private universities have a steady supply of the good stuff but most public four year universities sport the cheap stuff. It’s freshmen fodder. Do yourself a favor and bring a good supply of quality product that will last a bit. That way you can order as you need to online.

That about sums it up folks. I mean you can add all kinds of stuff. The items on this page are the foundational all-important items. What do you think, did we miss anything?

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