7 Bad Study Habits that Crush Your Productivity

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After reading this article you’ll be able to boost your performance and conquer the world with style and savvy. Each one of the habits we’ll discuss are disturbingly common. Common as say…mediocrity.

1. You Guessed It…Procrastination

Let’s be honest, some people can master the art of procrastination and some can’t. In reality, what those people are really doing is allowing the information to marinate in their minds. They’re making sense of it internally. Constantly dreaming about it. Thinking about it before they sleep each night.

The people who can’t do it, pretty much just push things off until the last minute. Only then do they really direct their energies towards the problem or issue. That doesn’t really work. It just doesn’t.

2. Getting Stuck with Indecision

Indecision causes us to become immobile. We stagnate, transforming into a human version of Pavlov’s Dog. Pick a place to start, the most accessible and begin. Tackle the simplest component and move on from there bit by bit. Furthermore, when in doubt go find someone with the answers and consult with them. Doing otherwise, just trying to be the proud Lone Ranger-type is oftentimes flat out ridiculous.

And stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to arise, or that special feeling or whatever. That’s just indecision in disguise. You’re saying to yourself that you know what you “want” to do, but you can only perform miracles once you decide you HAVE to.

3. Listening to the Passing Cloud of Thought

Is there anything under the sun more potentially distracting than your inner monologue? Honestly. At every second of every day it just keeps chattering away. Or, if you’re one of the more internally silent types, they tend to act up when you try to focus on something important.

Learn to put it in the background and keep it there otherwise you’ll end up going on mental tangents over and over and over again wasting mountains of time. In reality those little tantalizing thoughts are energy vampires. You’ve only got so much before you have to disengage so choose wisely which thoughts you entertain.

4. Not Staying Physically Active

Embody your studying whoever possible, or make sure to exercise at least once every day five days a week…period! The human mind and body thrive on physical activity. We’re genetically bred for it from our heads to our toes. Resistance sharpens up. When you have a break from your math homework, instead of staying mind-centric go give your body some attention. Take a jog. Go for a swim. Workout. Whatever.

Confidence is also a pretty big productivity booster in nearly every respect. Think about it: don’t you do better in all areas of your life when you hold yourself and your abilities in higher esteem? The more focused your body, the more focused your mind can become…which in turn makes it easier to keep your internal monologue (not the same as your gut instincts) in check.

5. Caving to Technology Distractions

It’s everywhere, calling for your attention second by second day in and day out. Social media networks are live 24/7. You could check recent updates. See if people commented on your blog. You could play some Angry Birds…The Xbox is backing thee. Virtual reality is ready to envelope your avatar once again. It goes on and on.

You have got to completely disengage your mind from techno-distractions for a while if you’re going to get something done, especially if you’re forced to use a computer to do it. Don’t have tabs or windows open that don’t have to do with the problem at hand. Stop checking your email. Stop checking Drudge…!

6. Your Multi-tasking is Too Complex

Getting lots of things done at once is awesome. It’s efficient. But, once you reach a point where the complexity is too much only pride and pure ignorance keep you chugging along at 30%. If you’re a chronic multi-tasker try this: do one thing at a time and see if you get more or less done. How about it? You up for the task?

You can either go from easiest to hardest, or just mix things up in any way you see fit. Give it a shot. Oftentimes you’ll end up just grouping 2 or 3 things together as you can rather than the whole lot!

7. Avoiding Sufficient Nutrition

Guess what genius, without sufficient hydration and micronutrient intake you’re cutting yourself drastically short. Take a simple biology, or human physiology class and be amazed by how much water and energy your brain requires. It’s shocking. Speaking of which, how about you shock yourself and eat quality food rather than top ramen, chili powder and peanut butter.

Okay, we’re done. It’s your turn. What the #1 productivity killer to you?

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