30 Things You Wish People Told You About College

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This post is going to save tons of aspiring college students time, money, headaches, broken hearts, etc. Read it and discover 30 things you’ll be glad we told you about college.

1. “If possible, you should make sure the college you’re going to is accredited or it’s quite nearly a complete waste of time.”

2. “If the college isn’t worth a damn, you can get that same type/level degree through 2 year community college programs.”

3. “Community college credits transfer over to four year universities easily because of partnerships, while those from for-profit colleges do not.”

4. “Don’t take one class until you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE what your career path is. If that means waiting a bit and getting to work…do it.”

5. “Try not to miss a single job fair at your college…ever. It’s who you know in this world and how you know them, not what you know. Gather as much in-your-face time with potential employers in your field of study as possible.”

6. “Your ability to pass classes will get you a piece of paper with a shiny star, some highbrow writing with a nice font and your name on it. Your ability, or inability, to network will get you a great job or not.”

7. “Don’t just stick with what you know. Being the smartest guy in class is like being the coolest kid at nerd camp. Find something more challenging!”

8. “You should have your four years of college pretty much mapped out before you begin. You know exactly what classes you need and won’t waste any time or money.”

9. “Never procrastinate when it comes to signing up for important classes. Missing a class altogether can be a huge set-back.”

10. “Summer classes aren’t just for making up for your slack the year before, but also for getting an edge on the year to come.”

11. “It’s either get a job or an internship. Which one is more important to your career goals depends on your specific major. Keep in mind that once you enter the job market, an internship = experience.”

12. “Stay physically fit throughout college. It makes dating easier, the mind sharper and adds to the overall quality of your life during such a critically developmental stage. Plus people in shape get treated better and get more chances…sad but the truth nonetheless.”

13. “Yes, if you can and it doesn’t break some super-serious religious or moral inclination, go get some. Have sex! Most people don’t get to be around/sleep with young attractive college-age guys/gals much after college is over. Just protect yourself.”

14. “Studying abroad is something you should take advantage of while in college when you can get cheaper rates with tons of payoff. After college it becomes harder to travel like that without being in a career that requires it.”

15. “Make connections with important people like professors and those that work directly with anything having to do with internships. As they get more competitive it’s about who you know.”

16. “Keep a close eye on your reputation. It’s okay to be wild and crazy to a degree, but remember that someone’s always watching, especially when you’ve got high ambitions.”

17. “Do anything you can to save money on textbooks/non-textbooks for reading outside class. Is the college bookstore really the only place to get them? Heard of the internet?”

18. “Don’t be the poor college student who has to eat nothing but unhealthy crap all the time. Eat healthy! Do what it takes. Even if you have to wait tables in a local health-restaurant. Your brain takes up 30% of your daily recommended energy intake!”

19. “Don’t get swept up into the college blues. Depression sucks. It’s ridiculous. You’re young and in college rather than all the other horrible situations you could be in otherwise. Relax…”

20. “Worry about being comfortable in your own skin. Be your own hero. Be your own best friend. After that new people will be attracted to you and making friends will be easy.”

21. “These college years ARE NOT going to be the best years of your life. You’re only getting started. College is transitory.”

22. “Taking a year off isn’t a good idea 90% of the time. Most never return and end up spending a fortune on a non-degree…”

23. “Don’t depend on ANYONE else other than yourself to graduate. This includes advisors. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to take the classes you need.”

24. “Make sure you take any tech/computer classes seriously. The amount of human jobs in 2020 and beyond will be few.”

25. “Get a good amount of sleep each night. Seriously…”

26. “Don’t get too comfortable.”

27. “Remember, most of the time the people in your class that are doing better than you aren’t smarter…they just work harder than you do.”

28. “Don’t be an idiot. Go to class!”

29. “Don’t just sit in class quite as a mouse or dozing off. Be engaged! This is costing money.”

30. “Take it easy with the gaming!”

It’s your turn people. We couldn’t have possibly covered everything, so post a comment and tell everyone something you wish you had been told before doing the college thing.

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