20 Must-Dos Before Finishing College

college students drinking at the swimming pool

College is a wonderful, magical time in a young person’s life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long and there are some must-dos before finishing college. There is so much to learn and experience. For example, honing the skill of a perfect keg stand takes time, effort and a lot of practice.

Since the mind of college students is so full from their education, they might forget there are other things happening outside the classroom. If you are one of those poor, unfortunate souls that have actually attended the vast majority of the semester’s lectures, it is time we gave you a proper college education.

We won’t insult your intelligence by mentioning things like attending class drunk or going streaking. By now, you’ve either given those classics a try or you’ve determined you are too much of a pansy to live life on the edge.

No, no. Here are 20 must-dos before finishing college. Grab your friends and get to work.

  1. Pick someone up in the bar. Use every cheesy pickup line you can think of until you actually score. Bonus points if it happens to be the hot bartender you’ve had your eye on.  This will help you to be more confident when meeting other people.
  2. Create total chaos in the middle of a class. Run in and declare your undying love for the lecturing professor or hottie sitting in the front row. To maximize the effect, make sure you don’t know the person.
  3. Do a Power Hour. Or, at least the light version of it. You are not a college student if you haven’t experienced hangover. Read this guide on how to cure hangover fast.
  4. Make a move on someone who is totally out of your league. Each person attracts others with certain characteristics. You can be funny, charismatic, open-hearted — find your strong sides and use them in future.
  5. Suggest your RA to do something  inappropriate and fun with you. The point is to develop your skills of maintaining good relationships with someone who is older and wiser than you.
  6. Invite your professor to join you at the bar. Getting to know your professor better is not as weird as it seems. You are just supposed to build good relationships with someone who can help you with your future career but don’t cross the line in student-teacher relationship.
  7. Protest something – anything. Of course, you can always join a group who already has a mission in mind. But it might be better to start your own protest. That way, you can put your foot down about something like having eight-hour workday or selling fast food on campus.
  8. Visit a foreign country. Spend as much time there as possible. Submerge yourself in the culture, make new friend, learn other language, try unusual food and have fun! Here’s the list of destinations for college students.
  9. Write an opinion piece for your school newspaper. Passionately proclaim your ideas about a totally insignificant issue no one cares about. Or, take the total opposite opinion on something that is very mainstream.
  10. Throw an unforgettable college dorm party. Put the sweats away for a night and say no to dining service.
  11. Sleep outside. With or without a tent. With or without permission from the property owner.
  12. Try some foreign cuisine. And no, Chinese doesn’t count. Or pizza. Get something new and exotic. Bonus points if you make it a progressive dinner and hit up all the local restaurants you’ve never tried before. Watch out for the Indian food – it can get spicy!
  13. Sign up for a strange class – something totally unrelated to your major that you would never normally consider taking. Get your friends to join you so you can all be confused, grossed out, and/or awed together. Here you’ll find the list of the most fun classes you can take in college.
  14. Tag something on campus. Throw up a little graffiti in a location that is special/memorable to you.
  15. Hook up with someone in the stacks at the library. Bonus points if it is a total strange you convinced to put the studying down for a bit.
  16. Pull a fire alarm. Either do it at 3 AM or in the middle of final’s week when everyone is studying their brains out. Give them a well-deserved break.
  17. Drink in the library. Drinking in places that are not appropriate for that can be fun. However, don’t get used to this. Otherwise, it won’t be fun. It will be just inappropriate.
  18. Throw an “Anything But Clothes” costume party. A quick tip: don’t get dressed in something that can be easily spoiled by drinks. Or, you will have to go howe naked. If it’s not what you want, choose durable materials for your NOT-clothes.
  19. Do something regrettable with your hair or to your body. Pink highlights or a terrible tattoo. Use your imagination.
  20. Play on an intramural team. Gather your friends and join a league for something totally ridiculous – like inter-tube water polo or broomball.

Many people assume college is for furthering their education. However, this is not the only aim of college education. College is also about experimentation and developing skills which are useful for your adult life.

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