15 Vital College Survival Tips

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In this quick-read article you’ll find 15 college survival tips that get straight to the heart of the matter. We didn’t waste time with fluff tips or nonsense. Each one is serious business so let’s get to it.

1. Make Eating Right & Exercising Habitual

Yes, really. Eating right is going to work miracles all by itself because you’ll be running on all cylinders. Exercise will keep you in shape and balanced. Being healthy is really a good idea (who’d-uh thunk it?) and it helps you get the most out of your college experience.

2. Maintain Relationships with the Right Professors

Don’t hesitate. From the get-go you need to be establishing relationships with the professors that matter most to you given your goals/focus. Don’t be creepy or in a hurry. Just approach them and let them know they’ll be seeing you around for the next few years and you would love to get to know them. That’s it. Then practice being a student they’re pleased with. It makes college life so much easier when you’re connected to the right people.

3. Know Your Major from Day One

Don’t be indecisive. Make a decision and stick with it. Don’t spend a year or two bouncing around from one major to the next wasting time and money. If you’re too young to think about your future in a mature way, maybe you should wait before committing to college? At the end of the day it’s not necessary, but knowing your major from the start makes college much more rewarding.

4. Get Lame Classes Done First

Regardless of your major there are a bunch of classes you need to take. Some are the fun classes while others are going to be hard or boring electives you’re not interested in. Don’t avoid them. Get them done with as early as possible so you can spend as much time as possible on the classes that matter to you most.

5. Realize that College is Temporary

Don’t get so lost in the moment that you make decisions which could really harm you down the road. Like, maybe it’s not a good idea to post videos on the net of you doing illegal or ridiculous things. Especially if you plan on becoming a teacher or public official. I mean live it up, but don’t forget that college is just a temporary place and the real world awaits you.

Also, because college is temporary you really don’t need to take it so seriously that you cause yourself physical or psychological harm. Get it, do your time, get your degree(s) and then move on. It’s that simple.

6. Cradle a Sense of Balance

Relax. Find ways to keep yourself balanced and cradle them because they mean so much. Resistance training really helps. Take a yoga class. Do something to keep your mind and body centered so that you don’t get too swept up into things.

7. Be Strategic with Procrastination

We all procrastinate, it’s fine. Just make sure you use it wisely. Mid-terms aren’t a good choice…jus’sayin.

8. Destroy Your Comfort Bubbles

You’re going to survive college. One way to make sure you get the most of it, is to demolish your comfort bubbles and explore, experiment, travel and make yourself available to exquisite experiences.

9. Are You Ready to be a Parent?

Seriously. Sex is awesome and there are TONS of young sexy people in college. The question is, are you prepared to be a mommy or daddy? If not, then you need to take sex a bit more seriously.

10. Don’t Avoid Class Difficulty

Maybe that class sounds awesome, but on the first day you felt like it might be better to swim in razor blades and lemon juice. Hold on a minute, don’t be so quick to hop out of classes that you find challenging. These are known as character-builder classes.

11. Go to Class!

We had to include this one because we understand how powerful propaganda can be. The more you see, read and hear “go to class!” the higher the chances are that you’ll go. These classes cost money and they are time in your life you’ll never get back so you better take them seriously.

12. Learn How to Take Proper Notes

This isn’t high school. Take notes seriously. Clue: you don’t need to take a “how to take notes” class.

13. Learn to Chill at Test Time

The more prepared you are the more relaxed you’ll be. Don’t let anxiety and fear gobble up tons of your mental energy. Instead, make sure you’re prepared and ready to rock when test time comes.

14. Focus on the Right Kind of Friends

Don’t let idiots drag you down. Hang with people that can help you succeed and vice versa.

15. Go to Tons of Events

Take advantage of as many school events as possible, because then you’ll meet tons of people and create for yourself tons of opportunities (relationships).

So how about it folks? Do you agree these are the big hitter survival tips or what? Let us know what you do to survive.

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