15 Tips for Getting Hired After the College Graduation

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You’re in a brave new world and searching to get a handle on getting hired after the college graduation. Let’s take a look at 15 tips you’ll be incredibly glad you came across.

#1 – Job Search Begins on Day 1

If you don’t have a job, then getting one is your job. What’s college for? Getting a job, which is reality means making money. The vast majority of college students are betting (with some serious leverage) on the idea that their education is going to equal a good job down the road. You should start looking for your ideal career on the first day of your freshmen year.

Every move you make should be towards that goal. If you don’t know what the goal is, then you should put college off for a year and…get a job. Start looking right now. Here’s the list of the best summer jobs which can be a good start if you need money right away.

#2 – Create on Online Presence

If you do not have an online presence, even a free ultra-amateurish one, then get on it. No, you do not have to invest tons of time. Simply set up a free blog and a Facebook page. Start there. Online you’re connected to everyone and everything. At this point you need to have one, and being able to network online is a valuable asset.

#3 – Show Off Your Stuff

Don’t be coy, but don’t be ridiculous either. There’s no time to waste. It’s like missing the opportunity to meet an amazing person because you were shy. Life’s too short. Make your move and let your skills sell themselves.

#4 – Pursue Internship with Clarity

Internships are both incredibly worthwhile and hyper-competitive in most cases. Don’t wallow in misery for a year hoping for that ideal internship. Give it your best efforts, but know when to cash in your chips for more readily available career paths.

#5 – Apply Selectively

Don’t shotgun your approach to job applications. Do your homework and only apply to those positions or companies who you can be of the best service to.

#6 – Hire a Freelancer to Create Your Resume

Don’t even think about winging either your hard or soft copy resume. It’s almost an absolute waste of time and you’ll be burning bridges as you go. Instead, spend maybe $50-$100 to get help with your resume from a professional writer. Ideally, one who specializes in writing resumes for your specific career goals (nurses, lawyers, acupuncturists etc.).

#7 – You’re Always Networking

100% of the time, if you’re awake and breathing you’re networking. It’s a part of life. The difference is that once you’re aware of that, you can then better position yourself to benefit from it.

#8 – Fix Your Attitude First

If you’re life’s not going so well and the job hunt is leaving you empty-handed, the first things you probably need to fix are your attitude and disposition.

#9 – Come Prepared

Don’t show up unprepared if the destination could present potential networking opportunities. Furthermore, if you go to an interview, know everything there is to know so that you’re more likely to impress.

#10 – Develop a Personal Brand

No matter who you are, or what you studied, there are probably lots of people with this knowledge. The ONLY thing that really sets you apart from other candidates is you.

#11 – Aim for Experience (Wisdom)

If you’re alive and above water, then aim for the experience jobs or positions can give you. Not the pay. In today’s world results and experience are worth 100 x what a diploma or degree is worth on the open job market.

#12 – Sport an Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s an era of the entrepreneur. It really is! The #1 rule of the entrepreneurial mindset is that behind every problem or dilemma is an opportunity. The trick is being able to spot opportunity and needs, and then taking action.

#13 – Compile an Asset List

Sit down and figure out everything you have to offer the world. Write it all down, each thing, no matter how simple. You’ll find that your education and the small amount of things you thought were your only assets, are only a small portion.

#14 – Optimize Your Efficiency

Remember the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you do every day is responsible for 80% of the results you experience. Do you have free time? What else can you be doing? What can you do more of in less time?

#15 – Throw Conventional Approaches Out the Window

Not altogether, just recognize that due to powerful technological and socioeconomic reasons, everything is changing. This includes not only how people look for work, but how they get hired. Use everything at your disposal because in the real world getting ahead is hard.

So, how about it, would you alter this list or add to it in anyway? What other tips would you give to the grads that could really use a solid paycheck and a rewarding career?

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