10 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Studying Easier (And More Effective)

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Okay all you tech-savvy students, it’s time to take your Google game to the next level. In this article we’re going to take a look at 10 Chrome extensions that you can use to study better, stay more organized and be a couple steps ahead of the collegiate show. Some of them you may already use, but there’s definitely a finding here for everyone. Enjoy the list!

#1: The Invaluable Time Tracker

How long do you actually research in comparison with the time you are lost on YouTube or sleeping at the keyboard? Time Tracker is like your own personal Big Brother that will watch where you go online, track it and show you how long you were there. Judging by the reviews in the Google web store, it isn’t perfect and has its share of issues, but it’s been great for plenty of students or even online workers.

#2: The Unstoppable Quick Note

Quick Note is one of the most prolific Google extensions for students. We’re talking the upper echelons of tech-savvy GPA enhancing madness. With 6848 reviews it’s hard to deny the regality and college-style browser opulence it can bestow upon you. Do be a sport and check into it. No kidding, you’ll probably end up using the same extension years from now in that cushy career you’re working towards.

#3: The PDF’s Best Friend

So basically, it’s called CleanPrint and using it you can either print the PDF completely, view it in more dynamic ways or print only specific sections. Pretty handy, especially these days, when most of the college experience is happening online and files really matter. PDF is probably one of the most common type of files you’ll use, so this extension just makes handling them efficient.

#4: The Ultimate Mind-Mapping Tool – LucidChart

Introducing LucidChart and when it comes to a brainstorming or mind-mapping tool it’s hard to beat. Now you can chill in your dorm room with your tablet and organize your thoughts, connect the dots and make some real progress on projects that would have likely stumped or overwhelmed you before.

#5: The Checker Plus for Google Calendar

It’s sort of an add-on extension that integrates with Google Calendar. Checker Plus helps you keep tabs on, “your next events, get meeting desktop notifications, add or snooze events without opening the Google Calendar page!” Don’t be late anymore or miss something important happening on campus. There’s always so much to do and now you can turn your smartphone, iPod or tablet into an amazing calendar.

#6: Get the Google Dictionary!

If you’re not using Google Dictionary, then you need to go talk to some psy-majors immediately.

#7: Epic Document Creation Tool

The extension is called Docs Quickly and using it you can create documents within your browser. No kidding. “Add a simple menu to your browser bar to quickly create new Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings for Google Drive.” Seriously, it is handy, and it is one of those extensions that you can rely on.

#8: A Legendary Spell / Grammar Checker

We’re talking next generation and custom-designed Spell & Grammar Checker. Dynamic. Comprehensive. User-friendly. Dependable. Stuffed with nifty features that basically ensure you’ll be writing and communicating far more fluently! Less errors mean less hassle for you and higher marks as well. Raise your hand if that sounds cool! Since it’s literally a part of your browser, you can create all kinds of new documents due to Docs Quickly…You’ll definitely love it!

#9: Announcify!

The ultimate app in modern intellectual laziness age, but it is really helpful! “Announcify reads out loud every website you want. For example, if you’re too tired but still need to study one more Wikipedia entry, Announcify can help your tired eyes relax.” Yippy! So it’ll be ten times easier to fall asleep trying to catch up on some quick research!

#10: Flashcard Stash

If you need to do a fair amount of vocab work or memorizing, be sure to grab Flashcard Stash because it’s simply amazing. Forget about traditional color-coded sticky flash cards that you have to put all over the place and yadda yadda! Here’s but a smidgen of the goodies: “Flashcard Stash allows you to create interactive flashcards and helps you learn with engaging quizzes and games.”

Didn’t we tell you that there would be at least one awesome pick in here. If you’re new to Google Chrome and the extension-universe – don’t get lost. The key is to use about 3-5 that really make your life easier. Do you already use some extensions, and if so what are they?

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